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I've been trying to find a single gusset, briefcase-style bag that comes with a shoulder strap.   My ideal is that it be formal enough that I can bring to business meetings but also won't look strange when I walk around town casually.    I travel a fair amount so it would be very helpful to have 2 in 1.    Any ideas?
IMO a huge factor is the weakness of the dollar.If the exchange rate was $1.55 instead of almost $2.00 ...
What brands deliver the same combination quality of leather, construction and sleek styling?Others appear to exceed in one category or another but I havent seen any that hit at high level of all 3.Id love to hear of other contenders though!
 Do you believe they are consistent length sizing-wise and it's just a width issue?  The Antibes was an 11UK and fits perfectly (even a milimeter large) whereas RLPL Narvells were very tight @ an 12US.  I guess that could make sense as Narvells have a very narrow toe box anyhow. 
My first pair of non-RLPL-branded G&Gs courtesy of Bespoke England.    Very pleased.   Was concerned about the sizing but apparently RLPL and G&G's sizings have nothing to do with one another. 
I'm 6'4", 180. Do you guys know of the brands that offer leathers that provide a good fit for a tall slim guy? Can't tailor leather... Makes it tough.
If I typically wear a US11.5-12 standard width do you guys think a UK11 in the KN14 last would do the trick?
Any word on coats being offered in long lengths?
Fred Segal Santa Monica or Hollywood?
Anyone know which Stockist in LA carries the largest selection of JE in stock?
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