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 The Hard Graft flat pack might fit your needs. It's quite elegant, but is really meant to carry only a laptop/tablet and possibly a few flat papers, not much more (I wouldn't put an AC adapter in it, for instance).http://www.hardgraft.com/collections/all/products/flatpack-heritage
I tried that, and invariably it shits around instead of staying put on top of the suitcase.
Yes, in most cases a weekender is going to be awkward to carry around using a strap. I suspect what is really needed is some way to secure the bag onto the telescoping carrying handle of a rollaboard suitcase. Many briefcases have a double-zippered (top/bottom) passthrough pocket so you can slide them on top of the suitcase handle, but that solution wouldn't work on a weekender.
  Yes, it is giving me chocolate cravings...
 It's really not a big deal, The rub marks are barely visible after treating them with Pecard's (I have a pump bottle of the Collonil gel on order from Amazon, I hope it's the same as the tin Mulberry sells) and I stuffed a pillow to "plump up" the bag for a couple of days, which should take care of the depression.  Engineer, yes, but I deal in bits, not atoms. The last time I used a CAD program was 1991... As a point of comparison, this will be bag no. 49, and briefcase...
For whatever it's worth, Pecard's leather dressing works quite well at buffing out the rub marks.
I have the indentations and rub marks as well, no wrinkles. The box wasn't crushed or damaged. It probably has to do with how the bags were stuffed prior to shipping, so it would have happened after QC. The inside of the handles is fairly tough, so if the bottom of the bag (where the dust bag was IIRC) is stuffed more than the top (where the handle was IIRC), the pressure differential would cause the indentation. One solution would be to fill the bags with an inflatable...
The polar opposite of Amazon's "Frustration Free Packaging"?I hope you had a power driver handy.
It might work better as part of a bag blog. There's surprising few of those, apart from those covering women's handbags/purses.
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