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 Damn Hirsh that sucks! Pretty crap that they didn't compensate you for the juniors stuff up! I've never handled Japan Blue, but from what I've read sounds like decent denim for the price! Handled some momo 0705SP's and they were amazing! Unfortunately they didn't have any in a size 32, the only one's they had were "limited edition" with fluro and camo battle stripes.  I've seen you have quite the collection of jeans! Nice work :) What model Momo's did you try on in 24"?
 Awesome get up man! I like to dress pretty similar, will have to grab myself some momo's for sure now!
 I have a bottle of febreze in the cupboard, if i notice my jeans smelling a little I turn them inside out and give them a good spray and leave them to dry.  I have found that just soaking my jeans every 6-7 months is more then enough, although the colour of the water after a good hour soak is horrid. So washing more regular probably wouldn't hurt. I think it's a personal call, I've seen some fades on jeans that have turned out awesome and they have had quite a few...
 I would love to see some more jackets from you guys, something along the lines of a casual blazer in a herringbone or melton wool possibly? Also have you guys considered doing a take on a pea coat?  Also received my red Yosemite today, holy crap how have I gone so long with out one! Top notch guys, thanks again! 
Thanks for the 20% off! Been eyeing off a chore coat for a while and finally got one. Looking forward to trying it on! Does anyone have any fit pics of the raw indigo chore??
I know you're not overly keen on unsanforized, but i'd recommend samurai s003jp. Slim fitting, and the taper isn't too extreme, quite wide compared to my APC PS. I also have the Samurai 710's which I quite like as well, top quality jeans! As for sizing, I went true to size on the 710's and down one size on the s003jp. The next pair of s003jp I buy I will be getting them true to size, they are just slightly tight on my thighs, but nothing too major.  I think you might lean...
As long as the quality maintains, and the customer service is still held to the high standard as it is. I won't mind too much if some products are produced else were.
 Thanks for the info! Really looking forward to future projects. Are any jackets in the pipelines? I loved the maritime jacket that was made out of melton wool a while back, but missed out... Would love to grab one, or something similar later on down the track. 
I like with the work shop that you started noting the guys stats, and what size shirt they're wearing. Can you please continue this?   What size yosemite shirts are the guys wearing in the photos? I normally wear a medium, but never bought a yosemite and would like to know if I need to go TTS or size up as I heard the sleeves were shorter last year?
I'm heading to Japan early next year, what are some brand of boots I should look out for? I've seen motor, wjk and Jun hashimoto.   I'm heading to Osaka, Tokyo so if anyone that's bought boots from these areas can you point me in the right direction.  Cheers!  
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