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[[SPOILER]] ^ Nice combo CMT1...do keep us updated on the "aging" process! ^FWIW, I have also used watchuseek to purchase in the past (from an individual seller), and it went quite smoothly.He was able to move a gently used Seamaster, and I got a good deal.....the way it's supposed to work.And as far as new purchases, I'm the opposite of whatever an impulse buyer is. (A non-impulse buyer?) Took me many months to settle on my last purchase (Reverso) and a whole lot of...
210 / Jules Verne for me today...
Did somebody say something about a Comex? Pics pls
*spits up afternoon coffee* Not a bad grouping there, Belli. I mean, you know, if you're somewhat into Rolex sports models.
Still looks sweet, and it will continue to do so whenever April actually arrives Love the blue strap on that little heirloom.
Good enough excuse to post this pic:I have always really liked that touch of red on the dial and seconds hand.After all, a little bit of red goes a long way.... [[SPOILER]]
Agreed. Thin = good At least in my book.
@ aleksandr: curious if you bought anything, or strictly doing recon?
Yes. Obviously miles ahead of your average quartz. Wow.
For that style of dress chrono, I'd recommend a Junghans Max Bill chronoscope. The 7750 movement is not exactly an El Primero, but you get a lot of watch for the money.
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