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After seeing knock offs for years I finally found some Bean Boots.
Son of a bitch. So much win in that oost.
Picked this pair up the other day. Limited Edition made in England.
I don't post much on the thread but I do read every day. I follow the thread religiously. I find it funny that it's always Christian Dior when it comes to the noobs. In my 10 years of thrifting I don't think I've ever purchased anything Christian Dior or even the found a good Dior.
Anyone ever heard of United Tailors?
Those ties. What a fantastic finish to the year. Happy New Year everyone.
As the resident Mormon on this thread I am not a coffee drinker but found this and purchased after seeing some of the other machines picked up on this thread I think I did ok based on eBay's sold items.
Merry Christmas to all my thrift bros. IT has been a great year. I enjoyed seeing all of your great finds. I e-thrifted myself some new with tag Brioni. I am a sucker for great books like this. I will be posting my thriftmas gift once I can get proper pictures. shout out to @1ofthecoolkids for his generosity.
Faconnable made in italy?
Some of my finds the last couple of weeks. It has been pretty good as of late. Kitten Orphan. Been tearing this store apart looking for the pants for the last couple of weeks. Thrifted in the wake of ChetB XXX Dildo Napoli Couture Our Legacy Tiny Patch SC Tons of other fodder to be offered up to the bay but too lazy to post. Now that Halloween is over I am loving that they are starting to restock the shelves.
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