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Price slashed to £130.
 But where?
 This is awesome! Had been wondering about the meaning behind it for a while. How tall are you if you don't mind me asking. XL or XXL in a varsity sounds huuuge. I'm 6ft 3 and was looking at picking up the Large and with enough room to wear a sweatshirt or hoody underneath. Speaking of which, any recommended forum members to help me out with the 45% Ralph Lauren sale ? I'm in the UK.
 Great pick ups, especially the shirt! Looks far nicer than the pictures online.
 Glad this was asked and answered. RRL only caught my attention recently but at the price point have considered picking up some Real McCoys instead.
Haha hey now....I was very grateful! I didn't get a chance to ring today but will tomorrow and report back if they have any left. Did the Dixon go in the sale?
I'll try and give it a shot this week, thanks!
Anyone know if any stores in the UK are stocking it? The only 2 places I could see are Unionmade and US RRL site. Need to get my hands on one, maybe even the brown one.If anyone's selling one in Large, PM!
Price cut
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