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Are there any wool pants in a stone type of color? Haven't been able to find any.
I excitedly put on my new Shishiko jacket (which is pretty cool by the way) and it proceeded to instantly turn my white shirt blue.    How should I go about washing this fabric to remove the overdye without ruining it. Any tips?
Headed to Naples, Rome, Milan next week. Do you guys have any suggestions for menswear shops/tailors I can visit where (for once) I'm able to take advantage of the strong U.S. currency. I've heard a lot of vendors are just marking up price. In particular I am looking for Neapolitan construction sports coats and leather goods.
Got in my Jodpuhrs from Skoak. GG06, vintage cedar.   Outside of a small mix up regarding buckle color I'm very pleased with how they turned out.
Any update on the Shashiko jackets? Been a while now. 
Is there a way to requested a lowered button stance? They look quite a bit higher than what I would usually wear.
Anyone got their linen orders yet? Taking surprisingly long time.
Jelly.   I reordered 3 weeks ago still no ship.   I had some issues with the orders prior. Maybe they are punishing me.
Can we talk about the miracle air jeans? These things are changing my life. Not only are they lightweight, comfortable skinny jeans they also fixed the rise problem on the other skinny fit jean (now it is lower).
Your link reads white mesh weave but it links to pinpoint Oxford.If it's the white mesh weave, it is mostly opaque, wrinkles a bit less than average shirt and is average softness (has a nice texture though).
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