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Hah, did not think i would get any words for the cropped top. Shows what happens when you do something different, I guess. Loose, baggy T pairs well with lightweight pants.    I think it's a nice silhouette and lordy does it feel good in the spring breeze.    Also spacepope I totally saw you at The Shop earlier this week
  Trying a crop-top... thrifted. Turnover pants. Naot sandals. 
Where's that sweater from? With wide neck
FYI I'm selling a white Long Shirt in 46! 
I bought a Long Shirt at the Paris boutique in Summer 2015. Bought it just a little bit small, and my job involves heavy machinery so I can't really wear long, loose clothing much.   So off it goes. Got it dry cleaned about a month ago and haven't worn it since. Maybe only ~15 days of wear total anyway.    No signs of wear, other than one of the placket buttons got a loose thread that I snipped.    Crisp, soft, beautiful fabric. Funky pockets on the side...
46 long shirt: 15" neck 48" around chest 30" neck to wrist (full sleeve)—thia measurement feels ahort wen i wear the shirt so i often roll the sleeves. let me know if you want more specifics!
these sold? just double checking
 Hey I have one. I'm traveling this week but can take measurements a week from today! 
Cozy boy, not-leaving-the-house Saturday.   Random batik robe. Soulland sweater, Lemaire long shirt, EG pants, Naot leather sandals. 
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