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Since you're expanding into a full-range lifestyle brand, can I make a request? I'd love to find a new supplier for premium socks.   I got a pair of Sea Island cotton socks by Falke in my 2014 trip to Paris, and they are absolutely heavenly to wear, but the next year when I went to the same store, they no longer had them. Apparently Falke discontinued the line and replaced it with ho-hum Egyptian cotton. Pantherella still makes Sea Island cotton socks, but their designs...
Well, I got the Octovo weekender in gray leather (couldn't resist the idea of custom titanium hardware, and the price is more than right at $240 for a full-size bag in full-grain leather). Very good quality leather and hardware. The grab handles are a triumph of design over practicality, however. The dust bag itself is much nicer than many competitors' actual canvas bags.   Oddly, the transaction on my credit card was posted from Ireland, even though they are based right...
 I would suggest adding a snap to the inside pocket on the briefcase. It has a tendency to yawn open and catch when you are trying to insert a laptop or papers in the main compartment.
 Never mind, it is unisex.
 I have their titanium comb. Overpriced, but distinctive, and I have a thing for exotic metals. The bag you are linking to is part of their women's collection, and you can get it for the same price directly from Octovo:http://www.octovo.com/
 The name sounds suspiciously similar to Tanner Krolle, also based in London.
 The Waterfield Designs Muzetto is very nice: https://www.sfbags.com/collections/shoulder-messenger-bags/products/muzetto-leather-bag
 I can't stand them either. Depending on how they are finished, they will shed. They also feel crude.
 Just go to the Leica Store on Bush & Grant and ask to have a look at the Schedoni and Aneas system cases. Otherwise Wotancraft bags are great, and Hard Graft has some good styles as well, if less practical. For some reason Ona Bags are very popular, even though they are quite poorly designed.Have a look at the camera bag group at Rangefinder Forums: http://www.rangefinderforum.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?forumid=115
Be careful, you risk losing your San Francisco residency privileges for admitting the use of a non-Apple computer. Seriously, you should consider making a sleeve for the new 12" Retina MacBook. There is hardly anything out there, the only one I could find is this, and for $60, it is unlikely to be any good:http://www.leatherology.com/12-macbook-sleeve-purple-leather-grape
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