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Just for future reference, if it helps anyone else-- I've also dealt with Al and had a good experience.
Very nice pair indeed.
Heaven, is that you?
GO Sixties (non-date), slightly used = a real winner, and a value to boot. It's simple, it's subtle, and unless you need a whole lot of other functions, or have a short attention span then it could be a lifetime piece. MUT moon would probably be my other choice amongst those recently discussed. And apparently that makes me orthodox
+1 ... could be an instant classic, especially given the pricing. Also, @mildundklar, I've never been a big Santos guy ( and I do hope that's not a quartz ) but I like Cartier as a brand, and I agree that piece makes for a great little combo with the Sub. You can certainly cover a lot of ground with a pair of watches like that.
Interesting combo on that GMT. The green really *shouldn't* work, and yet I think somehow it does. But then when I clicked to enlarge, I notice....is that NATO hardware gold-tone? If so, then -1.
Okay, you guys are just piling on now! LOL. Great looking tuna, though. So .... since I'm not a member of the Sub Club (yet!) ... I will counter with a pic of this humble, but reliable Citizen Nighthawk. One of my favorite "affordables". It's powered by sunshine, and comes with a slide rule calculator that I have used more often than I can count
Hahahahahaha! Thanks, tifosi. Nice pic. So thoughtful of you.
Goddamit you guys and your Subs again. And I'm supposed to be saving for the SS/ceramic Daytona! How's a guy supposed to wait?
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