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And hey, I'm taking the little cartoon just for what it is: a light-hearted piece of observational fluff. Entertaining! It's all good. Yes, a bit snarky, and certainly has some truthiness about it.... but of course incomplete, in the sense that you can't cover every single brand out there (No Blancpain? No Zenith? GP?) Lord knows Omega doesn't need me defending it. Every brand has their faults, and they're no different.
Well, then just have Sugar Mommy buy it for you
Totally want to see that purple dial Rolex in person, btw. And re: Cellinis, this might be mixing metaphors somehow, but they seem to be outside their "core competence" when it comes to dress watches in general. There was a Prince model available a few years ago that I kinda liked, but as others have said, there are probably multiple "better choices" in that price range.
Wow! Harsh is right! Omega not even a first choice?I'm changing my avatar in protest.Nobody puts baby in a corner! LOL.
Glad to hear you are using it out there in the ocean like God (and Vulcain) intended!And yes, the additional pics were pretty sharp....that was a nice shot showing the buckle with their logo on it. Great detail.
I don't find it to be feminine, no.
Great strap on that Vulcain, Belli.....I really like how the contrast stitching picks up that bit of blue on the dial. Is that OEM, or did you go out and hunt for that one somewhere?
+1 the blue really does shine brilliantly....and a great size for your wrist.tifosi: sounds like you're toast. Itches must be scratched!
This is correct....gold case (not plated) with a steel back.I tried one recently as part of my .....*ahem* .... "ongoing research" ....Pretty decent watch, if you're okay with the movement, and obviously that bit of steel keeps the price down.And I also tried the Louis Cartier Tank XL, shown below. (Please forgive the plastic, but I didn't want to make the AD remove it, as I was mainly trying to compare size and wrist presence).It's quite nice. The dial is more of a...
That's a very good value watch, IMO.Of the two, I think I'd go with the sportier, black dialed version.Probably would leave it on the bracelet, but would be tempted (as always) to try some straps on it as well.Longines is probably underrated due to their positioning within Swatch group....it's got some true historical "chops" and I think most of their stuff is priced right.Always liked gdl's Master collection chrono (white dial / blue hands). It's not a column wheel, but...
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