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Coffee snobs, just last weekend I experimented with roasting my own beans. The machinery used? A $28 Breville Popcorn maker with slight modifications. I'm not sure if it relates to the fact I roasted them myself, or whether they are indeed well roasted, but I can't get enough! Definitely worth a try, the worst that can happen is that you're left with a popcorn maker and some burnt beans!
Welcome Jason!I'm based in Melbourne and I must admit Chapel Street would be one of the last places I would go if I was looking for good quality clothing.I know that Taveller's Apparel in Collingwood have tuxedos at reasonable prices. Not necessarily the best quality (fused rather than floating canvas) however it fits the affordability criteria.My advice would be to look at stores which I take it you don't have in Perth. For example Incu for casual wear, Beggar Man Thief...
I echo Brownman's sentiments on this topic. I've seen some of my friend's suits made in Thailand, Vietnam etc and apart from hideous fabric, the sturdiness of construction and poor stitching leaves a lot to be desired.   I think PJ or any other established tailor in Aus would be a better bet. It brings to mind the issues of fast fashion and quality or quantity. Spend the extra $500 now, and reap the benefits later.   This book is a quite interesting. Worth a...
So much this. I'm sick of seeing the same suit jacket in every single menswear store, or the same glued sole black pointy shoes retailing for $200, when I know I can get infinitely better quality on herring or pediwear for a similar price.
Erghhh, apologies for the spelling error Journeyman. That's the result of alt tabbing furiously between this, an excel spreadsheet and emails without getting caught out by the boss! haha It's during the week, and it will be just before I start work for the day, so I think the suit is the right option. Thanks for the advice and brownman, I might take you up on that offer. Thanks!
Journeyman, that Borrelli Shirt is immense! Did you get that one in Australia? IT WOULD BE UN-AUSTRALIAN not to! :P   Quick piece of advice sort... I'm meeting with an advertising exec next week to pick his brain. I'm looking to move into the industry and he's kindly offered me some of his time over a coffee. For those in the creative industries, do you think dark denim with tan shoes and a shirt/jacket combo will suffice, or should I suit up? I'm coming from a Legal...
I don't know where you're getting your Topy done, but he will need to spend no more than $35 - $40, not to mention this is something to think about 2 - 3 months down the line.   Also look at the Loake Churchill. Pediwear offer a free silk tie and shoe trees with full price Loake's, a nice little bonus for someone starting their collection/career.   In Melbourne at least, you won't find anything near the quality at that price point ($200 AUD). Best to go to David...
Morning Gents, I was just made aware of a free shipping code for Mr Porter. I thought some of you may find it of use. MRPORTEROYSTER Valid until 6 May. Cheers!
Gents, for those of us who indulge in Online Shopping (most of us I believe), I've been informed of a website called nuji.com It basically allows for you to bookmark any item on any shopping website, and presents them all with hot links, in a minimal way. I thought that it may be of assistance for us to compare buys/wanted items
Endless.com have 33% off for Black Friday with free delivery. $145 drops down to $90, even cheaper for the new wayfarer. http://www.endless.com/Ray-Ban-RB2140-Original-Wayfarer-Sunglasses/dp/B001GNBJP0/179-0674065-2667638?ie=UTF8&suppressRedirect=1  
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