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Hey guys, just after some advice on a good place to send my boots to be repaired. I live in Tas, and i'm not overly sure on anyone down here that could do an amazing job on repairing my boots.   I don't mind where I have to send them to, I just want a good job done on them. They are a pair of common project arctic boots, and the sole is starting to come off on both of them. If you know of anywhere please let me know, cheers guys!  
Does anyone know if the soles of my boots are repairable?? They're common project arctic boots, and would like to get them fixed as they are one of my faves!    Are the white soles normally concreted on, or glued on?? Not sure how they're attached, they certainly aren't stitched.    Thanks for your help!  
Shit, you can fly directly to their store and cancel in person now man!
They are usually really good with getting back to emails. I'm guessing with the amount of release's they are pumping out at the moment they're super busy. Hopefully the customer service doesn't drop off, as I have found them to be the best in the business so far with customer relations.
Maybe they have made it a bit bigger for a light layer? Didn't look too bad with the guy wearing it un buttoned with a t - shirt underneath.
I've noticed on both of my boots the soles are starting to come off in the exact same spot. I really love the boots, and want to know if this sort of boot can be re soled? Are the soles glued on? Most my other boots are Goodyear welted so don't know if these ones can be salvaged?
 I haven't washed mine yet, but when I do I plan on washing them like I do my jeans. I'm going to cold soak mine in the bath for an hour or so with a chemical free detergent, then let drip dry. I'm hoping it doesn't shrink too much, being a cold soak it should be fine.  Let me know which way you go and how it turns out! Thanks
Living in Australia I have to fork out $40 a pop for each return, TS don't cover international returns. It would be great if they could find a distributor in Australia for their clothing so if I did have to return postage would be like 12 bucks. 
Which store in Tokyo would have the biggest supply of Apolis clothing? I don't want to be running around from store to store trying to track down certain pieces. I'm mainly interested in the chore jackets and maybe some shirts also. Thanks guys 
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