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 In my personal opinion, take the roomier thigh and put a belt around the waist. I am also a 32 in the waist, and bought a pair of APC PS in a 29 a few years back. The waist did stretch out but the thighs are still too tight. I can wear them, but getting into a car or climbing stairs is awkward  I've made the same mistake with a pair of Samurai's. waist fitted fine but thighs were tight.  From now on I disregard the waist, I look for a good fit on my thighs. A belt will...
 Well for a small team I take my hat off to you guys for doing an amazing job! I've had some sizing issues over the years and you guys have gone above and beyond in sorting them out for me! You guys are doing a great job, and hey we're all human and shit does happen! But it's a credit to the team for sorting out any issues that arise. Keep at it guys
      Sorry about the crappy photo's got shit everywhere due to doing a reno. How do most people wear them? Should I not cuff my jeans while wearing them?   They are very comfortable, have had a couple solid days walking around in them without any issues. For sizing I ended up going a 9H I found the 9G a little tight around my foot. I wear a 10 in chucks and have a 9.5D in chippewa's, but I probably should have got a 10 as they are a bit tight on my foot.  
Agree, get the 34. I made the mistake of getting a size 32 in the hopes the thighs would stretch out on my XX-18oz-015. Although I can wear them fine, I do regret not getting the 33's 
They are some awesome looking jeans man! I've got a soft spot for PBJ since visiting their store in Tokyo. Pretty awesome little shop! I have a pair of samurai 003jp and a pair of PBJ XX-18oz-015. I find myself wearing the PBJ the most. Although they are an 18oz denim they are super soft. I've tried a pair on Momotaro 705sp and really liked those also, but decided on the samurai's on the day. You won't be disappointed with any of the brands you mentioned. I personally...
I picked up a pair of comfort craftsman yesterday. They are the most comfortable boot i've tried on straight out of the box. I can see why they have become as popular as they have! 
Amen, my days of sizing down are gone. I just buy true to size, or whatever fits me the best in my thigh. Giving your mono's a soak in hot water will shrink them down to pretty much how they were when you first got them, they will stretch back out again with wear.  
 I have the exact same jeans, and love them! They are a one wash, but I reckon there is still a little shrinkage left in them. I hemmed mine a tad longer just to be safe. Worst case if they don't shrink when I do wash them, I can just cuff them a bit more. They are surprisingly soft for an 18oz denim, I will definitely be buying another pair. Enjoy them!
Love the new Yosemite, will definitely be grabbing one!   Just curious, have you guys thought about finding a distributor in Australia? It would be awesome if there was a brick and mortar place where I could go and try stuff on.   I own a few items of your clothing and think I have the sizing issues sorted now, but it's always nice being able to try something on before pulling the trigger. International shipping is a pain if I bugger up my sizing.    I could see your...
 I've just learned to accept it. I kind of like the look of the indigo on my boots, it's grown on me. I use saphir renovateur on all my boots and shoes now. It seems to get a lot of love on here. I have seen people mention obenauf LP a fair bit also, I haven't used it personally but that also seems to be another decent option. 
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