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 "The air" meaning public broadcasting frequencies. Read FCC v. Fox Television Stations, Inc 2009 and 20012 if you want the nitty gritty. 
I could see Finn as part of a Danish crime drama where all of his annoying neighbors start disappearing and it turns out he's the killer.    Everybody in the show would have nice furniture, sweaters, and outerwear too.
 Deciding what can and can't be said on the air is a huge part of what the FCC does.
I have concluded that Find Finn lives in the most awful apartment complex in the world. 
"the Evans Scholars program, which covers tuition and housing for former golf caddies."   Are former golf caddies that disadvantaged of a lot that they need their own scholarship program?
 More pertinent here would be the probability of scoring on a hit from 1st as opposed to 2nd. 
Epic season collapse for the A's. It might be the worst 2nd half collapse in baseball history. 
It's the new cow tipping!
Some drunk guy was threatening to kill himself right outside my office window yesterday and I missed it!   Heard the sirens and loudspeaker but figured it was a standard ambulance telling people to get out of his way. 
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