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Big +1 .... great contrast stitching on that strap, too...nice and tight.
The cut-off 12 and 6 always bothered me on that Port Chrono. On some other watches, it doesn't .... but just couldn't get past it on that model for whatever reason.Great Reverso! The red really pops with your hazard light LOL.Great choice, but as recommended above, definitely get the bracelet! I don't think you'll regret it.^^Another guy with the right prioritites!^^LOL'd.Thank goodness for THE WIT, bitches.
You can't polish that out Flake?
Part of its charm for me! But yes I could see where that could be a big turnoff for others. EDIT: I normally settle such disagreements via breakdance fighting. Name your time and place, sir.
Good point Newcomer. What are we considering "mid-range" Patek? I personally love the 5130 (scissor hands).... would go Platinum if allowed LOL. That blue in the center of the dial just kills me.
Some day I'm going to crash one of frilly's parties. That 5513 is so simple.... and gorgeous.
Note to self: need a brown grenadine
stichy: great pix, especially the macro-looking ones. I know how much you like that T-o-G. You are excused.
Tie length?NAILED IT!Everything else....LOL...
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