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Just a heads-up: IndieGoGo has a showcase at the downtown San Francisco Westfield mall (third floor, near Bloomingdale's) and they have 2 Linjer items on display there. Congratulations!
 Go have a look at Maido, the Japanese stationery store in the downtown San Francisco Westfield Mall, under the cupola. They have an amazing selection of exotic yet inexpensive pens, including the ultra-thin Sailor Chalana fountain pen that has to be seen to be believed.
 There are 2 issues:selecting the right white balance to avoid color casts. The easiest way is to shoot a 18% gray card in the frame, and do a WB adjustment using that as a reference in software like Lightroom even if your white balance is correct, there's a 90+% chance the monitor your prospective customer is using is not calibrated, and is introducing its own color cast The second is one that bedevils any online fashion business, as even subtle shifts in color can lead...
 Yes, I broke down this weekend and ordered a green Ettinger wallet with London tan lining to replace my aging Hlaska wallet (also green). After all, green and money go together, right?
I've seen the green briefcase in the flesh. As Roman pointed out, it's a slightly blueish green, like the needles of a white fir tree. The photos look more yellowish than it actually is, at least on my calibrated monitor. A lovely piece, and as I told Roman, I would bid for it, if I hadn't reached critical mass on my bag collection to the point I had to buy one of these handbag racks (capacity: 40) from Uline.    
 You should reconsider and sell them as factory seconds, the marks are barely perceptible, will be irrelevant once a bag's had a few weeks of breaking in (with ensuing nicks and scratches).
 The Hard Graft flat pack might fit your needs. It's quite elegant, but is really meant to carry only a laptop/tablet and possibly a few flat papers, not much more (I wouldn't put an AC adapter in it, for instance).http://www.hardgraft.com/collections/all/products/flatpack-heritage
I tried that, and invariably it shits around instead of staying put on top of the suitcase.
Yes, in most cases a weekender is going to be awkward to carry around using a strap. I suspect what is really needed is some way to secure the bag onto the telescoping carrying handle of a rollaboard suitcase. Many briefcases have a double-zippered (top/bottom) passthrough pocket so you can slide them on top of the suitcase handle, but that solution wouldn't work on a weekender.
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