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As a larger human (6'4", 190) I actually prefer the over-size nature and titling mechanism of the Plycraft knockoffs to the Eames themselves.   I can do through the trouble of buying a vintage plycraft and reupholster it etc but it would cost about $2,000 to do that locally.    Are there any companies selling plycraft knockoffs? (Knockoffs of knockoffs haha)
Please leave.    Thank your Leaves for the information - your comparison of lasts/sizes is very helpful, even outside of this brand. 
Anyone been able to wear their shishiko jacket?   I've washed mine 4 times and it still bleeds on my clothes. 
Are there any wool pants in a stone type of color? Haven't been able to find any.
I excitedly put on my new Shishiko jacket (which is pretty cool by the way) and it proceeded to instantly turn my white shirt blue.    How should I go about washing this fabric to remove the overdye without ruining it. Any tips?
Headed to Naples, Rome, Milan next week. Do you guys have any suggestions for menswear shops/tailors I can visit where (for once) I'm able to take advantage of the strong U.S. currency. I've heard a lot of vendors are just marking up price. In particular I am looking for Neapolitan construction sports coats and leather goods.
Got in my Jodpuhrs from Skoak. GG06, vintage cedar.   Outside of a small mix up regarding buckle color I'm very pleased with how they turned out.
Any update on the Shashiko jackets? Been a while now. 
Is there a way to requested a lowered button stance? They look quite a bit higher than what I would usually wear.
Anyone got their linen orders yet? Taking surprisingly long time.
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