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Old news. It's time to be outraged at the treatment of Josh Gordon. 
Yeah, definitely not warm enough. 
I'm not bitching about the snow I just don't want to be at the office today. Or any day for that matter. 
Is it going to be obtuse, right, or acute? 
My boss is like, "hey, early closing today. Except for me I'll be at home and you can reach me by cell or email."   
What's missing from the description is that she's actually 24 years old. 
I foresee at least 1 snow day this week!
This thread from 2001 and the release of the iPod is pretty hilarious.    http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=500
I refuse to think of my cookies as coming from plants. They come from bakeries, damn you! Magical bakeries. 
I'm a huge fan of these citrus cranberry things. I think they are new within the last few years but they are delicious. 
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