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If this guy doesn't come in for the 9th it will be a tragedy. 
 The minimalist woodwork of the bats really attracts me. 
This is excellent. 
 I hate everyone because they're all stupid. 
I am going to start hitting stupid clients and consultants with chairs too. I think it works really well. 
I got home from work this evening and my annoying loud neighbor was playing Swedish House Mafia really loudly. I went down there and smacked her in the head with a chair. She's bleeding pretty badly but the music has stopped!
How is it a bitch move to not be able to sleep on plush, soft, beds made for ladies? I am a man and I sleep better in a foxhole than most hotel beds. 
Stupid soft hotel beds force me to sleep on my back and then I get nightmares and wake up with legs all tingly and itchy.   Here's to sleeping on the floor this week!
The thought of abandoned internet forums being overrun by spam like ruins being covered in ivy just tripped me out. 
I'm reporting GF to the Site Topics thread for impersonating a Forvm denizen. 
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