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Yeah but you have to live in Pennsylvania soooooooo is it really worth it? 
PM me if you want any information on this city.
I think he doesn't really know what antiquated means 
40+ dead in an ISIS car bomb in Qamishlo, Rojava. 
One must pay to live in the greatest country in the world, New Jersey. 
The hitting has been missing for a looooooong time. At least a bunch of dead weight is dropping from the payroll this year.
Yay looks like the Yankees are unloading Chapman to the Cubs. Miller is better anyway.  
Munich shooter apparently converted to Christianity.   Where's your god now, Kai? 
 It means a lot of things. For instance, if my coffee came out really well one morning I might say ya salaaaaaaam Allahu akbar! Or maybe if my friend gets a new job I might say mabruk Allahu akbar! Or also maybe if I had a kid and he said his first words and they were baba I might say Allahu akbar!  It means God is greater/bigger, quite literally by the way. Akbar is the comparative of the word kabiir which means big, great, old and is from the root k-b-r which generally...
I'm worried the Yankees might get a whiff of a wildcard spot and not sell like they should. 
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