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I'd say i'm for from fat, (85kg's) I have size 32 pure blue japans, size 31 in Samurai and various other jeans and haven't had a problem with them.    I have been wearing the TS jeans a fair bit lately as they are starting to fade up really well and want to keep beating them up. I gave my apc's a lot harder life then the TS jeans and had no issue's with the buttons, that was with vanity sizing and going down a couple in the waist.
Hey guys, has anyone had trouble with buttons breaking off their jeans at all?? I've owned this pair for a year and a half or so, and the top 2 buttons broke off yesterday. I'm sure it's easy enough to fix, but international postage is a joke in Australia. I could near buy a new pair by the time I pay to send them over and get them sent back.
All good mate, I have stopped sizing down on my jeans now. I much prefer the TTS fit! Although even going TTS on some brands they are still a little tight, but still much more comfortable! If I think of some other jeans i've tried on that might be what you're after i'll let you know! 
I personally haven't worn them, but have seen a few people wearing them and have handled sugar cane jeans. From what I can gather I think they are a more relaxed fit (don't hold me to this though) or it might have just been the guy sizing up a bit for a more comfort fit. Quality wise they would run rings around APC. I have petite standards, I like the fit of them but quality is so so, compared to my samurai's and pure blue japans, and what I have seen of the sugar canes in...
 I personally think the fit is fine, thigh doesn't look too tight to me. If they are raw denim I wouldn't size up as the waist will stretch a little. I'd keep those one's looks good.
 My pair of Pure Blue Japan XX-18oz-015 have the deepest pockets out of any pair of jeans I own. I have some Samurai and APC's. If you can find a pair of those to check the pocket, i'd recommend them.
I have thought of doing that, i've done it on another pair but the cuff turns out way too chunky. I like a nice single cuff so it's not too bulky. 
Thanks, I'll be sending them off to get hemmed this week!
They are surprisingly comfortable, although they are 18oz they are really soft. Sitting and walking is fine. They are a size 32, I tried the 33 but was way, way too loose in the waist. They sagged off my ass too much also. Will get them hemmed, should flow a little nicer hopefully! Thanks for the input
I'm not overly savvy on what to pick up from the thrift shops, I just look for brands I recognise. If you guys saw a lamb suede blazer that was made in England but without any known designer name on it. Would you buy it for the $25 or just leave it??    I did grab a Paul Smith London shirt and YSL shirt. But unfortunately where I live I don't have a great amount of decent thrift shops :(
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