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DROPS $60 shipped
This show is really starting to get good. I missed some of the first episodes, but was wondering what the signifcance is of the golden eagle or owl on his desk?
Cleaning out the closet. Haven't worn these enough, and need the closet space. Allen Edmonds Hancock, 12 E I had them recrafted a while back and tried to get them relasted to a 12 D They did come back fitting more like a 12 D. $60 Shipped Allen Edmonds Dellwood 12 D Black calf. AE commando half sole great in the winter. $60 Shipped Allen Edmonds Dellwood 12 D brown suede. AE commando half sole. Suede is split between eyelets as shown in 3rd pic. new...
PM for #6
Quote: Originally Posted by entrero a used bag with no patina? I don't think there's hope left for that bag. The shiny surface is probably clear coat. I'll try shoe polish if nothing else works. Good luck. It was bought at the thrift, but looks as if it has been sitting in someones closet for quite a while. There isn't really any wear on it, but since I live in an arid environment, it is quite dry. Any reqs for removing the clear coat?
Quote: Originally Posted by Butter Have you tried Saphir Renovateur (aka Elixer of the Gods)? Is there any left in the US? I thought Vox bought it all and put it in his hot-tub as his fountain of youth. Will have to track some down and give it a try.
Quote: Originally Posted by huskyzealot A lot of love for the Darlton wing tips. Are they true to size? I wear 10.5D in allen edmonds, and 10D on the alden aberdeen and plaza lasts for reference. My Darlton pennys fit TTS. I am a 12 D in AE and have 12D in the darlton.
I picked up this bag from the thrift store yesterday, and the leather is very dry, I have put tons of lexol on it, but am wondering if there is something else I should be doing to prevent the leather from cracking. The exterior seems to have a very hard finish on it, I was hoping to soften it and try and get a patina going on it. Any suggestions?
I have the Darlton loafer, and the color is amazing. I think the Darlton longwing is your best bet though. That shoe is rediculous. Get em and post some pics.
Just picked this up this morning. Still need to clean and bath the thing in Lexol. Leather is very dry. Made in USA split cowhide by Carlton. Never heard of them, but seems like it will clean up nice. Pardon the inadequate cell phone pics. $2.99
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