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Japan sounds boring. 
Ease her into casual conversation over your favorite foundation and concealer. 
While not an uncommon story it is not mine.    Also, you are wearing makeup right now. Evaluate your life. 
GF could really use a stint in the military. I'm not saying we should have conscription but everyone should at least have to go to boot camp/basic the summer before they go to college. 
5 gb and 5k minutes is $12/mo in Jordan. The US is outrageous for cell service. And we can't use the data we have already paid for to tether either. What is the deal with that? You'd think people tethering are likely to go over so they'd encourage it...
That's a weird thing to say. 
Are you morons implying that Utley's actions and Tejada's broken leg are not correlated? That Tejada's leg broke by chance and not at all as a result of the way in which Utley slid?    If his leg hadn't broke... well, guess what? It did. 
Utley suspended. I win. 
This is one of the dumbest things you have ever said on this forum.  This guy plays dirty so you should adjust your game to avoid his bush league bullshit.  Here on the Right side of the country we don't give in to terrorism. 
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