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I have a pair of coyote roughouts that got muddy over the weekend. I cleaned them with a wet tooth brush and notice that the nap isn't the same anymore. Any recommendations? Or general recommendations for how to clean them going forward?
After all those questions I asked, figure i'd go ahead and also mention that I'm in on a Cognac Weekender.
So the weekender is +2 inches in length relative to some of these guidelines - would it still fit in the bin? I think 24" would be bigger than any bag I've tried to use so far and I've never paid attention to how my existing bags fit. 
On the weekender - will the zipper allow any water to come through? Worried about that seam there. 
Anyone that's received Large longsleeve Union Jersey's want to swap? Have two whites and looking for different colors. 
What's people's experience with QC on the coyote roughouts?   I just received my pair and found a few marks on them. Luckily they fit pretty well and I don't particularly intend on babying them but a little unsure what to make of these blemishes. Anyone have some thoughts?   
I have a pair of the natural horsehide sports trainers - do they size any differently than the regular sports trainers? Not sure if it the leather makes any difference.
Tanner Goods has a nice store   Try to go to Wilson and Wilson if you're looking for a nice cocktail in a speakeasy location. Very intimate, have to make reservations in advance but delicious drinks that are a great deal. For beer, you can go to Haight St for a bunch of good options - Toronado, Black Sands, Magnolia to start. 
Re: the weekender, it'd be nice to have something that comfortably holds a suit/suit jacket. I feel like mine always gets wrinkled when i have to throw it in my existing bag.   Alternatively...how do you all keep your suits from not getting too wrinkled when traveling?
Thanks Gents! I'm a big fan of wearing my shoes like they're meant to be used usually but this was a particularly gnarly spill that scuffed the whole vamp very awkwardly. Maybe I'll do it on the other one for symmetry :P
New Posts  All Forums: