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Thanks Gents! I'm a big fan of wearing my shoes like they're meant to be used usually but this was a particularly gnarly spill that scuffed the whole vamp very awkwardly. Maybe I'll do it on the other one for symmetry :P
My OG Saddle couro cromo trainers get scuffed kinda bad on a bike spill this morning. Anyone tried any sort of polish to hide blemishes? Would prefer not to have to sunset this babies just because of my clutziness.
Anyone hear how this affects pricing? 
Joining the club...appreciate any thoughts on the make-up. Doing the REDA as a full suit but will likely wear the jacket as a separate a fair amount. Also wanted to make up the camel hair in something more casual as I'll likely wear it a lot with jeans.   Loro Piana Baby Camel hair Single Breasted, 3-Roll-2 Button, Unconstructed Shoulder Sportcoat Length: Regular (R) Rear Vents: Double Vented Rear (Side Vents) Button Color: Tan Horn (U6) Pocket Styling: Welt Breast...
Ok I'm a little stumped - how would one wear a camel hair coat? Just jeans and a white shirt? Wondering how else to dress it down or up? Only thing holding me back there.
How long will the Southwick EFF be open? I'm wondering how much time to agonize over what and how to make up a jacket/suit.
Is camel hair practical in San Francisco? It's generally always between 65-85, not sure if its too heavy a la Harris Tweed?
Papa's got a brand new bag. These look great with denim and I can only imagine them getting better with age.
 Thanks! Appreciate the advise and will definitely reach out to Vince.  I'm interested in something to replace my suede Clark DBs that I seem to need to replace every nine months so I'm looking at the Coyote Roughout since it looks like something I won't have to baby so much. But I will surely ask if there's any other interesting leathers coming up. Either way, I'm feeling like Commando is probably the way to go since I want something that can take some wear and will be...
Yet another sizing question -   I'm a 8.5D in Clark's Desert Boot 8E in Alden Barrie Last (though it has a LOT of room in the toe for me) and 8D-8E in Red Wing Gentleman Traveler (again, with a fair bit of room in the toe).   Based off what I'm seeing here, I should be OK in an 8. Any disagreements? Appreciate any help you fine gentleman can provide.
New Posts  All Forums: