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I know that UPS utilise this same parcel point pick - up service. I must admit it is mighty convenient being able to swing past at 11pm at night, rather than try and fit in with Australia Post who open at 9:01 and close at 4:59.
Yes interested in this too. I can't think of a better store for MJB than the old Italy 1. I really enjoy the location in that laneway and it seems to be of a manageable size.   Browman, try Gnome cafe in Surry Hills. 536 Crown Street. Some of the best coffee I had in Sydney. Good food too!
Congrats Lachy. May I ask which Court you are an associate in? I have some friends who've done it and RAVE about it!
My favourites include Filippa K and Marcs. Obviously Filippa K can be quite expensive but have a look at for some cheaper ones, otherwise ebay. Marcs can be picked up for about $30 each during sales.
I'm sure they still turn a profit on such a transaction. Most larger companies who use DHL or other couriers regularly have a consistent week by week inventory space allotment. By fufilling your order they are really only using what they had already paid for. Don't get sucked into AirFreight being expensive. It's really not, when taken on a large scale point of view. Think about the amount of planes flying ex LAX to MEL or SYD each day. The rise of airlines like China...
Time to invest in some invisble socks my friend. Best investment I've made in a while. Gone are the days of smelly shoes. I reccomend the french brand Achiles, available on their website.
I'd suggest looking at the MAX fit of Acne jeans. Good quality, with a fit that sounds like it matches what you're looking for. I much prefer the Snake fit, but that will be too tight for your purpose.   Stocked at Acne in Melbourne and Sydney and a plethora of places online.
Hmm would be interested to know. A colleague said they often have Hugo Boss underwear for $9 which isn't bad for basics. Other than that I have a feeling it might be a bit Ed Hardy, Roberto Cavalli like...   Top work TS. I'll investigate those options, thank you.
I feel your pain. 8% ciders certainly don't taste that strong at the time.    My better half is currently in NYC and I'm hoping you may have some pointers on where she should look for male clothing and more specifically accessories. I'm in need of a leather overnight bag amongst the usual ties, PS, shoe trees etc. The poor girl will be using every bit of her 40kg baggage allowance. I know there's a multitude of threads on the main forum but I trust your opinions more! :)...
See, I don't understand this philosophy... how much was your Nespresso? $200? For that price you can get a basic Sunbeam espresso machine with steam head, which will make extremely good coffee, if you have a quality grinder, good beans and don't use $2 Coles milk loaded with permeate.
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