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It might work better as part of a bag blog. There's surprising few of those, apart from those covering women's handbags/purses.
 Well, I haven't received my Linjer yet so I can't comment from first-hand experience. You'll be hard-pressed to find better quality for the price. I don't know how dusty or dirty your work sites are, that may indicate you should get a bag in a tougher grade of leather like bridle, or bags from the likes of Glaser Designs that are used by people in the oil industry and made to survive tough conditions (above your budget, I'm afraid). I would definitely recommend against...
 Chester Mox. You can have them do it bespoke. Otherwise, Ettinger is also good. Mr Porter occasionally has SAB on sale.
I'd consider the green weekender, but the milled leather gives me pause. I understand the argument against using flat leather, but a saffiano style would be better for this use case. The hardware for navy and green definitely needs to be silver without any yellow tone to it (so no nickel, for instance). I prefer polished, but satin can work as well. What organizational features does it have inside (pockets, etc.)? Also, there doesn't seem to be an easy-access outside...
Admit it, it's the Norwegian nationalist in you who couldn't stand to use the Swedish colors...
OK, I got the navy tote and passport wallet. Good night.
The tote looks great! For some reason, I was expecting it to be unlined, something I can't stand, so this is a pleasant surprise. I think I will go for the tote and the passport wallet in navy tomorrow. The pen is a great touch, you're always hunting for one when it comes time to filling out those pesky immigration and customs forms.   Does the tote have metal feet or the like to prevent the bottom from getting scuffed?   For your next project, please consider making...
Did you get your test briefcase back from Collonil? When do you think you will be carrying their leather care products?
No, you are correct, the prohibition only covers consumption. You can't go on telling people something is impure and unfit to eat, and expect them not to think it is also unfit to wear, though.
Religious reasons. Jewish and Islamic traditions equate pig with unclean, even if technically the prohibition just covers eating them, not using their leather.
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