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 Sunset is a street in LA. When someone says "on Sunset" they're likely referring to the Sunset strip which is just a part of Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood.
She did. I have a vid of her from like 2006. 
Bro, I think we go to the same uni.
 A lacrosse ball will work some for your calves, but I was never able to really work on my calves after running in minimalist shoes or cycling without a Tiger Tail or Marathon Stick. A foam roller isn't going to cut it.
I lived in a few places in West LA. What's up?
  It's to attach the bag to a tiedown fitting or other suitable restraint device. One does not simply toss their helmet bag in the backseat of an aircraft.     This specific helmet bag is not designed for a detachable shoulder strap. The later helmet bags that replaced this design used detachable straps, but they were larger and it was warranted. It really isn't necessary for a bag this size and would only detract from the authenticity. This design could function as a s/s...
No, absolutely not. If you removed the button flaps on the sleeves, you could have a nice hooded variation of a donkey jacket, but this would be an entirely different coat and not as nice as the duffle.   The CM is a safe jacket. It's something you could buy in your mid to late twenties, wear for ten years, and never really look out of place. The downside of this safety is it is a pretty boring jacket.   
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