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Hunter Pence with a broken arm. That's lame for anybody who likes baseball.   Where is everybody? Spring training has started and this thread is crickets!
Your chairs are ridiculous regardless of what anyone else has in their home.    Picture. 
Pictures of your ridiculous cement chairs. Now. 
As in it gave your reviewer an existential crisis? 
I'm back to Gmail and the native app for email. Can't stand that Outlook notifications don't disappear when read somewhere else. 
Little bit of tobasco on a stirring rod in the butt? 
I saw some fucking hipster on the train this morning with a beard and undercut only wearing a tshirt. I get that it's in the 40s today but come on, man. 
I can't believe Frank Cowperwood likes Action Bronson. That just blew my mind. 
Used it once at the Apple store. Getting my wallet and a credit card out is easier. 
This one time I went to Magnolias and ... it was not that special really... That's a NYC moment. 
New Posts  All Forums: