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My Vass in the wild... Oxblood... Museum Green... Cognac... Black...
Has anybody seen the coat of the following lookbook fit online for purchase?   Also, are there stockists which offer a wider range of the pieces for the current season?   Thank!
How long does it usually take to receive a response to an e-mail as I have an urgent question regarding an order I received but have not heard back yet? Thank!
For Germany I had to pay about 86 Euro including FedEx fee.
Ah yes, those are fantastic. Looking forward to hopefully being able to order them soon!
Thanks!I think I remember seeing some suede leathers similar to a safari jacket style. This is what I was looking for... might be mistaken though.Really appreciate your efforts in getting this brand more exposure here.
Does anyone know whether there will be any leather jackets available this fall?
Just to let you know i also received my tracking number earlier today.
Interesting concept. Can you say anything about the construction of the shoes? The colors are lovely.
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