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Well on the advice of DM7 and Nataku, I went and picked up 13 sets of Trafalgar braces. Hopefully they will net me a decent profit as I dont think I would ever wear them. Some have some cool patterns PM if interested, dont have the time to take a ton of pics at the moment. From the same store I took 10 nice ties keeping only 1 for myself BB XL all the rest are available and pictured below. LtoR: TOP ROW: Behar, Talbott BOC, BB Middle: Oxxford Crest, talbott,...
Thanks, I will go get them. I already picked up 10 ties earlier pics to follow, your basic stuff like a nice ike behar, brooks bros, Thomas Pink, Talbott BOC, Oxxford Crest and KiTON.
Just came across some trafalgar braces. Are they worth picking up????
Patiently waiting for DM7 to drop his daily list of high quality thrifts. Impatiently waiting for KITON spammer to go away.
I too have a bag that needs to be cleaned up. I picked up this Peal Co for Brooks Brothers that I believe is Swaine Adeney Brigg. It is pretty dirty and has some water stains on it. It appears a bit dark but thats because I just soaked it in Lexol before the pic. Any suggestions to clean the dirt and grime off of it? You guys mentioned that saddle soap is too harsh. Would Obaneufs even out the leather?
You probably wont find anything for Alden or Allen Edmonds in Ogden. You may want to go further south to SLC to the find finer clothing merchants. In SLC you will find D Grant Ltd, Utah Woolen Mills, Nordstrom, Brooks Brothers etc. RedWings can be had at the RedWing stores, but the styles will be somewhat limited to what they have in the shops. Their stock is more geared towards safety boots, and hiking boots. I hope this helps. If you need other info about the area...
I think that was def a body double when she was getting out of the bath. What about the fat chin, do you think it was the real deal or prosthetic? I alway thought Betty was hot, a bitch but hot. I know she is preggers IRL but damn they really made her look like a fatty. I find myself cringing whenever Roger walks by hoping that his remarks at Don's new secretary Dawn aren't off the wall racist. And how long until the creeper Lane Price tries to sleep with Dawn?
Very nice pair of Florsheim Shell Cordovan 7D
On my lunch break... So close. Not B. Brioni but Briani
Florsheim Imperial Long wings in SHELL Cordovan. Just to make up for his mistaken purchase last week.
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