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I just wipe them down with lexol when they are looking dry. Of course I live an arid environment.
Quote: Originally Posted by eztantz Purchased a pair of Lands End Chukkas on ebay they are marked sz 13 but seem a bit big - is this European sizing or just incorrectly marked by the manufacturer? They seem to be a size 13.5 as they still fit somewhat and a 14 would be way to loose. If recall correctly Alfred Sargent did shoes for Lands End, if so they maybe Eu sized although I don't understand why Lands End would not size with with US sizing. Anyone have...
This is a very nice Polo Ralph Lauren Made in Italy 2 button blazer. Single vent Gold colored polo buttons. 100% wool. Pockets still sewn shut. $80 Shipped. Measurements: Shoulders: 21" Sleeves: 27" Length: 34" Chest: 26" Alden 911 chestnut color. SIze 12 A/C fits more like a 12 D. Hampton Last. Very nice shoes, great color. They are used and need at the minimum new top lifts. Leather is nice, has the normal scuffs and scrapes that you might expect. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by arkangel done. payment instrux pls. thanks! PM sent with instructions
Very nice pair of Polo Ralph Lauren Darlton tassel loafers size 11D very good used condition. Please feel free to ask any questions. SOLD paypal payment shipped. My crappy photos dont show how nice these really are. Beautiful cigar shell cordovan. trees not included.
Nice lightly used pair of Brooks Brothers desert boot/ chukka red sole size 12 b/d Made in USA by Alden. I am not sure what last they are built on, if you know please chime in. $105 regular Paypal payment shipped USPS priority with tracking. Please feel free to ask any additional questions.
^^^ Bad thrifting karma may be coming your way. It might be just me, but I think its poor form to return something that you didn't actually buy retail and get the full retail amount.
Small timer in need of a good tailor in the mens fashion mecca of Utah. I have a couple pair of pants that I would like to have some work done on them. The last lady didn't quite get it right. If anyone has any recommendations, it would be appreciated.
If your nemesis does pick the others up, I hope the mark up isn't too bad, because thats my size. On the other hand if they are all stained or faded out whats the point.
Brioni DB jacket, Navy blue, peak lapels, smoke blue MOP buttons. Excellent used condition. $60 PPP Tag lists 43 R Shoulders: 19" Chest: 20.5" Sleeves: 25.5" Length BOC: 30.5" Brooks Brothers 2-button sport coat. Size 44R Made in USA There is one small flaw on the jacket at the very bottom on the back. It is shown in the 4th picture. $45 ppp Single rear vent 3 horn buttons on each sleeve. Very nice color best shown in the 4th...
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