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 I have a darkish complexion and don't shave much. 
 Lord Grantham? I dunno man he seems like a progressive dude. 
When I was in Turkey the flight attendants would switch from English for the people in front of me to Turkish to greet me and say goodbye. I was like, c'mon, am I really that ugly?
Messages has been freezing with the new update. 
I am annoyed that society has caused Renee Zellweger to disfigure her face.
 You headed to Syria?
I just got a new Khalil Mamoon. Haven't had opportunity to break it in yet but it is beautiful. 
Gib, can I put a bet down on autistic AND a troll?
The only form of smoked tobacco that is not foul is shisha. Cigar and pipe tobacco have some chemical in it that causes that characteristic awful gamey breath. Gross. 
I have never seen Pio this ticked off. Kira is coming at his everybody's two favorite things though, alcohol and sex. 
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