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First find in a while. BB appear to be new and unworn and skinny, Ferragamo still has the tag on it. All are available for trade or offers since I need X-Long. I also found some black selvege unbranded brand sz 32. I didn't kop because I didnt know if they are worth flipping. If someone is interested let me know.
This is the first thing that I have found that is worth buying in a long time. There must be something about leather today. I can't see any markings of a brand or maker anywhere, but this bag is pretty nice, and i think it will only get better with time. This is fresh out of Savers just dusted off. Cant wait to see it once I get some Lexol on it.
Hit my local Savers today and found a nice Corneliani suit, tan pinstipe, older but in good condition in a nice silk wool blend. $29.99? Not my size (42R) so I wasn't about to shell out $30 bones on a suit to flip. I will put out the offer that everyone does to proxy for it if interested. I have also been seeing lots of nicer Hickey Freeman suit coats but no pants what a shame. It's been way too long since I have seen anything worth picking up.
I just switched from a bi-fold to a card case that I made. This is my copy of the chester mox that I have seen online. This is my first proto-type before I make a better one, but it turned out pretty well minus the mongloid stitching and not so straight cuts. Look forward to making another with better, straighter, more consistent stitching. After making this I really appreciate the skills of those that are making leather goods. sorry for the crappy cell phone pics
I just read your speach. So much WIN within your writing. I wish I could have witnessed it personally.
I saw some about a month ago ago my Nordstrom Rack for $179. Granted it's a crap shoot to see if they have them in your size, but it might be worth a shot if you have a rack near by.
Was a consignor ever found for these suits? I am interested in seeing the measurements.
INterested in 48L.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hages Spotted 3 XL Borrelli-Neiman Marcus shirts that were not my size before the weekend. Went down to UCLA for a graduation and stopped by a GW on LaBrea...fixed pricing,total crap. Went back to the shop yesterday and now down to 2 Borrelli shirts. I suppose I should grab them. Go back for the Borrelli's if they are in good condtion and in desireable colors/patterns. There are a lot of big guys here or on the...
Go to USPS.com and order shoe boxes for priority mail. They will mail the boxes directly to you and you just pay the postage. It costs a little more to mail them than flat rate, but they aren't crammed into a box that could smash the shoes up. This is what I use and with tracking usually costs between $12-15 and arrives quite fast imho.
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