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Nobody gives a fuck that's why fuck em all. 
This is my annual fuck everyone who sees this as just another long weekend or the official beginning of summer. Fuck all of you. 
Suck it, ISIS. Suck it.    Fans gather in the same cafe that was attacked to watch the Real Madrid match.  
No, thank god. I'd turn the tv off and listen to the radio if they had 3d logos. 
ew these matte helmets. 
Who the fuck cares what Russia says. Russia considers the entire opposition Nusra. 
 You do understand that this word is basically the same as saying nigger at this point, right? 
What's that stuff called that's wine before it's fermented. That stuff is delicious. 
I highly doubt this. He has said on many occassions how much he enjoys big black dicks. 
I bet he's a franchise owner.
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