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^^^I really like the dial on that one, bengal-stripe. Quite handsome!^^^ My personal experience with the Reverso is that I had wanted one to employ pretty much exclusively as a dress watch. Most of us are of course familiar with the origins of the design-- but let's just say that I will probably never play a single chukker in my lifetime LOL. However, for what I was searching for (precious metal / tasteful size / iconic brand)-- it really "ticked off all the boxes",...
+1 ...wear it in good health!
Ha! well, it's not OEM. But pretty high quality in my opinion, and I've also worn it on several other watches, with varying levels of formality. It's one of the "SHARK" mesh versions from Strap Code. They've got several choices...different clasp styles, polished or un-polished, etc. Most of them go for around $100 US +/- http://www.strapcode.com/store/20mm-mesh-band-c-129.html?infoBox=2
I guess I'll do the "mine says hi" thing, @firenze_rob
Says the guy with an Orange Monster LOL
I've posted this here before, mimo....not my watch, and I know you already have an Omega....but the so-called "Great White" Seamaster GMT may be worth a look.
$4 grand !? Ouch. Very expensive lesson.
Nice. Being the self-appointed "strap police", I think both of those chronographs would look great on black calf, with white stitching (So there's my two cents that you didn't ask for). And since I also strive to be helpful, here's a link to one version from Hirsch, which runs about $75 US: http://www.hirschstraps.com/products/hirsch-heavy-calf-waterproof-calf-leather-watch-strap-black DISCLAIMER: I've never actually tried this strap, and would hope everyone...
What kind of movement in that one, firenze_rob?
Belligero would be very disappointed in the K-cup of Pike Place that I just polished off. But hey, it gets me through the afternoon.
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