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No 11E :tear:
I've been loving susu pants recently. Porto is a great fit
So many navy suits/jackets in this thread.
Any of the affiliates planning on stocking RTW Jodpuhrs in the classic E widths?
Anyone ordered the cerrutti 10oz cashmere? If so, how light is it? Suitable for early fall if in an unlined jacket?
I have that same shirt... very nice but most casual than I had envisioned. 
I've been trying to find a single gusset, briefcase-style bag that comes with a shoulder strap.   My ideal is that it be formal enough that I can bring to business meetings but also won't look strange when I walk around town casually.    I travel a fair amount so it would be very helpful to have 2 in 1.    Any ideas?
IMO a huge factor is the weakness of the dollar.If the exchange rate was $1.55 instead of almost $2.00 ...
What brands deliver the same combination quality of leather, construction and sleek styling?Others appear to exceed in one category or another but I havent seen any that hit at high level of all 3.Id love to hear of other contenders though!
 Do you believe they are consistent length sizing-wise and it's just a width issue?  The Antibes was an 11UK and fits perfectly (even a milimeter large) whereas RLPL Narvells were very tight @ an 12US.  I guess that could make sense as Narvells have a very narrow toe box anyhow. 
New Posts  All Forums: