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I'm heading to Japan early next year, what are some brand of boots I should look out for? I've seen motor, wjk and Jun hashimoto.   I'm heading to Osaka, Tokyo so if anyone that's bought boots from these areas can you point me in the right direction.  Cheers!  
 Thank you! Will search when I get home. Really digging the engineered garments jackets, how have I gone so long without looking into them! 
Thank you for the info, I'll start browsing around. Also is yoox the best place to find blazers similar to the ones in this thread? Will have to work my way through, some pretty awesome stuff here!
 Love that top jacket, any info on the brand? Would love to track it down, or something similar.
 Cheers, appreciate the feedback! I might have to contact them in regards to the jackets I'm looking at and ask questions.  Are there any other sites that sell ex military pea coats? I've checked eBay, but haven't found much.  Thanks for the info so far. 
Can I get some feed back from anyone that has bought a jacket off vintage trends. Are they good to deal with? Trust worthy? Found a few jackets I like but just want to hear some feedback before making the purchase.    Also I noticed some price difference in jackets that are classed in the same condition.  There are a couple of size 36 in excellent condition but there is $50 difference between them. It's hard to tell from the one picture provided, but both look pretty...
Thanks for letting me know. I didn't know if one was slightly slimmer then the other, can't try them on where I live. And just going off my memory of when I tried the 705sp a year back.
Sorry, I know it's probably been covered a number of times. But what's the slimmest momotaro model? 701 or the 705sp?
I agree, I've had a fair bit of trouble working out sizing. I am normally a small is most shirts I wear, I can wear a 38 is TS but the length is a little short. So go with a 40. In jackets I have to wear a 38, I have tried the project jacket is 38-40 and the 40 looks huge on me. The 38 is pretty well spot on.
On my chucks I used an old tooth brush, mixed some bi carb soda into some water and scrubbed using that. Then wiped clean with a cloth, came up quite well.
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