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Question for you more DIY folks - I managed to get a pretty large stubborn grease stain in some fatigue RCs during thanksgiving. Would it be feasible to try and re-dye? If so, may give it a shot don't want these otherwise great pants to stay on waist, not go to waste.
Do the GAT last changes affect what size I should take? Took the 8.5 last time around for reference.
Anyone have recommendations for tailors in San Francisco? I need to get some pants and a jacket tailored. Last person completely bungled the sleeve alteration I asked for =(
A little concerned, I ended up grabbing the 40 LBM jacket and still seeing it as an option =(. Hoping I got it - beautiful piece!
Just received my heirloom sweater. Love it, but the body seems to be about an 1"-1.5" too small in the chest/body. Everything else fits really well. Is it reasonable to expect that this will stretch out a bit over time?
Is the jacket an Epaulet 40 or 42? Guessing a 40 by your measurements. but thought I'd confirm.
Gotta echo on the color - this doesn't look anywhere close to this hue. http://www.themandonstore.com/brands/inverallan-6a-oatmeal.html. Just wondering which one is it closer to? I have the one in the link but would prefer the color you have so may purchase it anyway...
Are these the 8.5s per Epaulet's website?
  What temperatures would you rate this thing at? I'm looking for something that I can dress up and down, but not sure if this would be sufficient for a Boston fall/winter.
  Thinking about getting this with either an RHL or Tempest sole for fall. Any thoughts on RHL for fall seasons? Or how RHL sole with Natural CXL? 
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