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 You have a general idea now on how your pants fit based on the measurements you provided.   At this point, identify where the measurements are ideal and adjust those that aren't.  My approach for this was to take safety pins (to adjust the fit) and fabric chalk (marking where the safety pins fold the fabric, and then measuring the space between the marks to know how much to reduce that measurement by).  This was my approach simply because finding OTR pants that fit well...
I received my shipping notification this morning. I imagine it's a matter of days now that they've received the fabrics.
 Have not received notice yet. Nice to see the jacket in Dudgdale's Navy Plain 8953.  I had pants made up in that fabric and was surprised by how much lighter the shade of blue is than what is pictured on their website.  http://custom.luxire.com/products/dugdale-navy-plain-8953
 Is the "v" reduced when you button the collar?   I agree with varienceclog's recommendation. You have a narrow torso, I would personally recommend reducing the size of the pocket (or ideally, getting rid of it altogether), but that's more aesthetic than fit.
I have a very similar shirt so my guess would be it's the Blue Slubby Denim Chambray:http://luxire.com/products/blue-denim-slubby-chambray
Wife and I are planning a future trip that may include a 1-2 day layover in India. Need a plan on how to make Bangalore the chosen destination a) without making a visit to Luxire seem like the underlying reason, and b) need to survive what will be the world's most passive aggressive eye roll when I fail at (a).
I'd suggest speaking to one of StyleForum's vendor affiliates: @luxire    They're starting to offer custom bags and briefcases.  They're pretty flexible and accommodating to custom requests.   http://www.styleforum.net/t/304965/luxire-custom-clothing-official-affiliate-thread/13560#post_7499913
 As others have said, gift cards are often excluded from sales, but to add to the conversation, I'd argue that gift cards are rarely treated as equivalent to cash.  If that were the case, you could use a gift card to purchase a gift card (something most retailers prevent). It'd be a bad business decision to say "buy this gift card and get a 20% value bonus" and then let the customer use that gift card to buy another gift card that also comes with a 20% bonus.  It'd be an...
Just wanted to praise @luxire for the 100,000th time on their quality workmanship.   I don't pretend to know and fully understand the full extent of just how nicely made their products are.  I know that the fabrics feel nicer than those offered by other competitively priced MTM outfits, the buttons are of better quality, that requests are followed and fully implemented, etc.  However, several tailors (and alterationists) have told me that they're really impressed by the...
 Granted, that might be a necessary approach for some individuals who have a larger derriere - be it due to exercise or genetics.  In my own experience, I had luck in eliminating the famed wedgie by simply reducing the half-hip measurement (by either 0.75" or 1.00" if I recall correctly).  My last trousers, however, still came out with the "/\" pattern.  I had been hoping the pattern-revision that had been discussed here had been applied across the board going forward....
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