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 I have been working on a box of them for a few days. They are fucking perfect.
 I never really bothered to look into it to be honest. Maybe I will...
I'm a debt conscious millennial so I use my debit card for everything. It's a Mastercard and is less sturdy than construction paper. 
All my lawyer and consultant friends have Chase Sapphire cards... they feel so good in the hand. I feel like they tear up wallets though. 
Yeah, I hesitated on the iPhone 5 so now I'm forever just behind releases. It's all good, gives me time to get cases before the phone actually arrives. 
 In a few weeks. 
 "USAA stands at the forefront of the mobile payment movement, thanks to an innovative feature on Apple’s newly unveiled devices." Yay!
The heat has come on and now my office smells like burnt dust. 
Do they get really cold in the winter when they can't wear wool or down?
This has the potential to veer into CE but fuck the vegan/gluten-free crowd for making me have to inspect everything at the grocery store to make sure it's real food. 
New Posts  All Forums: