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I'm in the market for some sunglasses right now and I've been looking at wayfarer-type sunglasses. One problem is that when trying on Raybans, the new wayfarers looked much better than the originals so I'm not exactly sure where to start. For your information, I am an Asian male with an oval face. Also, I won't be looking to spend too much.   Also, I did some lurking but what's the difference between polarized and UVA/UVB protection? 
Sweet, thanks for the info. I'll probably wait for that one or bite on the navy one.
I looked through the thread and didn't really find anything about the green khaki snap backpack. I think Everlane's blog said that it didn't get restocked along with the gray but is there an ETA of any sort? I would really like to get one before Christmas comes.
Hi I have a question about the invite procedures. Apparently my friend's invite page says that he only needs 15 friends for a free t shirt while mine says 20. Is there a difference between my account and his?
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