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Can't beat that price BTW. Go for it.
I have been watching this suit as well. Very nice looking, but might be a bit too heavy for anything other than fall and winter. But, I so go for it.
This is a very nice pair of used Darltons. You guys all know the shoe and how great the color of the shell is. Size 12 D fits TTS. $285 shipped.
"Who farted in here?" Great episode. I too hope that Don gets it together.
Just a couple of things that I need to get rid of. 1) Brioni dress/casual pants navy with pins. Almost a seersucker feel to the fabric. single pleat front. 34X30 tagged EU 52 fabric content shows CO 76% LI 24% SOLD shipped 2) Borrelli Tie good used condition. 60"x 4" SOLD shipped
Hanover PTB 11.5 B. Practically new shoe. Minor scuffs from rolling around in a closet. Made in USA. Disclaimer I cannot be certain if the shoe is shell, because I dont see any markings that indicate that it is, however the leather looks and reacts just like my other pairs of shell. If you have any knowlege on the subject please let me know. I will gladly provide additional photos at your request. $100 Shipped within US.
This is a very nice pair of Edward Green unlined penny loafers, very minimal wear as you can see from the pictures. Channeled soles, black in color. Size listed is 12 D but fit more like an 11/11.5 . Outside measurements: 12" long 4 1/8" at widest. $OLD shipped please feel free to ask any and all questions.
Quote: Originally Posted by Temujin And a HUGE Oxxford suit, light gray w/purple windowpane. I'm thinking about taking it to my tailor to see if he can make a Snuggi out of it... What size is it?? Some of us big dudes might take it off your hands.
Quote: Originally Posted by ferry1950 I would disagree with Gladhands, as I am 6'5" and 220 lbs and can not wear a regular tie unless the skinny end is half way up the back. I need a tie that is at least 61" but prefer ones that are longer. I want the tie to be resting at my belt buckle and the two ends to be nearly matched. I have found Nordstroms xl ties to be a good length, and recently have discovered Tie Bars XL ties at $20 are a great...
I just wipe them down with lexol when they are looking dry. Of course I live an arid environment.
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