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Well said!
Yes it is, and thanks for the well wishes, Dachsund.RE: Rolex GMTs, and bezel swaps, etc...I've never owned one, but have always found that a faded Pepsi looks quite drool-worthy...especially with creamy hands and dial markers.I've also seen a custom job somewhere around the interwebz that was basically just an all blue bezel, and I thought that looked really sweet too. Kinda different.
Thanks guys....I'm very much looking forward to an extended honeymoon with this one.I'll probably start going out of my way to dress up a bit more, just so I can wear the watch more frequently.
I suppose I could go full-out watch nerd and do a comparison breakdown of all the specifications, or try to wax eloquent about this particular selection and what I think makes it so special. But as is usually the case with my watches, it comes down to the fact that I couldn't NOT obtain it. Or as you frequently hear in horological circles: it was the one that smiles back at me. Feels awesome on the wrist and the size is juuuuuust right. My first JLC! Possibly not...
And the one that I chose to call my own..... Jaeger-LeCoultre Grande Reverso Ultra Thin
Starting with a few of the runners-up.... Apologies in advance for my very non-RFX photography skills. And I swear I don't always wear wrist-raff as such, but mimo absolutely insisted. Regular readers will recall that I'm pretty much a stainless steel sports model kind of guy, if you look at my overall collection to date. I also have a couple of vintage watches and a few timepieces amongst the family that could be considered more dressy. But ever since I've gotten...
Okay, so I have some wrist shots, but let me at least take a few more decent pics and try to make this a worthwhile exercise @farhad, I like that vintage Omega, especially the sub-seconds layout.
Yes! At last. Spent a good piece of my Saturday out "tyre-kicking"....and ultimately brought one home. Pics to follow....promise! Or should I play the long tease? LOL
Hard to beat a Seiko diver for quality/value....there's a reason that they are so often recommended. @ wurger: great to see that awesome VC back in the fold! Pretty good turnaround time, compared to some horror stories that I've heard. BTW, has anybody seen the latest (coolest?) walking advertisement for NATO straps? (I know there's plenty of 007 fans on here). Hell, I'd be surprised if SF doesn't already have thread on the whole filming wardrobe, but I rarely...
New Posts  All Forums: