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      Sorry about the crappy photo's got shit everywhere due to doing a reno. How do most people wear them? Should I not cuff my jeans while wearing them?   They are very comfortable, have had a couple solid days walking around in them without any issues. For sizing I ended up going a 9H I found the 9G a little tight around my foot. I wear a 10 in chucks and have a 9.5D in chippewa's, but I probably should have got a 10 as they are a bit tight on my foot.  
Agree, get the 34. I made the mistake of getting a size 32 in the hopes the thighs would stretch out on my XX-18oz-015. Although I can wear them fine, I do regret not getting the 33's 
They are some awesome looking jeans man! I've got a soft spot for PBJ since visiting their store in Tokyo. Pretty awesome little shop! I have a pair of samurai 003jp and a pair of PBJ XX-18oz-015. I find myself wearing the PBJ the most. Although they are an 18oz denim they are super soft. I've tried a pair on Momotaro 705sp and really liked those also, but decided on the samurai's on the day. You won't be disappointed with any of the brands you mentioned. I personally...
I picked up a pair of comfort craftsman yesterday. They are the most comfortable boot i've tried on straight out of the box. I can see why they have become as popular as they have! 
Amen, my days of sizing down are gone. I just buy true to size, or whatever fits me the best in my thigh. Giving your mono's a soak in hot water will shrink them down to pretty much how they were when you first got them, they will stretch back out again with wear.  
 I have the exact same jeans, and love them! They are a one wash, but I reckon there is still a little shrinkage left in them. I hemmed mine a tad longer just to be safe. Worst case if they don't shrink when I do wash them, I can just cuff them a bit more. They are surprisingly soft for an 18oz denim, I will definitely be buying another pair. Enjoy them!
Love the new Yosemite, will definitely be grabbing one!   Just curious, have you guys thought about finding a distributor in Australia? It would be awesome if there was a brick and mortar place where I could go and try stuff on.   I own a few items of your clothing and think I have the sizing issues sorted now, but it's always nice being able to try something on before pulling the trigger. International shipping is a pain if I bugger up my sizing.    I could see your...
 I've just learned to accept it. I kind of like the look of the indigo on my boots, it's grown on me. I use saphir renovateur on all my boots and shoes now. It seems to get a lot of love on here. I have seen people mention obenauf LP a fair bit also, I haven't used it personally but that also seems to be another decent option. 
 Thanks very much guys, I can't ask for more. I will email you soon and get them sent asap. Thanks again.
I will have to look up how to do button repairs, i'm sure I might be able to wing it. If I can't I don't know of anyone that can fix them in Tasmania, I'd have to mail them to Melbourne or Adelaide as there's a few guys that repair jeans there.    Here's some pictures anyway. They have been a solid pair of jeans, so really want to get them back in action as soon as I can.    
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