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Yeah. Pretty sad. We went from Pr0n, to TWAT, to .... ??? ... one hella-long acronym.
Looks good to me, BH. I think navy can be a great color for straps, and is generally under-utilized. The only example I have is on my Monaco (shown here, which also looks good with a black perforated strap IMO). But I think a dark blue strap can pair perfectly with white dial watches, silver/sunburst, and frequently black ... always dependent on the exact combination, of course.
*Novelty77 drops mic*
All good, Newc. Still following with interest....
Nice group, Andy. Pepsi FTW.
I always assumed that frilly was married to Vicki Vale.
I've said it many times: thank goodness Mrs. Keith T is not into watches. If anybody's getting an AP in my family, IT'S ME Congrats to your better half, frilly....and you can now "reclaim" your other watches that she's been wearing, right?
Congrats on your Reverso.Brilliant tease....now let's see some more pics, and obviously ... the front side!It's always great to catch the one that (almost) got away.
For all of the new traffic being driven here LOL:
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