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OK, I got the navy tote and passport wallet. Good night.
The tote looks great! For some reason, I was expecting it to be unlined, something I can't stand, so this is a pleasant surprise. I think I will go for the tote and the passport wallet in navy tomorrow. The pen is a great touch, you're always hunting for one when it comes time to filling out those pesky immigration and customs forms.   Does the tote have metal feet or the like to prevent the bottom from getting scuffed?   For your next project, please consider making...
Did you get your test briefcase back from Collonil? When do you think you will be carrying their leather care products?
No, you are correct, the prohibition only covers consumption. You can't go on telling people something is impure and unfit to eat, and expect them not to think it is also unfit to wear, though.
Religious reasons. Jewish and Islamic traditions equate pig with unclean, even if technically the prohibition just covers eating them, not using their leather.
 The passport wallet is an interesting design. Immigration officials frown on passport covers. You should keep a slot or flap in there for a boarding pass, and ideally a billfold section and coin purse for those juggling between home and travel currencies. I don't see myself using the cardholder. Too small for my needs. Now, a card holder for my own business cards would be something more useful. I currently have one of these Troika models via Moo, but the leather is...
Meilleur Ami:http://www.meilleuramiparis.com/editions.php Can't vouch for them personally, but their bags look nice.
 I've always thought Oppermann was an attempt to typosquat on the much more storied brand Offermann Berlin.http://www.offermann1842.com/
 They are comparing to cheap Chinese-made knockoffs, but there are certainly other quality brands like RiRi or Eclair-Prym.
 My absolute favorite design in terms of function is this discontinued bag by Tumi. I regret not having purchased it in nappa leather when it was still available:https://www.flickr.com/photos/fazalmajid/7282905360/in/set-72157607139545715 Here is why:It has a separate waterproofed pocket for a water bottle, with a drainage doohickey It has a small collapsible pocket inside for a small umbrella, e.g. Fulton ultralite No space is wasted on a permanent laptop compartment,...
New Posts  All Forums: