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That is where you're wrong. Religion isn't the motivation it's the justification.
Are you for real, guy? Exactly the opposite happens. It's always we need better mental healthcare, he was disturbed, he was depressed or some shit when it's a Nazi killing black people or something. 
Kareem Shaheen ‏@kshaheen  1h1 hour ago There's an excellent Lebanese phrase that helps explain the complexity of Syria's battlefield: مش عارفين إير مين بطيز مين   we don't know whose dick is in whose ass.
And by sorry he means surry. 
FedEx picked up a package for me 15 minutes from where I live. Then they sent it to the middle of nowhere PA and it's not supposed to get here until Saturday.   wat. 
The answer to this question is a lot of them particularly those from Iraq. A fair amount of Syrians that Bashar alAsad sent to Iraq also found themselves in US detention centers. 
اهلا وسهلا ياخوي وين هالغيبة؟ كيفك شو اخبارك؟ 
That sounds like the least thrilling thing in the world. 
eh it's kind of boring and inactive lately. 
So naturally you're not into her anymore...
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