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for that thom stuff, you have to buy the whole look.  Go back and spend moar!!
I have three questions.  Thanks in advance!   Q1.  Matching Suit with Shoe Color Question:  For a summer wedding I have an unlined wool dark navy blue suit. I'm thinking a woven shoe would complete the look. For color Light Tan or Chocolate Brown? Samples below.     Q2. Aforementioned suit has makeup on the sleeve. I wipe it and the makeup spreads. How do I remove makeup from lightweight wool?         Q3.  My loafers had leather ties to make a knot. I broke...
 Curious..   Are you being specific? Could be an informed consumer knowing a Lexus is a Toyota with fancy paint whereas Patek is heirloom quality.  Or is this more of a lifestyle play. Nice Patek, where's your Mansion + Kiton + Mercedes ect?   To me its simple  with enough money we can buy everything, otherwise we pick and choose. Think about all the LV purses you see when grocery shopping. Can't they afford a personal shopper or delivery service?  Naw.. they just blew...
^ Winning formula at all price points.  I would add a flashy sunglasses  to this.   
Finally tried :-)
      make it rain or go home..
    I would love to see the diy result of this. I'm guessing this is a $10-$20/pant job.
Those are not attractive shoes   fedora.. um no. Let someone else be center of attention for a day. Not you, down in front, with the hat,blocking the show.
Shoe alternative.  Many brands have classics for a womans foot:!image-number=20   Did you ask oprah?     good luck
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