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I have this bag, mine has the Marlboro logo inside.
My last week or so. None of the heat that some of you guys are bringing but I'll take it. Orvis Woolrich Shearling Whites Gokey Patagucci Saint Laurent RIve Gauche Taylor Stitch King of the Mountain
Did not kop as I am happily married and have been for 15 years and married way above me. If any of you single bros interested let me know.
Live from the field.
Some stuff from the past couple of weeks. All on the bay Been had Navajo RL Vintage Altea Golden Bear AOL Blue Bell Sanforized coveralls
Some vintage Gokeys to round out the day.
Found this jem yesterday. I think @spoopoker has the matching pillows.
Just one find so far today. Whites Hawthorne Explorer.
Does this wimminz Gucci look fugazi? Sorry for the crappie pics. those are the only tags on it.
That suede Marlow is getting pretty steep as well.
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