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 What century is this? I'm going to get some synthetic, windproof, technical coat. A wool topcoat just doesn't cut it in this world anymore. 
 I think this is almost a guarantee.
This season has been so incredibly difficult to watch. As soon as the other team scores runs the game is effectively over. The Yankees are 4th to last in runs scored.
The song MTLOV by A Sunny Day in Glasgow puts me in state of not hating everyone around me.
I'm pretty sure Ty Cobb died of being a douchebag.
McCarthy and Porcello both coming off complete game shutouts tonight! Should be a good one and hopefully a quick one. 
There's a non-profit called People Incorporated that has an office in CT and every time I pass the building I giggle a little bit. 
I forgot my wallet at home the other day and went for a drive and it got me thinking... what century is it that I actually have to carry a license with me? Store that shit in the cloud, police.
So happy to see Pineda back. Dude is dirty. 
How are you not? You have too much work on your hands.
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