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 Thanks for your feedback :) i'm not overly familiar with the specs of the jackets, hopefully someone from Apolis can fill you in! Is the jacket restricting in the shoulders being as it's tighter? I think if you feel comfortable in it, and if the jacket is a tad longer then mine. I'd be pretty happy with it! I probably should have gone with the Medium for the extra length. But at the moment i'm 7kg's heavier then I ever have been, and all my clothes have suffered due to me...
I think if the jacket was a couple inches longer I'd be 100% sold. Still quite like it, I don't think the extra half inch length in the M would help too much.
  Taylor Stitch Yosemite and Apolis raw indigo chore jacket.   Do you think the jacket is too small? They were out of mediums so took a punt on the small. Thanks for your thoughts.
I received my indigo chore jacket today. I didn't know what to expect when I ordered it, but after handling it I was probably hoping for a little bit more of a heavier fabric. But none the less, I quite like the jacket.    I would like some thoughts on the fit tho. I kind of think I should have went up to a M, I really wanted the raw indigo tho and only had small and large upwards in stock. Let me know what you think, I wore it with a t-shirt and with a shirt also. I...
 The cash isn't the problem, it's just the hassle getting stuff sent to Aus. Then having to return an extra one back at $50+ and rushing to get to the post office. I guess it's the same for others outside of the US. Plus no more M in the raw indigo so have to take the punt on the small.
 +1 I measured off a J Crew small regent pea coat and the measurements were pretty well spot on to the small Apolis sizes (length being the only diff, due to a longer cut coat)  Double check to be safe.
 I have never dealt with Momo's in unsanforized, but with the unsanforized I have dealt with before i'd suggest sizing TTS. The first pair I bought I sized down one, the waist did stretch out as I predicted, but the thigh is a tad too tight. I still enjoy wearing them. But the second pair I bought TTS I find I wear most often now due to more comfort. I also found I didn't get as much stretch out of the unsanforized compared to what I did with my apc's From what I have read...
 I will let you know as soon as it arrives. I live in Australia so may be a week or so until I get to try it :( So if you want to take advantage of the 20% off you may have to take the plunge now, and exchange for different sizes if they don't work out.  If you live in the States, the free return postage is a huge bonus! The raw indigo chore I got was out of mediums anyway so had no choice to take the punt on the small haha. 
 I have yet to try any Apolis clothing on, but I ordered a chore jacket a few days back and ordered in a small based off their measurements and the measurements of 2 of my jackets. i'm 5'11 solid/athletic build with a 40" chest. Until I try the jacket on I can't offer too much advice, but it depends on what sort of fit you're going for. Do you want it snug and fitted? Or do you want it a little loose to put a sweater under it for casual wear? The best advice I could give...
 I found since rotating I could probably go a year without washing them, I have 4 pairs and just grab whatever I feel like wearing for that particular day. Giving the others time to air out, the down side is waiting forever to get some wear into them! But no need to rush them I guess.
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