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BH: I would probably go silver dial. But pick whichever version that you honestly think would get the most wrist time, competing amongst your other watches. That's what it's all about.
Speaking of a touch of red, here's a gratuitous Daytona shot, from back around the holidays:And also a gratuitous one for ya boy mimo... mildy NSFW, and apropos of nothing but (fake) red ... hair ... [[SPOILER]]
My head tells me that I should like Nomos, but for whatever reason my heart has always felt otherwise. By all accounts they do things quote-unquote the right way, and offer some of the best value for $$$ in the whole wide world of watches. On that piece specifically-- I normally like a touch of red on the dial or hands, but this one comes across a bit ...jarring (?) to me somehow. YMMV. I will say this: they do a good job of making a Nomos recognizable as a Nomos. ...
Sweden, have you tried chrono24, or the sales corner at TZ? Or maybe WUS? Rolex Forums? I'm all for some nice patina, but I would think you can locate another example that hasn't been loved so hard.
Ha! BH must break out in hives whenever frilly posts some of his action shots! Thanks for posting, brax. Very. Nice. Pair.
Also, since you made us wait so long....you owe us at least one wrist shot
Wear it in good health, brax. It's every bit a classic dress watch.
And I'm sitting at a desk avoiding more "TPS reports". I think you're still winning.
Dachsy's living the dream
OMG an Upton sighting. Been awhile.
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