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Travelin' outfit ain't great but thought I'd share this snap.  
I don't have exact sizes, but a friend of mine has notably big thighs for his height and swears by Denham pants. They are larger in the upper thigh and upper calf.   http://www.denhamthejeanmaker.com
Link now dead—can you share measurements? 
Still have the BLK DNM pair. 
Holy shit benes, those pants. Where from? Great taper. I know your most recent is getting more attention but I like this more...  
  I'll take a photo someday that does this coat justice.  Sneaking in this fit before snow gets insane in the northeast...   All saints, Club Monaco, EG, Kent Wang
I have two pairs of used denim. Feel free to ask for specific measurements or more details in this thread or via personal message! BOTH PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING CONUS.    Pay me via venmo, square cash, paypal, whatever floats your boat.    The first:   BLK DNM Jeans 5 in Driggs Blue (distressed). $85 $70 $60 $45 BLK DNM's website describes Jeans 5 (a fit) as: FIVE-POCKET JEANS. REGULAR RISE. LEG IS STRAIGHT THROUGH THE HIP, SLIGHTLY TAPERED FROM KNEE TO BOTTOM OF...
save khaki cotton/cashmere sweater uniqlo blazer outlier climbers kent wang sneaks   pants felt off for the rest of the outfit but it was finals week and i wanted to get cozy
Preemptively tossed a thumb in nah's direction; i'd go for the olive.   On the topic of olive outerwear... this jacket fits me beautifully and half off is tempting me. I'm worried it is maybe too "fashionable"—I'm looking for something with a few solid years in it.    http://www.us.allsaints.com/men/shop-accessories/allsaints-cleaver-parka/?colour=16
 Not sure actually. It's got 3 buttons on the left shoulder and it's tag says "Emilio," a brand I've never heard of. I got it at a thrift store in Goteburg, Sweden for the equivalent of $5.
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