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Any suggestions for a casual white fabric for a popover?   I have a linen already... looking for a more casual white that won't wrinkle so much. Currently considering the "soft white herringbone". 
Don't understand this... You can direct how tight and short made to measure is.
Anywhere putting some nice cashmere scarves on sale? Need to upgrade. 
Does anyone have qualms about taking designs from brands (Eidos is mentioned here for instance) and essentially copying them with luxire? Not sure where I stand myself.
If you are buying just 1 blazer i'd go for one with flap pockets, not patch.
Anyone ordered the white cellulare? If so, thoughts?   I have yet to find me "go to" white at Luxire.   Probably the best so far has been the "Ivory White Broadcloth 120/2".
No 11E :tear:
I've been loving susu pants recently. Porto is a great fit
So many navy suits/jackets in this thread.
Any of the affiliates planning on stocking RTW Jodpuhrs in the classic E widths?
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