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I was just at the local ethnic grocery store market and a gaggle of niqabis walked in. I felt like Billy Pilgrim for a second. 
By using bananas they are instilling an unrealistic expectation for the size of a dude's cock. When will this oppression of men by women end? 
 The iOS app. Microsoft bought Accompli a while ago and rebranded it as Outlook. It's a really good app but I just can't stand seeing the name. 
Truffle oil is synthetic and gross. I don't like real truffles all that much either.
I have to be honest and maybe it's low class but I don't think truffles taste that great.
Fuck all of these people going to the beach to get drunk this weekend. Fuck all of them.
Nobody does that. 
يا زلمة وينك؟ شو عم تعمل هن؟ كيف الجو بدبي؟
You were one of those goons who would go out to tam tams to LARP, weren't you? 
Yeah, there is definitely no ideal fry sauce.    Here's the real question: what is better? Poutine, buffalo fries (hot sauce, bleu cheese), or chili cheese fries?  I vote buffalo fries. 
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