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Anybody make it to the Hodinkee London event? That was one of their better "watch spotting" reports, IMO.
tigerpac = friend of the year (And nice Cartier, Mr. Moo).
Two super-sweet modern sports watches from "the crown" right there.
Also: LOVE this!Does it have the micro-rotor movement? And how large is that case...35-ish?
Not that it matters, and I love rotating them out anyway-- but I thought those new Portofinos already came on some verrrrry nice straps by Sirtoli?Does the OEM strap just not do it for you?
OMG the thread that just won't die! Imagine my surprise at seeing this one on the front page lol (It really does have some potential, though.)
ABP and Camille Fournet would be two of the more common recommendations around here, if you want to go the custom route. (I don't have any experience with either of them myself).
Very nice pair md2010! I've got a somewhat similar dress shirt with red stripes, but alas: no Breitlings in my collection. Yet.
Not familiar with the brand, but I'm a sucker for a sandwich dial. Nice pics, too! Enjoy it.
Agree with the above. Monaco = casual
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