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Picked up a couple of pairs of pants that wont fit me but I thought maybe someone here would like them. They are available for trade or whatever. PM for more pics and measurements. Borrelli tagged 42"X27" too short, single pleat, cuffed 90%wool 10%cashmere Brooks Brothers charcoal flannel flat front 35"X28"
Just went to my local Savers and looked in the glass case only to see 3 pairs of Allen Edmonds all size 7D in decent condition. $69.99 each I hope they dont start doing this with all AE shoes at this location. At that price I dont know if they will sell, I can only hope they make it to .99 cent day in a month.
You do know that he repairs shoes for a living right? I may be wrong but I dont think Nick is a graduate of a journalism school. From what I can tell NickV is highly skilled at what he does in shoe repair, and perhaps with family life and other interests may not have the time to dedicate to do all the homework required for your approval. We may only be getting softball questions and answers, but atleast we are getting them.All said, I think the high level interviews are...
Magnanni from yesterday. Very nice looking pair of shoes. Too bad they are too small. 7D
A couple of finds for me today. I am going to take the Harris Tweed challenge and see what I can get. I paid $7 for a vintage 3 roll 2 brown herringbone with ticket pocket. Crossing my fingers for a decent flip. Also a nice pair of Magnanni loafers size 7M or 7D if anyone is interested. Pics to follow.
For what it's worth regarding the $26 Edward Green shoes not picked up. I found a pair a couple of years back that the soles were hammered, but the tops were in pretty good condition. I sold them as is for close to $100. So if you see them and they aren't too abused grab them.
A couple of decent finds especially for my neck of the woods. Charvet tie available Corneliani 44L available
Had an OK day. Finally picked up an item for myself. All from Savers. I signed up for a card at savers that gets me a discount occasionally. Today it got me the 50% Veterans day discount the day before the sale. Polo Ralph Lauren linen casual SC NWT Paul Smith London shirt, available Lacoste OCBD, available
I had an akward moment yesterday at the thrifts. Walked up on a guy that was trying on womens high heels. He quickly put them down and took off for the other side of the store. Also picked up a nice pair of Allen Edmonds Ashland 9.5 d short wing bluchers. Available
Found a few nice things today. All are available. Please PM for those interested.. Hickey Freeman 42 R charcoal flannel suit: Thomas Pink Dress shirt 15 33 Allen Edmonds belt sz 36 chili color
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