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Leaves, are you the one I spoke to at Skoaktiebolaget about Graham Brownes next visit two weekends ago? Irregardless, I believe that there was talk of a visit soon enough. Any updates? Will they be at Skoaktiebolaget?
As per my understanding he would take over from Russel and hopefully do runs every month depending on the size of the client base here. They were here in late June or early July and would come back about now for further fittings and new clients. I met Richard here that time.   It's nice for Stockholm because the suits are comparable in price to Caruso, Mabro and Corneliani RTW here - but bespoke. 
Yes, in the beginning of sept. I have a suit and a SC in the making. They have been at Herr Judit the last times in Östermalm. The guy working there would typically know the date better than I. I usually get an email from them the very same day they are going here. They are not too known for their planning skills. Leaves: I couldn't agree more. It's the odd suit in the wardrobe and it takes a while to get used to it compared to my Caruso and Mabro. However, the silouette...
I enjoyed my suit I got. Any other takers from Sweden who were satisfied?
I have one. I like it but I wish it would be longer. They are very short. Otherwise nice. I removed all fancy "stuff" from mine (elbow patches, stuff on the collar, etc). It looks better "clean". 
I got two new shirts the other day from their premium line. I like the fit. I don't think that they hold up to the quality of the Eton shirts I can find in Stockholm, however. But then again, an Eton shirt retails at $180 in Stockholm and the two I got from Nialma lately were $90 each. I would use Nialma again but I would actually like to find an even more high end mtm service.
I ordered a test shirt from their cheapest range. I really enjoy the fabric.   Previously, I had tried to order a shirt from Tailorstore so I submitted the same measurements as that shirt. Unfortunately, for the Nialma shirt, I added darts to the back which made the shirt tighter than the Tailorstore shirt (which fit-wise was good). I had to remove the darts myself but then the shirt was very fit-wise too.    I have just ordered two black label (Thomas Mason)...
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