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Really high quality and rare boots made by Kiminori Morishita for Nano Universe (KMGR), the same mastermind behind his current label 08sircus. The detail is incredible, with twisted lacing similar to Julius boots in addition to a side zip, and a hand sewn goodyear welt onto a Vibram sole and very soft and supple black leather uppers. In my opinion, the silhouette and last on these are much sleeker than Julius but unfortunately they're too narrow for me. Overall in...
Updated with the information
I have a size 47 with shorter length Black Lamb 2010 Double Rider that I'll be willing to sell or trade for a 44-46 double rider in any configuration. Excellent condition, was thinking $520 + shipping.   More pics http://imgur.com/a/orgIh   Shoulders: 17" Pit to Pit: 20" Waist: 18" Front Length: 20.5" Back Length: 23.5" Sleeve Length: 24"
WTB: any double rider in black 44-46.
Still looking for a black/black/black TOJ1, TOJ0, OG/AE MA-1, or DR/MDR in 44-47
Excellent condition, rare MA-1 Jacket by Attachment from SS12 size 2 in a desaturated mocha color with olive/brown ribbing. Really nice details on this, with riri zips throughout, double zips, hidden placket, proper tapered cuffs, etc. Fits S or slim M. Christmas special price drop! Price will go back up to $315 after Christmas. P2p: 20.5"  Shoulders: 18"  Front length: 21.5"  Back Length: 27"  Sleeve length: 25" 260 shipped to cont.us
Still looking
bump, now selling instead of trading
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