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I'd punch a baby for some bacon right now. 
That toilet brush looks like a double prostate massager. 
There are only two reasons to go to the beach: to surf or to get drunk and play Can Jam. 
An up escalator is ridiculous but the down one could save lives on leg day.
Yeah man killing thousands of civilians via unguided bombing campaigns and political prisons and selling your country out to Iran is an awesome way to fight a war.
The plural of moose is meese. 
I mean that boycotting Israeli businesses isn't isolating the State. It affects regular Israelis, Palestinians, everyone. BDS is dumb. 
People who pluralize Prius as Prii. I reject all such plurals. Syllabuses. Octopuses. Cactuses. 
 No it's not. You are a moron. 
The Egyptian government tortures and kills an Italian doctoral student: http://bigstory.ap.org/article/df70b1b30d304e94a95147095964bdd7/apnewsbreak-body-italian-student-found-outside-cairo
New Posts  All Forums: