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Oh, I forgot to mention H&F when talking about burgers.  They definitely have the best I've ever had, but it's hard to get.  They sell out every day and the lines for Sunday brunch (in which they also serve it) can be crazy.   However I also think that it's the best restaurant in the city so net getting a burger could turn out to be a good thing.   This place Bocado basically makes the same exact burger (including getting bread from H&F) and they serve it for...
Oh and for southern food, check out the Colonnade.  A couple of food bloggers here recently tried to find the best fried chicken in the city and it easily won.
Ok so I'm basically a lurker here, but I can't let someone go to Fatt Matt's.  That place is awful. They boil the ribs before slightly smoking/grilling it, so they don't develop a nice smokey flavor.  It's also often underdone and chewy. There aren't amazing BBQ places in the city, but Fox Bros would be the best.   For burgers check our Farm Burger in Decatur or Buckhead, that's the best place in town.  I also really enjoy Grindhouse which is near Piedmont Park.
New Posts  All Forums: