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@spoopoker the pawn star scenario works perfect the only question is who is the Chumlee in this situation? And also I'm assuming no need to call in a grenadine expert since you already are one.
Upton or Anderson? This is not a label I am familiar with. @spoopoker
Damn that jompso can type. No one can understand what the hell he is saying, but he can type like a mofo. Moar thrift pics please.
Thanks^^^^ Its a tad small for me so left is. The quality wasn't quite the but country wear is pretty cool though.
UK members, is this something worth picking up? Seems like a step down from barbour country wear. Kop at $40 US?
I have this same model. I believe it was an option that Nordstrom put together many years ago. It did not have a name but is sometimes referred to as the old Clifford.
E Vogel NY bespoke shell cordovan whole cuts. Size tbd. Barbour Beacon.
Anderson or Upton?
Vintage NWT USA 50/50 Ronald Searle made in France Clos du Val silk scarf
Magnanni suede chukka in my size 85% off @ nordstrom rack. I'll take it.
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