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I don't want to say that cigarettes should be banned in New York but... Cigarettes should be banned in New York.
When my friends expense lunch. Thanks for the beers, Deloitte! 
The only thing I don't get is why you haven't posted a picture yet.
If you crop from shoulder up it looks like a still from The Miracle of Life. 
He was hired back when dial-up was still a thing. The real question is how do such people not get fired...
We have a shitbird tech director who was hired by one of the founders and he is constantly lying and fucking up. When he gets called out he runs to the founder who hired him to protect him from the office presidents and the other founder. The founder who hired him is also a big giant bitch.    He once sent a fake out of office email 5 hours after an email was sent to him  
There was a bit of fitna in my company recently which resulted in my boss telling one of the co-founders "I will make sure everybody in my office has a new job and I will quit if this nonsense continues. I don't need to work."    It was the most boss thing I have ever witnessed. 
Bad carbs are a myth. All carbs are good and delicious. 
You think it's carefree to be thrown off by such things? It's constant torture. 
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