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Hard to beat a Seiko diver for quality/value....there's a reason that they are so often recommended. @ wurger: great to see that awesome VC back in the fold! Pretty good turnaround time, compared to some horror stories that I've heard. BTW, has anybody seen the latest (coolest?) walking advertisement for NATO straps? (I know there's plenty of 007 fans on here). Hell, I'd be surprised if SF doesn't already have thread on the whole filming wardrobe, but I rarely...
RFX: I'ma need ya to come over to my house and take some sweet pics of my modest collection, okay?
+1 to all of this.Absolute stunner in person.I do think the watch is neither over-hyped, nor under....for the most part, properly rated by those who have had a chance to view it up close.And furthermore, it absolutely belongs in that category with the entry-level VC and Lange, as featured in Hodinkee awhile back. No reason to keep it out of the conversation.But still...it's considered a "boutique" brand for sure, and therefore comes with all of that, um....baggage, you...
That C-Sub looks really great in the snowy environs, btw. Thumbs up.
And I really hate to trump all these awesome Rolex sports models that have been recently posted, but I spent most of my weekend wearing this uber-exclusive timepiece right here: [[SPOILER]]
I like the BLUE, mimo.Very inspired choice!Suits that Longines quite nicely, methinks.
Very well, then.You may proceed.
Y U No like?Or is my sarcasm detector broken perhaps?
Can I add a decent bourbon?
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