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^^^^^ Are those suits & jackets all the same size? If so what size?
Here are a couple of things that I found over the last week. Not included are the dozen or so Brioni shirts that I posted previously. Zilli Sport Coat Zilli Cotton & Cashmere Shirt Brioni Cashmere Zegna Couture XXX
Picked up this Armani as well as some others to follow.
Utah thriftening. Boney Brioni 9 Kiton, new lingwood, t and a Not pictured 2 brioni sport coats & 1 barbera.
Is this the camo I am looking for?
Just a couple of Utah finds today. Bally made in Italy Mark Nason suede Not pictured is an Hermes tie and owl themed limited edition trafalgar braces.
I am not too far from slc. Chetb is around as well.
It's already been said but everybody should go check out the Nordstrom Rack near you if there's one close by. Barbour Wolverine 1000 Mile in Horween Bison leather.
Mini thrifting of squares. All Utah finds. [IMG][/IMG]
Anyone recognize the skin on this pair? Lucchese
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