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Fred Segal Santa Monica or Hollywood?
Anyone know which Stockist in LA carries the largest selection of JE in stock?
It took 8 weeks instead of 5-6 weeks but my MTM suit & sports coat finally arrived. They still have to make cuffs functional but ill post after I pick it up
A half lining wouldn't cause a rubbing issue I don't believe. The bottom half of the coat doesn't contact the body much
Just purchased an Isaia "acquacashmere" Sportscoat that's fully lined. It's a very light weight cashmere though and I thought it would be great if I could prep it for warm summer nights by asking the tailor to convert it to half or possibly quarter lined. Would there be any dangers to undertaking this in SF experience?
This has to be a troll thread...
 Even the concept of the two being sold separately is antithetical to quality menswear
I ordered a MTM suit + sportscoat on 5/4 and was quoted 5-6 weeks to receive.   Apparently, it's going to ship 6/23... so that's more like 7.5 weeks.   Hopefully worth the wait! 
Anyone have experience with this jacket? http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/jackets/havana-light-blue-plain/C744.html?start=15&cgid=Jackets&prefn1=collection&prefv1=Spring%2FSummer It reads as light blue but appears more grey in pictures - which is it?
I have a long-sleeve cotton-linen popover in the works that I am excited about.
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