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Nah, weaksauce is when they charge you NY state tax, and doesn't even include free shipping.
Does anyone know what the highest discount things in the sales section would get to? I'm thinking about picking a few things up, and they are at 40~50%, but if they might get lower after Thanksgiving, I wouldn't mind waiting.
They're actually quite snug all around, especially at the ball of my feet and the instep. I took people's advice and sized down a whole size, and it's tighter than what I normally wear.
Here's a picture, I hope it can illustrate what's going on. Oh, and I believe they are on the rain last.
I just order a new pair of Carminas online, and while it fits pretty well, I observe a problem. The shoes are fine when I put them on, however, when I stand up, the side of the shoes around either side of my ankle sort of pop open forming two triangular gaps with enough room to fit a finger. I'm not sure if the problem is with the size, the last, or the width. If anyone has experienced this before, please enlighten me.
  Factory workers in China are 'slave' labor? Please stop talking about shit you know nothing about.   In terms of OP's question, you should learn to judge quality yourself. It will take time, but eventually, you will be able to tell from stitching and feel of material how good it was built.
I ordered from WW before, and was left with a $120 bill from FedEx. Would not order again.
Can someone tell me what 'dry' denotes in this season of uniqlo? Quite a few things seem to have that label.
I don't get why you are compelled to lie. Why can't you say 'I bought this from ebay/thrift store.'? Why are you ashamed of where you get your clothes from? I honestly think you should examine why you have issue telling the truth, and why you feel inferior, then you'll figure out how to answer your coworker's questions.
Does anyone know when Porter UK will start their sale? There are a few things I want that are out on the US site.
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