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Black male is a fantastic name for a cat!
Messages aren't opening to the newest message. This is highly annoying.    Okay, what is actually happening is the keyboard is going overtop the messages instead of bumping them up. I believe this is a Swype problem. 
  There wasn't an option. This is not the main complaint though. They should tell you that it will fail if you don't have iTunes 11.4.   But more on topic, Swype is worth the 99 cents. 
 I backed up everything except pictures. I'm not really upset about it but it would have been really easy for one of those pop-ups to say you need to newest version of iTunes. For whatever reason only pictures taken after August 21st were recovered. 
Thanks for including a "you need the latest version if iTunes to perform this update" warning, Apple. What the fuck? I'm prettttty sure my phone just got wiped.    Yup. Have to restore the thing and use a backup.
 He's referring to the slur used against water dispensing fixtures. 
Betimes (most times) I don't wear shoes sailing. Betimes (sometimes) I step on things that really hurt. I did that tonight. 
I think Eason probably falls under the umbrella of creepy loser.
iOS 8 isn't going to impress anyone until Yosemite is released I think.
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