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Nice Speedy, tchoy. One of these days I'm hoping to join that club. As far as any thread re-organization issues, I'm for whatever Fok & his team feel is necessary to keep this thing active, vibrant, and above all ... functional. In terms of the details, I think most would agree that this animal is at its best when we have that free-wheeling, stream of consciousness thing going. This thread is like a river, and they say that you never truly jump into the same river...
+1 ... nice fabric and great fit.
Holy smokes! I guess I can appreciate the workmanship, but to me that's like ... I don't know ... "spray-painting a rose" as they say. @kidnickels...thanks, the pic was from last summer I think, and I got the watch in early 2012. It's great on the bracelet too, but honestly has seen far more wrist time since I started wearing it on NATOs.
Wow.....thoughtful responses to a throwaway comment. You gotta love it! So .... I'm going to post this Explorer on NATO pic, for no real reason whatsoever:
Not to venture too far off-topic: I watch very little auto racing aside from some F1 coverage...and the Rolex branding is everywhere on those tracks. They've definitely got their share of commercial spots during the race, too. (I mean, you know, in case somebody's never heard of Rolex LOL).
+1 That's gorgeous.
Yes, I also find it one of the rare cases where two-tone works. There really aren't many of those, IMO. @novelty77: looking forward to your thoughts and more pics on the sector dial. One of my faves.
@beefcake: any further impressions on the Tudor vs. Rolex? I mean in terms of how it wears / wrist presence....I assume you're just more comfortable with it?
[[SPOILER]] Killer lume indeed.Congrats.
Spitfire Chrono?
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