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 I'm interested in this question also. I'm heading over in April. As for brands to look out for i'd suggest Momotaro, Samurai, Sugar cane, Skull Jeans, Studio D'Artisan. I'm only familiar with Samurai and Momotaro, I haven't had a chance to try the other brands, but have seen them in person and they look quality. I own 2 pair of Samurai, 710x and s003jp. the s003jp is the slimmest fit samurai offers, and I personally prefer these. I'm selling my 710's as I prefer the more...
Does anyone on here know where some of the Momotaro stores are located in Tokyo? I'm heading over in April and want to buy a pair of the 0305-18B. Done a quick google search and found one, but i'm just wondering if there are more stores located around the Harajuku, Shinjuku and Shibuya areas??   If there are stores located in Osaka, or Kyoto that would help also. Thanks guys
This is a size 36 water repellant project jackets made by Taylor Stitch. It was one of the first batch of jackets sold by Taylor stitch. It's been sitting in my wardrobe for the best part of 2 years. It was too small for me when I purchased it and hasn't seen any use. Just to note, the sleeves on this jacket are quite short. I contacted Taylor Stitch in regards to this when I purchased it, and they informed me it was an error on their end. The fabric shrunk more then they...
Hi, selling a pair of Samurai S710xx jeans. They were purchased from Right Hand Distribution in Adelaide, Australia. They have been hemmed to 32 inseam and chain stitched. The jeans were pre soaked when I purchased them, and have had no washes or other soaks since i've owned them.   I have worn then about 6 times, and some minimal wear has started to show. Mainly on the back right hand pocket from my wallet, and some very minor wear in the crotch.    I'm getting rid of...
Do you mind posting a fit pic?? I bought a small in the indigo, and I prob could have got away with a medium as well. Would just like to see where the bottom of your jacket finishes. That's my only gripe with the chore, but I don't think the extra half inch in length of the medium would of helped me too much.
 Turn them inside out and give them a quick go in the washing machine. Or just chuck some soap in the bath and soak them for an hour or so, then hang dry them. Don't have to be too precious with them really. 
 I bought some Uniqlo black selvage jeans while in Thailand last month. Came in at around $56 Aud. For the price, they are an absolute bargain! I have a pair of A.P.C PS I bought as my first pair years ago, and now have two pairs of samurais. Although slightly lighter/thinner material then A.P.C If you can find some Uniqlo I think they will get you out of trouble for your first pair. If not look at the unbranded brand of jean. Could be another option.
 I would say that it was one of the first made jackets. The only time I wear mine is with a hoody or jumper underneath so the short sleeves are not as noticeable. But feels a bit uncomfortable with the shorter sleeves. I think you would like the newer jackets, hopefully one pops up for you.
 I'm guessing you're referring to the canvas project jacket? If so, I bought one a while back when they released the very first bunch. My sleeves were quite short on that jacket. I still have it but it pretty much sits in the wardrobe cause it started annoying me, In hindsight I wish I returned both the green and tan now. Never mind. But from what I have seen, they have rectified the sleeve length. But in saying this, I think they may have some old stock of the first...
 RM Williams comfort craftsmans. Great looking boot and will handle the weather well.
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