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Ah yes, those are fantastic. Looking forward to hopefully being able to order them soon!
Thanks!I think I remember seeing some suede leathers similar to a safari jacket style. This is what I was looking for... might be mistaken though.Really appreciate your efforts in getting this brand more exposure here.
Does anyone know whether there will be any leather jackets available this fall?
Just to let you know i also received my tracking number earlier today.
Interesting concept. Can you say anything about the construction of the shoes? The colors are lovely.
 Can one get a front shot from the middle coat?Thanks!
Are there any more muted colors for the paisley or are even the floral patterns (or similar) available for the lining?
Hey,   I know that the lead times become longer than expected and as I do not follow this thread all the time I don't know whether there had been any updates. However, does anybody know if the orders placed last July for a TOJ0 have already been sent out. I mailed TOJ about this in February and was quoted 3-4 weeks and have not received word since even though I again mailed them at the end of April.  I would appreciate any update as I am worried why they would not...
Don't do it. You will never be happy with the result.
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