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Just to let you know i also received my tracking number earlier today.
Interesting concept. Can you say anything about the construction of the shoes? The colors are lovely.
 Can one get a front shot from the middle coat?Thanks!
Are there any more muted colors for the paisley or are even the floral patterns (or similar) available for the lining?
Hey,   I know that the lead times become longer than expected and as I do not follow this thread all the time I don't know whether there had been any updates. However, does anybody know if the orders placed last July for a TOJ0 have already been sent out. I mailed TOJ about this in February and was quoted 3-4 weeks and have not received word since even though I again mailed them at the end of April.  I would appreciate any update as I am worried why they would not...
Don't do it. You will never be happy with the result.
Me today. Feedback is as always appreciated.
F last is a pretty lean last in my experience. So it depends on your foot but if it is wider I would suggest sizing up or going for a different last. 
Such great clothes! Especially the grey shorts and jacket look stunning. Definitely looking forward to seeing them in person. 
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