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 Thanks digga!
If I wear a medium in the Yosemite shirt, should I order a medium in the mechanic shirt? Just want to know if sizing is similar, thanks. 
 I'm no expert but I would say speed up to some degree. I treat mine like a pair of raw denim jeans. Obviously the more you wash it the more indigo you will loose out of the jacket, meaning it will lighten up quicker. I'd wear it for a solid few months before washing. I'm going to give mine a good 6-8 months before a soak. Then probably leave it for that duration again.  
 Hey, all good! Hopefully I was able to help. I'm not sure on the retail prices in Japan sorry! I will have to discover those when i'm over there. But i'd be expecting them to be in mid $300 mark still. Retail prices here in Australia for Japanese denim is pretty crazy, looking at about $400 for a pair of Samurai's down here. 
 Nice jeans man! Eh continue on with the but crack man, plenty of life left in those! I'm in the same boat with my samurai's, put weight on since first purchase and are tight as hell! It's prob a douche thing to do, but I just wear the calvins up a bit higher to cover the butt crack when I sit. 
 Thank you for the info! I might make the walk and take in the sights. Thanks again!
Thanks, that's the store I found on google. I guess i'll cross over there and have a look. Roughly how long would it take to get there? Are the train lines easy enough to navigate? Thanks. 
 I'm interested in this question also. I'm heading over in April. As for brands to look out for i'd suggest Momotaro, Samurai, Sugar cane, Skull Jeans, Studio D'Artisan. I'm only familiar with Samurai and Momotaro, I haven't had a chance to try the other brands, but have seen them in person and they look quality. I own 2 pair of Samurai, 710x and s003jp. the s003jp is the slimmest fit samurai offers, and I personally prefer these. I'm selling my 710's as I prefer the more...
Does anyone on here know where some of the Momotaro stores are located in Tokyo? I'm heading over in April and want to buy a pair of the 0305-18B. Done a quick google search and found one, but i'm just wondering if there are more stores located around the Harajuku, Shinjuku and Shibuya areas??   If there are stores located in Osaka, or Kyoto that would help also. Thanks guys
This is a size 36 water repellant project jackets made by Taylor Stitch. It was one of the first batch of jackets sold by Taylor stitch. It's been sitting in my wardrobe for the best part of 2 years. It was too small for me when I purchased it and hasn't seen any use. Just to note, the sleeves on this jacket are quite short. I contacted Taylor Stitch in regards to this when I purchased it, and they informed me it was an error on their end. The fabric shrunk more then they...
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