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If all your sportscoats fit perfectly with the angle of your shoulder/back than it doesn't really matter what collar you wear with regards to it staying up.    However, if you buy OTR it can be very hard to find that perfect shoulder/back angle unless you just stick to a few brands that happen to work with you... thus I always play it safe with proven "stay up" collars. 
Funny how people expect premium service for a low price. We are all adults here, we know there is no free lunch. Luxire provides a very good product for the price. The trade off is they have a very weak return/remake policy and online MTM is an inexact business. You have to deal with that trade offs.
 lol human beings... we don't want something until we can't have it. Until the price hike that fabric was rarely mentioned and now we have a period of international mourning. It's a nice fabric (worth even the new price IMO) but it's not the be all and end all. 
 Good look - hadn't seen those.  I think I'm going to commission a 1/4 lined 10oz travelling blazer in that.
Will Luxire ever start offering high-grade cashmere for coats/jackets?   There are a couple things I'd love to have made. 
Generally, higher thread count so softer. At the end of day it all goes back to the general rule of luxury products. You pay 100% more for a (maybe) 20% improvement.
A shame there are not reviews on the nicer fabrics.    None of the off-brand whites are doing it for me. Thinking of going with some G & R whites. The "Everyday" white shirt looks interesting - anyone gone with this one?
Woah Deadangle... I like the thought behind the extra seam a tback armhole... never seen that.    That's called a "bi-swingback"?
 You should probably be sure of your feelings before you post in haste and possibly impact a business's online reputation. 
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