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Are these epaulet's new or old fit?
Hey everyone. Long time listener, first time caller. Made my first plunge into Alden Shell and had a question on some of the creasing I'm seeing. While the shoes fit perfectly as far as I can feel, there seems to be some diagonal creasing developing close to the toe of the shoe. Is this normal? I wonder if there's anything I can learn for my next purchase or anything I can do now. Here's a pic of the shoe, slightly bended to highlight what I'm mentioning.  
Anyone have much experience with the Ring Ring jeans? Wondering how much they stretch. Ordered a 34 and it buttons up without me having to stretch it but just barely. Safe to keep them or size up? I like my jeans to generally be on the slimmer side but want to make sure they'll eventually have some breathing room.
Anyone have experience with crotch blowout on Rivet's? Unfortunately, my thunder thighs have caused some damage to an otherwise great pair of pants. Do people generally fix or replace?
Does anyone remember what size of the MA-1 that was at the SF Trunk Show? Thinking about placing an order and remember that that size fit well.
Got my individualized shirts - looks like I went slightly overboard on shortening the sleeves. I think it's still wearable but is there any way to add, say, half an inch to the length? Thinking there might be extra material where the cuff attaches but interested in hearing ideas.
Loving the henleys! Perfect fit and the pistachio is such a good color for my skin tone
Never posted a pic before but I'm absolutely in love with the washed denim LBM jacket I picked up from the instagram sale. Thought I'd have trouble finding things to pair it with but its turning out to be surprisingly fun and versatile. Paired here with some fatigue RCs and Epaulet GATs.EDIT: note that this is pre-tailor, so excuse the slight faring and bowing in the jacket =)
Was staring this down all day too - let me know if it doesn't fit ya. Would be more than happy to take it off your hands. 
Question for you more DIY folks - I managed to get a pretty large stubborn grease stain in some fatigue RCs during thanksgiving. Would it be feasible to try and re-dye? If so, may give it a shot don't want these otherwise great pants to stay on waist, not go to waste.
New Posts  All Forums: