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Yangervis dealt for Chase Headley.   Plangervis was fun while it lasted.
You should put his keyboard in your monkfish's mouth and set that as his background.
You should buy a whole one and walk around your neighborhood with it slung over your shoulder.
''   Looks like a bulge to me...
I can't decide what's more annoying, dog talk or children talk.   Who's got a work complaint to share?
Spoiler alert about that bear documentary... They eat him in the end.
I am very happy that baseball returns to its normal 7 PM time tonight. My life has been all jumbled up since the break. 
 It means letting someone in on a blunt or bowl or whatever. 
I just heard a girl use the phrase "smoked me up." I have not heard that phrase since high school. Never change, New Jersey.
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