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Quick kudos to Kirby for adding an apology to the latest e-mail.  Not that common to see people take personal responsibility for issues.   I didn't have a bad experience with my last order, but it did come with one less dauber than what I thought I was paying for. Customer service assured me it'd be included in a subsequent order but it didn't materialize.  In the end I figured a $6.00 dauber wasn't worth the fight but it sounds as though I wasn't alone in experiencing...
 It depends? If they stock the fabric you selected in their own warehouse as part of their regular inventory, then sure, it may be a fairly quick turn around on your order.   But if by start you mean they begin the process of procuring your fabric from the respective mill (in those cases where they have to order it through their channels rather than stocking it themselves), then yes, you can say they've started on your order.
 I find them to be very wrinkle resistant during normal wear. I've heard that the Frescos are 'scratchier' to the touch and while I can't speak to the Frescos, I'll add that the Dugdales are pretty comfortable to wear.  (There's a clear difference in how they feel compared to one of my pants made in in a 120's for example, but again, not uncomfortable at all to me). I couldn't find much discussion about the Dugdale Fine Worsted line prior to taking the leap, but I did find...
I have some that are lined to the knee and others (mostly lighter summer wools) that I've gotten unlined.
 A good alternate to the Minnis Fresco would be the "Dugdale Fine Worsted" line.  They're also in the 8-9oz range and made with a slightly open weave.  Though I can't speak to the Frescos, I've found the Dugdales to be pretty good for the hot and humid DC summer and they're about $50 less than the Frescos. Example: http://luxire.com/products/dugdale-light-grey-plain-8960
 As others have suggested, I'd also recommend lengthening the shirt and not reducing the waist measurement.  I'd say go for an inch longer (at least) if you plan on wearing the shirt tucked in.  As far as darting, I have it on two of my shirts. It works well but I'm personally not that big a fan of the darts. For my subsequent orders I asked that the back waist be reduced by 0.50 inches.
 This topic comes up every now and then and people pronounce it differently.  Luxire themselves say: 
I ordered the light grey plain (8960) dugdale and am finding it really comfortable. Haven't hit peak summer but I think it'll do the job and have placed an order for the darker grey (8961 I believe).I've attached a few images for general reference to compare to shades of Minnis Fresco. Take what you will from them. Photos take on an iPhone do don't expect professional quality here (as seen in comparing grey shade of the 8960 one photo to the next).
Thoughts on Dugdale Brothers New Fine Worsted as a comparison to Fresco, Crispaire, etc? Cutter and Tailor goes into a short, limited discussion but curious if anyone has any first hand experience. http://www.cutterandtailor.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=537
 "Avacci Telagio" has been around since I started following Luxire through SF. It's the name of the parent company and is used in some of their international (non North America) operations. http://custom.luxire.com/pages/about-us
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