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Not liking root beer is straight up unamerican not even going to lie to you about it. 
No you're from Palestine.
Björk sucks.
If you have a dslr an SD reader is really convenient. I suppose it's not too much of a pain to carry one but the computer doesn't seem capable of editing anyway.
Says the guy with 1 port. You're going to need to stick so many dongles in that thing. Gross.
I haven't used a mouse in years. Magic Trackpad for the iMac at work and a laptop everywhere else. 
I am on about 3.5 years with my MBA now. I think I'll more likely get an iMac before another laptop barring something catastrophic. None of my Windows laptops lasted more than 2 years. 
There are way too many dead people on my Twitter feed for that to work for me. There would be complaints. 
Also more prone to being obnoxious startup employees. 
Sounds terrible. Haven't they done studies that show that type of setup is counterproductive? 
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