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  What temperatures would you rate this thing at? I'm looking for something that I can dress up and down, but not sure if this would be sufficient for a Boston fall/winter.
  Thinking about getting this with either an RHL or Tempest sole for fall. Any thoughts on RHL for fall seasons? Or how RHL sole with Natural CXL? 
  Is it just me or does the toe seem a bit bulbous for a desert boot? I'm thinking about picking one up, but this definitely seems like it'd have an unflattering profile. 
Prurient - do you see any wool bedfords? Might do a phone order if so...
  Where are you getting the additional 40% off from?
I'm seeing the 20% on w+h, but where are you getting the additional 10%? Is that on check-out?
seattlesf - how are you getting $670? Is that USD? The Nanamica cruiser I'm seeing is posted for 1070.
Is this sale in-store only? At any RL?
New Posts  All Forums: