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Bought these in Amsterdam but just don't have a need for them day-to-day.   Absolutely wonderful, soft, breathable, light wool/viscose 60/40 blend.  Comes with detachable belt and unique belt loops.   Very cool front top-down welt pocket construction.   I have worn the pants 4 or 5 times total; they show zero wear. I haven't even opened the back pockets.    They are Women's Euro 38 but fit me (6 foot 2") with a bit of break. Would do well for someone with a bit...
  Top-heavy look.   Gotta get a good pic of this indigo-dyed scarf. 
  Shitty bathroom selfie but Lemaire long shirt continues to do me well despite being a bit tight.   Lemaire / EG / Naot (but yeah, wearing socks...)
I know this is a throwback but DAMN I love this. Shoes are Schneider?
ah nvm consulted ref document. i've been trying on shoes that are too big. 
45 is a US 11.5? thought it was closer to 10.5 or 11?
hell yeah that denim coat, amazing
what's the weight of this like? like a t-shirt or light sweater?
Most recent fit is good. Shirt isn't much different than the grey one you posted earlier but your pose makes it look much better. 
I just recently got a pair of 60/40 Wool/Viscose pants from Turnover. The fit is very good and light and loose.    After two days of light wear (just walking, sitting on plastic or upholstered chairs), I noticed some pulling at the rear seam, as seen here: Do any of you have this problem in your lighter and more "fragile" pants? I don't really know what I can do to avoid this; the wear was about as gentle a day as I ever have. Can it be reinforced? Do you avoid...
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