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Are there any more muted colors for the paisley or are even the floral patterns (or similar) available for the lining?
Hey,   I know that the lead times become longer than expected and as I do not follow this thread all the time I don't know whether there had been any updates. However, does anybody know if the orders placed last July for a TOJ0 have already been sent out. I mailed TOJ about this in February and was quoted 3-4 weeks and have not received word since even though I again mailed them at the end of April.  I would appreciate any update as I am worried why they would not...
Don't do it. You will never be happy with the result.
Me today. Feedback is as always appreciated.
F last is a pretty lean last in my experience. So it depends on your foot but if it is wider I would suggest sizing up or going for a different last. 
Such great clothes! Especially the grey shorts and jacket look stunning. Definitely looking forward to seeing them in person. 
is it acceptable to button the bottom button at a DB jacket
    I really do not understand how you can get into that subject every single time you post something in this thread. How about not saying anything at all when you only have to nag....  I for one appreciate the shoes posted by isshinryu101. I might not find ever single one beautiful but I do like to see a heritage and a way of making and designing shoes that you cannot really find today any more. And btw... you really made an impression with your expressions here.. and...
  Most likely a lot. It looks great.  
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