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I bet the last couple weeks make a lot more sense now, huh?
Don't know what you're talking about. 
If you actually need a storage space for just 1 month I would find something reasonably priced that isn't part of some deal or gimick. That way you don't get roped into something you hadn't intended to. 
I've had privates like Kira before. They are usually made to clean the bathroom and do other shitty details until they stop talking to everybody out of contempt and rage for them.    Can we make Kira clean the shitters?
and by clearly you mean you are an anti-Western neo-Kemalist? 
Ha no just a restaurant that mysteriously gets really poor reception. I have a theory that they are plutonium smugglers and have lined their roof with lead.
Pio is a leftist feminist. ADMIT IT!
Every time I take my phone out of its case I'm amazed by how ugly space grey is.   Just ordered an NGP because I find the Dual Pro to be too bulky and the rubberized part is peeling in the corners and exposing the glossy plastic that it's adhered to. 
I think buying a lot of MMM is not a good way to save your money. Very expensive stuff. 
I'm an anti-antiGMO activist. Love me some unnaturally large strawberries in the Spring. 
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