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Some pretty decent finds of late. I don't post much but I am an everyday lurker and thrifter. The itch, I has it. Prada Wallet for the Ladies Cartier Silk Festina Jersey AE Tie PF Sartorial 7 fold VV Romney Lands End Knit Tumi for Delta Trafalgar Croc? JPress Anniversary belt Braces T&A Watch for these if you ever find them. The cases alone are worth money. Colt Gun Case
Picked up a great pair of shoes yesterday. Otsuka for Isetan. Seems to be a Japanese rtw line. Very nice quality. Anyone size 6.5 get at me. Pardon the potato pics.
DR LIVINGSTON holy shit.
a couple of great finds over the last couple of days. Make sure you check your Nordstrom Rack. new in box Red Wings in Eastland Sherman some shirts including Burberry London and Burberry Brit
I got this last week in SLC. Are you still around? I thought for some reason you were in Oregon now. I hope you weren't the one who tried to fix the buttons. What a mess. I will be in SLC tomorrow so I will swing by and try to find that Brioni.
Is this the good Lanvin?
I picked these up. Maybe some of you sw&d can tell me if this is something. Not selvage but nwt sanforized.
I need a This Old House update from @capnwes
A couple of pick ups from this week. Crappy pics don't do them justice. RLPL Cashmere unstructured Borrelli
AE croc is acrazy thrift find.
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