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3300 s cottonwood area?
This one is straight out of Downtown Abbey. Christopher Dawes.
After seeing knock offs for years I finally found some Bean Boots.
Son of a bitch. So much win in that oost.
Picked this pair up the other day. Limited Edition made in England.
I don't post much on the thread but I do read every day. I follow the thread religiously. I find it funny that it's always Christian Dior when it comes to the noobs. In my 10 years of thrifting I don't think I've ever purchased anything Christian Dior or even the found a good Dior.
Anyone ever heard of United Tailors?
Those ties. What a fantastic finish to the year. Happy New Year everyone.
As the resident Mormon on this thread I am not a coffee drinker but found this and purchased after seeing some of the other machines picked up on this thread I think I did ok based on eBay's sold items.
Merry Christmas to all my thrift bros. IT has been a great year. I enjoyed seeing all of your great finds. I e-thrifted myself some new with tag Brioni. I am a sucker for great books like this. I will be posting my thriftmas gift once I can get proper pictures. shout out to @1ofthecoolkids for his generosity.
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