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Talking about the military brotato. I haven't been clean shaven since I got out. 
or people who can get away with not shaving on duty days. 
The problem with those gats is the gum sole looks terrible with the black. You should paint them. 
I love when Uber drivers start talking about how they don't get tips. 
If you have a sexy robot body that never dies... why would you need to work? 
That SVB picture has me craving some blueberry pancakes all of a sudden. 
Eh it doesn't bother me. Now my learning Arabic keyboard I am a bit skeptical of :|
Team SwiftKey.
I didn't do a password until I got a 6 with touchid. It's actually faster to unlock your phone by pressing home and keeping your finger there than it is to wake the phone up and swipe. 
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