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^^^ Bad thrifting karma may be coming your way. It might be just me, but I think its poor form to return something that you didn't actually buy retail and get the full retail amount.
Small timer in need of a good tailor in the mens fashion mecca of Utah. I have a couple pair of pants that I would like to have some work done on them. The last lady didn't quite get it right. If anyone has any recommendations, it would be appreciated.
If your nemesis does pick the others up, I hope the mark up isn't too bad, because thats my size. On the other hand if they are all stained or faded out whats the point.
Brioni DB jacket, Navy blue, peak lapels, smoke blue MOP buttons. Excellent used condition. $60 PPP Tag lists 43 R Shoulders: 19" Chest: 20.5" Sleeves: 25.5" Length BOC: 30.5" Brooks Brothers 2-button sport coat. Size 44R Made in USA There is one small flaw on the jacket at the very bottom on the back. It is shown in the 4th picture. $45 ppp Single rear vent 3 horn buttons on each sleeve. Very nice color best shown in the 4th...
Redwing made in USA 8" Logger boot. Size stamped on side of boot says 11 $85 Shipped PPP Please pm with any questions or if you need additional pics.
Sometime when I get compliments for my clothing I think to myself, if they only new that 90% of what I am wearing is thrifted or bought used at huge discounts off of ebay. I thrift because it is like gold fever. When you find something good you want to just keep looking and searching for the next great find. If I find something good I will usually always pick it up if I know it is something that can fill my paypal slush fund. The fund is usually cleaned out on other...
Pair of nordstrom woodlore shoe trees $2 other than that, I haven't seen anything in.
Quote: Originally Posted by ermo new, unworn Allen Edmonds Sheltons, all black(not black and brown like on their website), size 10.5c. They are big for me and are going on ebay soon, they were $25 so I'll sell them for $125. Does that price sound right 2 u guys? Seems a bit high to me. Unless they are shell cordovan, I dont know that you would get that much for them. You should try and sell here and avoid ebay fees.
Quote: Originally Posted by JensenH I launder them at home and hang dry. No shrinkage. Make sure to use a plastic hanger to dry them. Metal can cause rust spots, wood can let the stain bleed through.
I would contact Polo and/or C&J and tell them you have a pair of the loafers and have a missing tassel. No need to tell them where you got them. I'm sure missing tassels happens all along.[/quote] I did just this. They asked for the line numbers in the shoe and are going to send a tassel.
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