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Is it just me or is the strike zone atrocious this season? Every year it seems like these jokers call strikes lower and lower.
I think the creativity in the language of the English good. He helps with the spirit of people our. 
Ha. I missed the first mention of The Larch entirely. How does it make you feel that we thought of the same thing? 
Why would you name your dog after a murderous dictator? 
I bet Booth's bosses get together and laugh at how much he overworks himself to impress them. 
I use Adguard. It doesn't work for video ads which is irritating but it gets rid of banners and the who to follow block on Twitter so I'm fine with it. 
I blame the grammar curriculum for instilling in young Americans that language is not fluid and that there is improper and proper ain't no two ways about it. 
Are you using Chrome? I had that problem on Chrome and it's the reason I switched to Safari. 
Pro tip: follow the journalists you like rather than the corporate account. 
New Posts  All Forums: