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http://www.stack.com/a/a-new-type-of-baseball-bat-is-propelling-dustin-pedroia-carlos-correa-and-other-mlb-players-to-career-years   This is pretty cool.
No it's because I was always stuck on the CAT. 
I'm all for dumping all the Paladins we have into the ocean. 
Going to baseball games is the best.
You know there's like a $5 train between EWR and Penn Station, right? 
wojt please stop sharing your opinions. Please. For all of us. 
Lester Holt is a registered Republican. You can't call a ref biased for calling more penalties on the team that committed more penalties. 
Does Trump think we just give Saudi Arabian weapons for free? 
He brought up the Rosie beef!!!!   I think that means chug a bottle of vodka. 
Trump thinks that global security works the same way as the local goomba looking to collect protection money. 
New Posts  All Forums: