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Sorry, I know it's probably been covered a number of times. But what's the slimmest momotaro model? 701 or the 705sp?
I agree, I've had a fair bit of trouble working out sizing. I am normally a small is most shirts I wear, I can wear a 38 is TS but the length is a little short. So go with a 40. In jackets I have to wear a 38, I have tried the project jacket is 38-40 and the 40 looks huge on me. The 38 is pretty well spot on.
On my chucks I used an old tooth brush, mixed some bi carb soda into some water and scrubbed using that. Then wiped clean with a cloth, came up quite well.
Sorry for the crappy phone pics. Haven't worn it yet, will get a good run this weekend!         
Just otter waxed my pine project jacket and absolutely love how it's turned out! Just leaving it to cure, then will be wearing it pretty hard! It has softened it up slightly which is nice, and has created a nice look to the jacket. 
Hey guys, has anyone here ever gotten their jeans hemmed and chain stitched? Looking to get my jeans done, and I'm pretty certain no one in tassie offers chain stitching. Heading to Sydney in July and Adelaide in October. But can get Melbourne if need be. Thanks!
I ordered some otter wax the other day, once the jacket and wax arrives I'll give it a coat and see how it goes. Maybe hold off and I can give you some feedback after a few weeks of waxing the jacket. Fingers crossed the wax and jacket arrives in the next week or so.
They look incredibly nice, will have to get one! How much slimmer are the earlier 1950's compared to say a 1970's jacket? Sorry, I'm sure this has been answered before.
 Haha, will be back in the gym soon. My clothes are starting to not fit me :( I Love the look of the kersay wool coats. They are around $200+ on vintage trends in my size, they worth getting hold of one?
J crew jacket I got from a user off here a little while ago. What do you think of the fit? I've put on a fair bit of weight, and feels a little snug.
New Posts  All Forums: