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 RM Williams comfort craftsmans. Great looking boot and will handle the weather well.
 I'd say get a back pack. I travel all the time and have used back packs and messenger bags. But always fall back to the back pack, I just have a waxed canvas bag in khaki colour with a flap and double leather straps. Looks decent and heaps more comfortable when you're lugging it around all day. Depending on the bag I don't think they look too bad. Beats wearing a bloody hideous bum bag you see so many people wearing when on travels. Although quite expensive I don't mind...
They are a little more then the $300 you want to spend, but could be another option for you to look at. I'll be checking them out when I head to Japan, but i've read good things about Moto shoes. Maybe look about and you could also find some cheaper online.   http://www.motostyle.jp/moto/mens-shoes/2101/2101.html  
 It's very hard when ordering online, would be very handy if I lived in the US! It's inconvenient having to order 2 sizes then having to send one back. So just have to take a punt! It's a tough call between fit on the body, and sleeve/body length. I am happy with the fit on my body, but I think the length will always annoy me for a little while, even my wife asked if it should be longer haha. When standing the sleeve length is perfect, but when sitting or driving the...
 Thanks for your feedback :) i'm not overly familiar with the specs of the jackets, hopefully someone from Apolis can fill you in! Is the jacket restricting in the shoulders being as it's tighter? I think if you feel comfortable in it, and if the jacket is a tad longer then mine. I'd be pretty happy with it! I probably should have gone with the Medium for the extra length. But at the moment i'm 7kg's heavier then I ever have been, and all my clothes have suffered due to me...
I think if the jacket was a couple inches longer I'd be 100% sold. Still quite like it, I don't think the extra half inch length in the M would help too much.
  Taylor Stitch Yosemite and Apolis raw indigo chore jacket.   Do you think the jacket is too small? They were out of mediums so took a punt on the small. Thanks for your thoughts.
I received my indigo chore jacket today. I didn't know what to expect when I ordered it, but after handling it I was probably hoping for a little bit more of a heavier fabric. But none the less, I quite like the jacket.    I would like some thoughts on the fit tho. I kind of think I should have went up to a M, I really wanted the raw indigo tho and only had small and large upwards in stock. Let me know what you think, I wore it with a t-shirt and with a shirt also. I...
 The cash isn't the problem, it's just the hassle getting stuff sent to Aus. Then having to return an extra one back at $50+ and rushing to get to the post office. I guess it's the same for others outside of the US. Plus no more M in the raw indigo so have to take the punt on the small.
 +1 I measured off a J Crew small regent pea coat and the measurements were pretty well spot on to the small Apolis sizes (length being the only diff, due to a longer cut coat)  Double check to be safe.
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