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Is there a way to requested a lowered button stance? They look quite a bit higher than what I would usually wear.
Anyone got their linen orders yet? Taking surprisingly long time.
Jelly.   I reordered 3 weeks ago still no ship.   I had some issues with the orders prior. Maybe they are punishing me.
Can we talk about the miracle air jeans? These things are changing my life. Not only are they lightweight, comfortable skinny jeans they also fixed the rise problem on the other skinny fit jean (now it is lower).
Your link reads white mesh weave but it links to pinpoint Oxford.If it's the white mesh weave, it is mostly opaque, wrinkles a bit less than average shirt and is average softness (has a nice texture though).
Sales - except the rare occasion when the perfect piece comes up - are fools gold anyways IMO.   You can only have/wear so many garments... better to buy 1 perfect thing at retail than 3 pretty good things on sale.   I had a pretty good experience with Eidos MTM (outside of a couple small foibles) and could see myself doing it again.    Sometimes when I'm looking at their stuff I hold back though. Either opting for the premium fabrics of their parent (dat...
You guys dry clean your suits once a week? Doesn't that damage your suits? I'll go sometimes go months sometimes without dry cleaning. I will wear a suit about 4 times a month (week in between) and as long as I don't get food or anything on it I find wool refreshes itself just fine.
This is a great suggestion but all my bespoke pairs are in my rotation and I hate to give them up on a 3 month journey to Bangalore!
Thank you.
Trying to nail down my pant fit on third try.   Anyone have insight as to where, vertically speaking, to measure the hips & half hips?   The picture on the website suggests to do it at the bottom of the fly - do you think that is the way to go?   I ask because, depending on the front rise measurement, it is hard to use any other marker (e.g. set distance from waistband, from pocket to pocket etc).
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