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I just came across a publication called The Rochestrian. I can't tell you why but the name gives me the douche chills. 
I don't think so. I'm not doing fantasy for the first time since 2005 this year and I'm really looking forward to it. 
I found a device like that in a truck we took over from another unit once. Promptly threw it at the closest person to me.
 It's an old human axiom. 
I really don't like how Safari scales the tabs to fill the entire horizontal space. I also don't like the X being on the left.   I will continue to have no use for messages until it can sync histories. For example, if I leave my computer at work and get a message on gchat it will show up on the hangouts app on my phone on the train. Why can't messages work like this?
The relationship between ethnic fractionalization and corruption actually appears to be non-linear. High corruption in highly homogenous and highly fractionalized populations and low corruption in the middle.    Anyway, this isn't CE and you guys have gotten off topic. 
The boys down at the station will probably miss the late night talks through the drunk tank bars. 
What's not to get? Who wouldn't want to married off as a diplomacy tool by their parents?
Did anybody else install the public beta? I really like the visual overhaul. I didn't have a whole lot of time to play around yesterday but I'm not sure I like the new Spotlight. Maybe it just wasn't indexed yet but I found it to be too slow. 
I would be packing to move this weekend if I had a vagina 
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