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Is that a symptom of the eydz? 
It's not really unlimited though. It gets throttled after 5 gb but I've never come close to that. 
That's a lot of data. I guess if you're watching Netflix or something a lot. I've used more data on Twitter than any other app on my phone. 
Actually only $20. I pay $77/mo for unlimited data on ATT with a subsidized phone. The Verizon 3 gb plan will cost $55/mo after my 15% discount.  Still worth it since I rarely go over 3gb anyway and Verizon's service is better here. 
Also this. I'll be switching to Verizon next August. I will miss unlimited data but it's worth it save $30/month 
I think I might skip a couple generations. The iPhone 6 seems to be at a point where it will be fast enough for a long time provided the OS doesn't get out of hand. 
lol no. Explorer > useless Apple Watch. I just saw that on Twitter and it made me laugh so I thought I'd share.    If my skin looked like that I'd get some melanotan II asap. 
Indesertum han flied off the handle sodaspeak in SWD recent purchases. 
Good old Mu3mmar al-Qathaafi. Maybe he thought that being a flag officer would too far remove him from the people. 
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