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Maybe they have made it a bit bigger for a light layer? Didn't look too bad with the guy wearing it un buttoned with a t - shirt underneath.
I've noticed on both of my boots the soles are starting to come off in the exact same spot. I really love the boots, and want to know if this sort of boot can be re soled? Are the soles glued on? Most my other boots are Goodyear welted so don't know if these ones can be salvaged?
Living in Australia I have to fork out $40 a pop for each return, TS don't cover international returns. It would be great if they could find a distributor in Australia for their clothing so if I did have to return postage would be like 12 bucks. 
I was a little surprised to see Taylor Stitch being stocked at Target. But really it's quite a smart move on their behalf. (Now stock Taylor Stitch in Target Australia!! :P)   It gets their product out there to consumers that would not normally know about the brand. People walk around browsing at clothes all the time, obviously some are going to look at a Taylor Stitch oxford and snub their nose at the cost considering they can buy one cheaper 5 meters on the other...
 Thanks digga!
If I wear a medium in the Yosemite shirt, should I order a medium in the mechanic shirt? Just want to know if sizing is similar, thanks. 
 Hey, all good! Hopefully I was able to help. I'm not sure on the retail prices in Japan sorry! I will have to discover those when i'm over there. But i'd be expecting them to be in mid $300 mark still. Retail prices here in Australia for Japanese denim is pretty crazy, looking at about $400 for a pair of Samurai's down here. 
 Nice jeans man! Eh continue on with the but crack man, plenty of life left in those! I'm in the same boat with my samurai's, put weight on since first purchase and are tight as hell! It's prob a douche thing to do, but I just wear the calvins up a bit higher to cover the butt crack when I sit. 
 Thank you for the info! I might make the walk and take in the sights. Thanks again!
Thanks, that's the store I found on google. I guess i'll cross over there and have a look. Roughly how long would it take to get there? Are the train lines easy enough to navigate? Thanks. 
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