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FWIW, I bought my 2254.50 from a private seller on TZ.Very smooth transaction, and the guy actually threw in a free rubber strap, although I've never used it.This was probably around 2008, maybe? It was LNIB, I think I paid $1400 shipped, and Lord knows I've worn it quite a bit since then.This was from last summer, on an "Admiralty grey" NATO:
I love it whenever we get a Muller and a Seiko 5 on the same page. Not to mention the dog pic. Such win.
^^^Love that combo^^^
Re: PAM with a suit....my "house" in this particular case has long been made of glass, and therefore I shall cast no stones. Totally guilty of wearing divers and other sports watches ( pilots, chronographs....Explorers *cough*) to the office, like .... all. the. time. And I do agree that a few millimeters can make a big difference, particularly with shirt cuffs, but as always it's more about the overall look, how you carry yourself, etc. Generally speaking, I would...
Love the 50 Fathoms!
Understatement.I do see the "wisdom" of making that play Belli....good luck.There's certainly some people making similar bets on a very large scale.
I don't want to "pile on" here, but just a few thoughts: * It's pretty cool that John Mayer is involved in the world of horology to the extent that he is. And I know he's contributed to Hodinkee before.... and frankly, at least you can tell that he really cares. I personally feel just a little bit less geeky just knowing that. So, hey, I'm into watches too, Ms. Supermodel/Actress...what was your number again, sweetheart? LOL. * Cartier: I'm pretty much tired of...
+1 to both of these recommendations.I've personally had good experience with Panatime.And speaking of straps: mimo, where'd you get that beauty that you're wearing on your Stowa pilot? That's not OEM is it?
twenty-five thirty-one point eight oh like a bawse
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