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So you are asking us to believe that you have bought and installed a Home Depot lighting fixture, are holding 2 apartments for several months, and, despite not moving for several months, have put all of your spoons in storage? Hm...
Spoon. picture. 
Is SBX an airport? 
Have hispters started wearing pakols? 
Dustin Brown doing work right now. 
It's okay, Ed. You can tell us that you got fired and are being escorted out by security with your banker's box of crap. 
We had a girl in an interview once tell us that her biggest weakness was English. For a research position. English. 
I han learned that I'm going to be in Nicaragua for Sandinista Day. Shit is going to be dope. 
Is that fucking the intensifier or fucking the gerund? 
New Posts  All Forums: