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Some of my finds the last couple of weeks. It has been pretty good as of late. Kitten Orphan. Been tearing this store apart looking for the pants for the last couple of weeks. Thrifted in the wake of ChetB XXX Dildo Napoli Couture Our Legacy Tiny Patch SC Tons of other fodder to be offered up to the bay but too lazy to post. Now that Halloween is over I am loving that they are starting to restock the shelves.
Florsheim imperial. does anyone recognize the skin?
Triple pleats? Pfft I don't care.
Damn that jompso can type.
Anyone recognize this label? Made in England. Heels replaced so that doesn't help. [IMG][IMG][IMG]
I think it has been said before but damn that jompso can type.
Please tell me these horses were in the 801. It will give me hope to keep at it.
I have those initials. What have you got for me?
I guess I should have clarified that it's the original T&A. I thought someone might think they were Turnbull & Asser. Not sure where we are at on the nip count for the new thread.
Some pretty decent finds of late. I don't post much but I am an everyday lurker and thrifter. The itch, I has it. Prada Wallet for the Ladies Cartier Silk Festina Jersey AE Tie PF Sartorial 7 fold VV Romney Lands End Knit Tumi for Delta Trafalgar Croc? JPress Anniversary belt Braces T&A Watch for these if you ever find them. The cases alone are worth money. Colt Gun Case
New Posts  All Forums: