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What is 'SS ? Curious about pants.  Today. Getting chilly in the northeast.  Inexpensive outfit, too.GapUniqloUniqloCOS (socks)LL Bean
jwalterweather: i prefer stacked. 
Are these still for sale? Could I see a photo of how they fall (or unfolded) ?
I, too, want to know where you got those pants, hendrix ...
Trying to beat the NYC heat, but it isn't too nuts yet... J Crew, BLK DNM, Vans.
iPhone's camera has gotten terrible.    All Saints T Save Khaki Sweater Benetton Bans Goruck 
For what its worth, the outlier towels are not worth the price (I got a L for $75). They don't soak up much water (but might make decent beach towels). GF tells me you can get same quality at better prices elsewhere. Alas!
https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lunis/lunis-tailored-performance-pants-built-for-adventu   Just found this on Valet.    Basically looks like an outlier rip. the side zip pocket and reflective inside make them look that much more technical that I think they're a bit uglier though. I'll stick to my climbers. 
My iphone is getting increasingly terrible at taking photos. scratched lens?   Leather jacket from a no-name vendor in Fez, Morocco.  Uniqlo, uniqlo, uniqlo, orion leather, wolverine 1000 mile.
  Not much exciting going on here brands-wise, but this outfit has taken me pretty far. Cheap, looks good on my proportions. Sorry for crap pic.    J Crew Pocket T (two of them), UNIQLO pants, LL Bean Bluchers. Outerwear negligible. 
New Posts  All Forums: