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Got the Lemaire long shirt in white on sale at the Paris Boutique, but in a rush I put on a 46 and felt like it fit without asking if they had 48-50 in stock. So now my shirt's a bit too small, but I've already broken it in. Dang.    I guess I'll always be rolling up the sleeves. 
Found this image in a book somewhere... not EG, but a look I'd aspire to:  
Hah, I suspect he is taller; I'm 6'2"
Hello from the Low Countries.     [[SPOILER]]
 You dog, I was thinking a similar idea with those uniqlo shorts. well done. 
not sure what you're going for there, bene. that shirt ? with those shoes ? and those pants in-between ? all look like nice items, but definitely bizarre together. 
I think each member has their "essentials" — the contentedness thread might be a good place to start. http://www.styleforum.net/t/303455/the-contentedness-thread/0_50
FWIW, I thought the yellow shirt was looking good and drap-ey already. Going further down that road could improve the look, though.    Am really enjoying this thread. I think it is only lately that I have understood the fact that a SW&D wardrobe comes with time and the fabrication/cultivation of an image, rather than a variety of very specific purchases. 
 yessss, these are the pants that dreams are made of.
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