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Moved to New Zealand from the U.S. I disagree that it's about luck - it's more about how much homework and preparation you do in advance. Do everything you can to immerse yourself in your new life - walk the new neighborhood virtually using Google streetview, listen to the local radio stations streamed online, and talk to everyone you can find from the UK about their lives there. Moving is stressful enough, but doing all that you can to set the expectations for your...
I've been working in public relations for five years now, both in the States and in New Zealand. - What in PR do you do? I specialize in technology PR, and have worked at agencies in all my positions so far. - How did you get there? I went to college planning to be an electrical engineer, but found my writing and communications classes far more engaging. I switched majors, and did a co-op working in the PR department of my university. I've always loved the news,...
The State Library of Victoria in Melbourne:
They ripped off the inventory scene from Blues Brothers.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt IIRC, Australia is just about the most difficult country in the world as far as immigration goes. This was several years ago, so things might have changed. If you're young, single, in good health and work in an in-demand industry it's not particularly difficult, but it is expensive. Your best bet would be an internal company transfer, as you may be required to have a sponsor.
The Perimeter Institute Bob and Doug McKenzie Labatt Blue
Rochester, NY -> Auckland, New Zealand One of the best experiences of my life so far. Do it.
Some beer battered mahi mahi for fish tacos. You can try the novelty items (snickers bars, oreos, etc.) once, but they make a mess of the fryer and oil. Don't get me wrong - amazing culinary creations both - but the batter is about the consistency of pancake mix. You get little droplets in the oil and it will stick to the fry basket. For best results, fry all the things that usually come out limp and disappointing in the oven: spring rolls, jalapeño poppers and...
Let's go Buffalo.
Duff's. The place is a WNY institution. They've been frying wings there for so long the interior has taken on a faint yellow patina from all the grease particulates in the air. Anchor bar is good too, but can be a bit of a tourist trap. Wings made at home must be deep fried. Baking, broiling or any other method inevitably leaves them soggy and unfulfilling.
New Posts  All Forums: