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A couple of decent finds especially for my neck of the woods. Charvet tie available Corneliani 44L available
Had an OK day. Finally picked up an item for myself. All from Savers. I signed up for a card at savers that gets me a discount occasionally. Today it got me the 50% Veterans day discount the day before the sale. Polo Ralph Lauren linen casual SC NWT Paul Smith London shirt, available Lacoste OCBD, available
I had an akward moment yesterday at the thrifts. Walked up on a guy that was trying on womens high heels. He quickly put them down and took off for the other side of the store. Also picked up a nice pair of Allen Edmonds Ashland 9.5 d short wing bluchers. Available
Found a few nice things today. All are available. Please PM for those interested.. Hickey Freeman 42 R charcoal flannel suit: Thomas Pink Dress shirt 15 33 Allen Edmonds belt sz 36 chili color
There are plenty of us around that like Zanella in sz 40 if there is any length to them:D
Found a decent Gitman shirt 16-33 if anyone is interested. Pics to follow if interested.
SLAM DUNK, you should win this. Cropped photo not to show the wear on the inner heel. And the description makes it sound like they are perfect.
Wore my best suede today. Sorry for the crappy pic. Crockett & Jones for RL Polo
^^^ Spoo is turning out to be the smartest person I know on the internet. And I dont even really know you, but your knowlege is inspiring. Maybe you have some stock tips for the rest of us.
First find in a while. BB appear to be new and unworn and skinny, Ferragamo still has the tag on it. All are available for trade or offers since I need X-Long. I also found some black selvege unbranded brand sz 32. I didn't kop because I didnt know if they are worth flipping. If someone is interested let me know.
New Posts  All Forums: