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 I know some people who live in the desert with this couch. 
Also, Explorer I 36mm >>>>>>>>>>> Sub. But the best way to do Rolex is to get a mint condition used watch that if you treat well will retain basically 100% of it's value. 
Why did your dad have pants from the American Revolution in his basement? 
I just discovered that if you put something warm on a trackpad it really screws it up until it cools down.    Interesting. 
It's an impressive structure but the green is just too much. If they got rid of that I would approve. 
Have you been to the new ballpark? It's like someone ate a bunch of Nickelodeon slime and vomited it all over the walls. 
God, Minibar is so incredibly douchey I can't even. 
They had to get Brady back for that time they gave Deion Branch the MVP. 
Lady GaGa is a national treasure yall. 
Prediction: Lady GaGa is going to win the Super Bowl. Also the Falcons. 
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