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Interested in really dressing the Teba down. Like, maybe a white t and jeans? Sounds fun.
Thanks kindly for all the great recs, y'all!
Question for y'all - it's been crazy rainy in SF these last few weeks and I'm about tired of wearing patagonia every day. What jacket/outerwear do y'all have that looks stylish/Epaulet-ish while still providing decent protection from the elements (minimum would be rain proof + hood). 
Thanks folks - love the feedback and will now hang my head in shame as I've washed these perhaps a little more rigorously than i should have :P
how do you all care for your linen shirts? Dry clean only? I feel like every time i wash them, they end up a bit shrunken and the placket gets a bit scrunched up. Thoughts? Recommendations? Just received some great goodies from the EFF drop and I love the fabrics!
About how warm is the nylon ma-1? Wondering how appropriate it'd be for SF weather.
Anyone try removing the insole on their trainers and replacing it with something else? Never done it before so not sure if there's any downside to it. The current tennis trainers fit me slightly wide but i'm think a flat insole will make it much more wearable.
Anyone have action shots of the Olive trainers? Would love to see what they look like in some fits.
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