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Per Theresa's instruction, I simply added the following note on my last order:"Please adjust pattern for Forward Leaning Shoulders."I personally thought it was a significant improvement for me. Though for my next order I'll likely add about 0.25" to my yoke and shoulder measurements to compliment the pattern adjustment.
Do you have forward leaning shoulders?If so, adjusting solely for slope isn't going to remedy any wrinkles.
 Wash, Iron, Wear Repeat a few times to see how the fabric sets.
Similar hold up on my order as well.   Ordered my 4th pair of pants in the Dugdale Fine Worsted line.  The first three were shipped within 2 weeks of placing the order and at my doorstep within 3 weeks.   My most recent order is now going into week 8 without shipping notification.     I personally don't mind a delay, but I agree that there could be something done on the customer service front.   I've only sent one email since placing the order inquiring about the...
 For the Dugdale Fine Worsted:Pants:  $180Jacket: $550* Suit starts at:  $730 *$550 is what I was quoted for the base price of the jacket; I'm sure it will increase based on additional requests that are out of the ordinary.
 I have two pairs in the Dugdale Fine Worsted that are unlined. I think they're fairly comfortable. :)
 Is that where you want your pants to sit?  Make sure you're either home to sign for the package or you create a FedEx account so that you e-sign for the package so that they leave it on your front step.  It's an annoyance you can easily avoid if you'd rather not wait an extra day.
The solution is simple. You simply need to specify it in the notes section. I'm on the short/small size but for reference, my measurements are:Biceps: 7.00Armhole: 9.75Cuffsize: 7.25 And I add these sleeve requests in the notes section:Please make mid-sleeve (elbow) width: 5.50 inchesPlease make cuffs: 2.00 inches
I too have lordosis. I found that reducing the back waist by 0.5 inches really helps with the lower back billowing.I'd suggest starting with that reduction and modify with subsequent orders.
So now you have a better idea of what to adjust for your next order.The default cuts of online MTM outfits differ from one another. If you say "more" sloping, you'll get different results from each maker.Adjust your measurements, get feedback from Theresa, and have fun building your wardrobe.
New Posts  All Forums: