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What kind of horrible person puts a dog in their black-eyed peas?
How much money have you made while trying to figure out this phone number?
 Nah, I'm not within walking distance of Flatiron and I have this thing about bringing food on the subway. Can't explain it but I just don't do it. 
 Word is Stitches bought them all already. He said something about Bar-Mitzvah gifts...
Bro, Cel-Rey is disgusting. You are right though, I should have went with beef tongue. Oh well, tomorrow is another day and another sammich!
What do you Southerners know about turkey on rye, matzoh ball soup, and a Dr. Browns cream soda for lunch? Nothin', you know nothin'.
That is the correct attitude, GF. When it comes down to it, it is just a car. You never posted pictures but is it a candidate for PDR? 
I wonder if GF has put his man pants back on and gotten over his car yet...
 Nice. I bet Harv can write up a prenup for you!
 It really feels refreshing after 140+ days.  
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