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I saw some fucking hipster on the train this morning with a beard and undercut only wearing a tshirt. I get that it's in the 40s today but come on, man. 
I can't believe Frank Cowperwood likes Action Bronson. That just blew my mind. 
Used it once at the Apple store. Getting my wallet and a credit card out is easier. 
This one time I went to Magnolias and ... it was not that special really... That's a NYC moment. 
What the fuck is a New York City moment. 
I'll take Jap anus relations for 500. 
Is it possible to not fall in love with a hot caretaker like a nurse or physical therapist? 
Fact: Ed started WWI.
Yellow is only good as an accent color or on small things like bananas and lemons. Orangey yellows are only acceptable on mac and cheese. 
Burn it with something more destructive than fire. 
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