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I keep getting calls from Army recruiters and they leave messages " This is Sergeant Jagoff, I just need to verify some contact information." How stupid do they think I am?
Tanaka has 28 Ks in 3 starts. Nothing special, huh?
Watch In A World... you noobs.
It's not snowing down here in civilization 
Lake Bell existing makes me happy. 
2 days without baseball oy. Cubbies have Tanaka and Pineda in the same day now though. That fearsome Yankees end of the rotation!
Is that some kind of social science inside joke? Like, 'we can pretend to be doing something worthwhile if we make it look like a schematic!'
I get to go to a 4 day training thing next week. Yay, travel pay!
I find the Eucharist to be particularly disturbing at Christian funerals. It's like 'hey, your friend is dead. Let's pretend to drink the blood and eat this other dead guy.'
Having a top 20 for cologne seems excessive. I have a top 2 and they don't make one of them anymore so I guess I have a top 1. 
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