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 I have the exact same jeans, and love them! They are a one wash, but I reckon there is still a little shrinkage left in them. I hemmed mine a tad longer just to be safe. Worst case if they don't shrink when I do wash them, I can just cuff them a bit more. They are surprisingly soft for an 18oz denim, I will definitely be buying another pair. Enjoy them!
Love the new Yosemite, will definitely be grabbing one!   Just curious, have you guys thought about finding a distributor in Australia? It would be awesome if there was a brick and mortar place where I could go and try stuff on.   I own a few items of your clothing and think I have the sizing issues sorted now, but it's always nice being able to try something on before pulling the trigger. International shipping is a pain if I bugger up my sizing.    I could see your...
 I've just learned to accept it. I kind of like the look of the indigo on my boots, it's grown on me. I use saphir renovateur on all my boots and shoes now. It seems to get a lot of love on here. I have seen people mention obenauf LP a fair bit also, I haven't used it personally but that also seems to be another decent option. 
 Thanks very much guys, I can't ask for more. I will email you soon and get them sent asap. Thanks again.
I will have to look up how to do button repairs, i'm sure I might be able to wing it. If I can't I don't know of anyone that can fix them in Tasmania, I'd have to mail them to Melbourne or Adelaide as there's a few guys that repair jeans there.    Here's some pictures anyway. They have been a solid pair of jeans, so really want to get them back in action as soon as I can.    
I'd say i'm for from fat, (85kg's) I have size 32 pure blue japans, size 31 in Samurai and various other jeans and haven't had a problem with them.    I have been wearing the TS jeans a fair bit lately as they are starting to fade up really well and want to keep beating them up. I gave my apc's a lot harder life then the TS jeans and had no issue's with the buttons, that was with vanity sizing and going down a couple in the waist.
Hey guys, has anyone had trouble with buttons breaking off their jeans at all?? I've owned this pair for a year and a half or so, and the top 2 buttons broke off yesterday. I'm sure it's easy enough to fix, but international postage is a joke in Australia. I could near buy a new pair by the time I pay to send them over and get them sent back.
All good mate, I have stopped sizing down on my jeans now. I much prefer the TTS fit! Although even going TTS on some brands they are still a little tight, but still much more comfortable! If I think of some other jeans i've tried on that might be what you're after i'll let you know! 
I personally haven't worn them, but have seen a few people wearing them and have handled sugar cane jeans. From what I can gather I think they are a more relaxed fit (don't hold me to this though) or it might have just been the guy sizing up a bit for a more comfort fit. Quality wise they would run rings around APC. I have petite standards, I like the fit of them but quality is so so, compared to my samurai's and pure blue japans, and what I have seen of the sugar canes in...
 I personally think the fit is fine, thigh doesn't look too tight to me. If they are raw denim I wouldn't size up as the waist will stretch a little. I'd keep those one's looks good.
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