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 Interesting choice. 50 Fathoms? 
That's not toothpaste Finn it's cocaine. 
Best indesertum post ever.
I'm not against all print material. I prefer real books. I'm just against newspapers because they are awkward and make a mess. 
Reactionary. @gomestar 
There's this annoying habit that old people have that pisses me off, and has pissed me off with other old people, grandparents, aunts and the like who have been consigned to the scrapheap of history:   They read actual newspapers. 
In the end, Robert Neville realizes that HE is the monster. 
Hershey's was never good anyway I'm so confused. It tasted/tastes like ash. 
If it were a Foo sock the chairs would have 250lb concrete bases hand poured by Italian elves. 
Yes, they are real doctors with prescription pads. 
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