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 Why send really confusing instructions in the first place?  I had to re-read that sentence multiple times and in my opinion, it can easily be interpreted to mean that you're asking for the "waist" to be slimmed with darts but not necessarily asking for the "back waist" to be suppressed versus the "front waist." I think your confusion and disappointment could have easily been avoided if you had better notes.  Why not say something to the effect of "Front waist 18.0 inches...
 I bought this fabric through the Black Friday special.  Spot on review.  It has a very nice brightness with a bit of a sheen to it.  Ironing it is a bit of a chore though.  Still pleased with it.
Received about 10 pairs of socks recently.  As always, top quality and great colors.  The new purple contrast on the navy socks is a wonderful addition (before the contrast was less distinguishable).
Review:  Luxire Custom Briefcase   Many of you may recall that Luxire began showcasing bags, totes, and briefcases this past summer.  In a vote of confidence of their bag makers (artisans!), Luxire announced in August that they would accept five orders for bags/totes at an introductory offer of $100 with the caveat* that recipients write a detailed review.  The bags also came with a money-back guarantee for those who did not like their bag.  I had been in the market for...
I have an unfulfilled order pending from August but it's for a non-traditional (then) request.Your order is a bit on the longer side unless you requested a difficult fabric to source and/or you have very specific and perhaps atypical custom requests. Doesn't hurt to email Luxire for a status update.
What exactly is your question?
For anyone with a little spare time on their hands, care to share your favorite Luxire fabrics for spring or summer seasons? After adding a fair amount of business shirts to my wardrobe, I believe I should look ahead to casual fabrics that I can wear untucked.
 Congratulations on what sounds to be a truly amazing professional journey. Look forward to your updates in the near future.  @luxire and Ashish: You've been international for quite some time now; I'm available on nights and weekends in case you need any assistance with your unified global labor compliance. 
To be fair, the photograph of the white shirt shows the yoke's midline measurement to be just over 9".  To me it makes sense that Luxire reads this to mean that the yoke's measurement is approximately 18.5" (but noting that some shrinkage may have occurred and taking ironing issues into account).  
  This week's Sashiko promotion had me thinking about Luxire's promotion from a few months ago to show off (and test) their artisans' bag making skills.  We're at four bags reviewed and (at least) one more to go.  I didn't get in on the Sashiko offer in time but congrats to all of those who did.  I look forward to the future posts showing off Luxire's great work.
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