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The pizza bagel used to be a staple of the super healthy public school menu. Michelle Obama has probably ruined that joy though. 
 This is true but they only relented on letting him wear them at all because of public pressure. Gooddell is pure evil and don't you forget it. 
Brandon Marshall. He wore green cleats last year for mental health awareness day and was fined for it by Darth Gooddell. 
Why the fuck is Hayward posting pictures of a panopticon?
Yes. For candy.
I love candy too much.
 I spend $1.75 on a bagel every morning. Shrug. It has worked for me and allows me to eat regular dinners and not healthy crap for 3 meals. I'm not much of a vegetable eater.
I was working on a Google Sheet on my iPhone 5 yesterday and when you turn it to landscape and click on a cell the keyboard takes up the whole screen. There's no way that wasn't deliberate. 
 Not really. I usually have a few pieces of candy throughout the day. In addition to cutting calories it saves a ton of money. Breakfast is way cheaper than lunch and I end up eating less at dinner. 
I lost 20 lbs in 5 months by just cutting lunch out. Great success.
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