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I normally go with a leather sole on most of my shoes, what's the rubber sole like on the r.m's? Or would getting a toppy on the leather sole do the job?
Thanks to everyone that replied. Haha I guess it could be a little un Australian to not buy r.m williams, it's just you see them everywhere here and was considering something different.    Thanks for the info on the church's, I found a few posts mentioning the Beijing line using lower quality materials.   Coming into sales season here in the next month or 2, so will see how much the r.m Williams come down, if anything at all.    Thanks again guys!
Looking to buy a pair of Chelsea boots to wear for winter. Living in Australia it's quite easy to get hold of R.M Williams boots. But I found a pair of church's on the Mr porter site that look really nice, and are similar price.    What would be the recommended R.M WWilliams boot to buy? The craftsman with the slight square toe? Or the turnout with the rounded toe?   Would like your thoughts on the boots thanks guys,...
Thanks for all your replies guys, it's not so noticeable now. First time with a natural belt, just want it to turn out well! Thanks! 
I guess for $15 I shouldn't be too worried about it!
Sorry to post this, but I've searched and have only found snippets of info on what I'm looking for.    I had a belt made, and just wore it without treating it. I got a water stain on it and was wondering if it's possible to get it off?    I just done a few coats of leather conditioner to protect it more, so might just have to live with it. I'm getting another one made and will be coating it straight away. Would you guys worry about this stain?      After...
Can the samurai pros help me please. Currently in Bangkok, I went to a shop called take 5 and bought a pair of samurai s003jp 15th anniversary jeans. The guy told me they were sanfornized jeans, and after asking him on 3 seperate occasions he told me they were.   So had them hemmed, and sized down 1 to allow for stretch in the waist. I looked the jeans up on the net when I got back to my room, . Every where I have read says these jeans are unsanfornized, so when I pre...
Do you have measurements for the jacket?
Hi, has anyone dealt with vintagetrends at all? They have some nice ex navy peacoats on their site, but for a decent quality one they are pushing $200. Are they worth that amount? Or should I pay extra and get a new j crew or something along the lines? I'd like a slim fit.
http://eshop.club21global.com/sg-en/denim-jacket/du3750/?sm=true%2Ctrue%2Ctrue   Hi, I like the look of this jacket, but never bought any rick owens stuff before. Do the jackets run slim? I'm pretty much a small in everything I wear, just wondering if anyone has had to size up on this brand? Thanks!   Never mind, they dont to Australia... 
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