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http://www.revolveclothing.com/DisplayProduct.jsp?product=TRUE-MZ106&c=All+Sale+Items&d=b&n=s   Just stumbled across these, not too bad for the price. No idea on quality tho, plus would be better with a plain toe.
  Thanks for the reply! Ive never used obenaufs before, would just the oil be fine to use? Or is LP better? 
I ran into that problem lol. I had to stop squatting so my legs would shrink! 
I guess if says it's all good to do I can't see any harm. At the end of the day they are jeans, but I baby mine so much so I understand you not wanting to stuff them.    Is there a compartment on your washing machine you can put liquid soap into? I'd prob but the vinegar in that area if you was to machine wash. 
Does anyone here own a pair of arctic boots? I'm buying a pair off another user here, just want to know the best way to look after the leather. Will be my first pair of common projects, so not familiar on their leather. Can I chuck some obenaufs or filsons oil on them? 
I'm a 32 normally and I wear a 29 in petit standards. So sizing down 2 or 3 sizes isn't too crazy. They were quite tight to start but have stretched nicely! If your legs are not overly muscley and solid, mainly quad area you shouldn't have too much issue. 
I am by no means an expert, I still am wearing my apc's and haven't given them a wash yet.    From what I have been told is to hand was them, fill up a bath tub and weigh the jeans down with some full 2 liter soft drink bottles.   As for the amount of vinegar to use I don't know. But I'd fill the tub, pour a generous amount of vinegar to the water and let soak for a few hours. Then give them a solid rinse with fresh water and air dry.    As for the stretching...
Sorry if this is in the wrong section, I'm looking at buying a pair of common projects brown arctic boots off another user here was just wondering if anyone here own a pair, and the best way to look after them? I don't know what sort of leather the boots are so was wondering if it's safe to use something like obenaufs on them? 
Does anyone here own, or have owned a pair of common project arctic boots? I'm looking at buying a brown pair off another user here. Was just wondering the best way to look after them? Could I hit the up with some obenaufs or should I use a different product?    I like the shirt hennree, nice colour and fit!
Thanks hoodyear!
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