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Is that a "pepsi" foulard? Great combo.
+1 that's a gorgeous ALS, Winot. Very nice backside Unfortunately, it's only the 2nd most lovely thing on this page, behind "baby Leaman" LOL!
[[SPOILER]] Picking nits here, but I've never loved the crown guards on that one, for some reason.Handsome watch, though. Love the simplicity... and I'm sure it would be versatile, and also extremely legible in most conditions.
Longines = underrated
Cool. Do you have any of the Russian divers? Just curious...they are also fairly popular and come with some interesting history as well.
I think I get it. There's a certain appeal to consolidation at some point. Anything that doesn't get worn at least semi-regularly... why not find a new home, or make room for something you love? Less can really be more sometimes. Good luck.
[[SPOILER]] Yes, I have the 15202, which is 39 mm.  It definitely looks and feels much larger than the 36 mm ROs (I had one years ago).  It also wears larger than its dimensions suggest (if I were told it was 40 or 40.5 mm, I would have no reason to doubt it).  It also wears differently than the other 39 mm ROs all of which have much thicker cases, and thicker bracelet links.Below are a few wrist shots and a group shot, hopefully these will be helpful to you.  Cheers!...
Three classics for sure.Looks like the 5513 has a rivet bracelet, which you may or may not like, compared to the 93150. I'd also like to see the hands match the markers just a little better myself. And the bevels may be over-polished. But hey....it's hard to go wrong with a two-line Sub, really. A little bit of patina and a few love marks is all part of the fun. Would you actually be wearing it in the water? (Just curious, and if so, definitely get the gaskets...
Great suggestion.Darlor has a pretty sweet-looking cal. 89 in their inventory that I have lusted for. (But I'm trying to show some restraint LOL).And I really love the bombe lugs on that watchxchange offering, but it looks almost too good to be true. Re-dial?The VC: well if a man can go down to 32mm, the watch world is his oyster, in terms of some great vintage stuff!
Would wear with pride.
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