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It's comical how much better Mexican food is than Central American. Best restaurant I've eaten in down here was Mexican.
As an aside, the pronunciation of talib as ta-leeb is absurd and I hate it. Your name is Tahleb. It means student.
This guy gets it. 
Well, technically yes but in reality he didn't have a choice. His salary and position were such that nobody would take him, especially for a raise. So he has had to stick with the same company. Sort of like an overpaid baseball player that a team can't trade without retaining some of his salary.
 I have a friend who got a job that was probably above him and the company has dicked him around ever since. He has lived in 3 states in the past 4 years for the same company, none really by choice. 
Tea is great when its a community thing or at the cafe. I never have a desire to drink tea by myself though. 
Ya'll will just never know the feeling of being up at the ass crack of dawn drinking Rip-Its and inhaling diesel exhaust around the trucks before rolling out for the day. 
Awesome sponsorship placement  
Can a "Patriots fan" from Atlanta really be called a homer though? There's got to be another name... 
The fact that it's probably unfair makes it so much better. Not everybody can be as moral, upright, and beyond reproach as Eli Manning, the greatest quarterback in the NFL. 
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