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Do you think he had enough Pateks? I guess it was good while it lasted.
Quote: Originally Posted by que Lastly these were found and they apparently werent worn more than 3 times and appear new, though they must have some age on them as they say were made in Eng and the current Polos seem to be made in US. Was Churches' the manufactorer of these as the heels look similiar? Great looking shoes, in perfect shape too. I believe those are Crockett & Jones if I remember the nail pattern correctly. RL polo still sells...
Looks great. Seems like you were very lucky that they still had some fabric to fix that collar. You can't say enough about their customer service.
Today I found 2 older Oxxford suits, one my size and one significantly smaller. The one my size had moth holes, and the pants had been altered very oddly, so it stayed. The other is quite old, I didn't purchase, but would go back if anyone is interested. $30 at the thrift so if you are interested let me know, I will get it for you at cost, and shipping. if serious i will get you measurements. Looks like a size 39 according to the tags.
DROPS $60 shipped
This show is really starting to get good. I missed some of the first episodes, but was wondering what the signifcance is of the golden eagle or owl on his desk?
Cleaning out the closet. Haven't worn these enough, and need the closet space. Allen Edmonds Hancock, 12 E I had them recrafted a while back and tried to get them relasted to a 12 D They did come back fitting more like a 12 D. $60 Shipped Allen Edmonds Dellwood 12 D Black calf. AE commando half sole great in the winter. $60 Shipped Allen Edmonds Dellwood 12 D brown suede. AE commando half sole. Suede is split between eyelets as shown in 3rd pic. new...
PM for #6
Quote: Originally Posted by entrero a used bag with no patina? I don't think there's hope left for that bag. The shiny surface is probably clear coat. I'll try shoe polish if nothing else works. Good luck. It was bought at the thrift, but looks as if it has been sitting in someones closet for quite a while. There isn't really any wear on it, but since I live in an arid environment, it is quite dry. Any reqs for removing the clear coat?
Quote: Originally Posted by Butter Have you tried Saphir Renovateur (aka Elixer of the Gods)? Is there any left in the US? I thought Vox bought it all and put it in his hot-tub as his fountain of youth. Will have to track some down and give it a try.
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