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Couple of highlights from the last couple of weeks. HSM GOLD Trumpeter Loro Piana Cashmere Been had Lo leather. Crazy ETRO sport coat with swish silk lining. If this fit me I would wear it inside out. Corneliani silk blend
Oreally? Tassels are lame. Only Fuddy old men wear them. Totally not swish. I need some lawn mowing shoes how can I acquire them?
Thanks for setting the tone this week Frenchy. This is the good stuff right? Sorry for the crappie car pic.
I'm glad you were able to find some good stuff while you were here. It seems like I never find anything at my DI. Be safe in your drive back across the big Wyo
That's the one. I guess i wont bother to go there in the a.m.Did you make it to the Patagucci outlet?
3300 s cottonwood area?
This one is straight out of Downtown Abbey. Christopher Dawes.
After seeing knock offs for years I finally found some Bean Boots.
Son of a bitch. So much win in that oost.
Picked this pair up the other day. Limited Edition made in England.
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