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ah nvm consulted ref document. i've been trying on shoes that are too big. 
45 is a US 11.5? thought it was closer to 10.5 or 11?
hell yeah that denim coat, amazing
what's the weight of this like? like a t-shirt or light sweater?
Most recent fit is good. Shirt isn't much different than the grey one you posted earlier but your pose makes it look much better. 
I just recently got a pair of 60/40 Wool/Viscose pants from Turnover. The fit is very good and light and loose.    After two days of light wear (just walking, sitting on plastic or upholstered chairs), I noticed some pulling at the rear seam, as seen here: Do any of you have this problem in your lighter and more "fragile" pants? I don't really know what I can do to avoid this; the wear was about as gentle a day as I ever have. Can it be reinforced? Do you avoid...
  Save Khaki / Turnover / Kent Wang
Got the Lemaire long shirt in white on sale at the Paris Boutique, but in a rush I put on a 46 and felt like it fit without asking if they had 48-50 in stock. So now my shirt's a bit too small, but I've already broken it in. Dang.    I guess I'll always be rolling up the sleeves. 
Found this image in a book somewhere... not EG, but a look I'd aspire to:  
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