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Thanks for the tips, I didn't think Century 21 would have them, but after trying to go to the Brooks Brothers at Zucotti Park and seeing it was closed due to Police activity (the perks of working near the WTC construction site), but they had a small stack of nothing but formal shirts clearly labeled with size and cuff style.    Ended up getting an YSL flat front woven cotton shirt for about $80.00 though they had everything ranging from Calvin Klein for ~$25.00 to...
Does anyone know of a shop in NYC that stocks tuxedo/formal shirts? I have a wedding this weekend and my tux is at the tailor, so I figured I would just pick up a shirt, but Bloomingdales et. al. doesn't stock them, Barney's and Bergdorf's do, but they're comfortably out of my price range.    I need a shirt by today (so I can get it altered a bit if needed) that's $125.00 or less.    Any places I'm forgetting?
If you have more money than you know what to do with, go to 84th st and York ave and walk towards 1st Ave. You'll walk by Adamidis Stilianos. He altered a suit for me that was about 2 sizes two big, 3 in some places, and made the suit not only wearable, but looked great. Then he took my favorite sport coat that no longer fit so will since I had lost some weight, and sealed up the vents and gave it an impossibly slim silhouette. He's expensive, $350 for the suit and sport...
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