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First ding, you should throw a party! It's only now that the watch is really, officially yours! Partly kidding of course, dings suck. But it beats locking watches away in safes and handling them only with white gloves. Enjoy your Milgauss!
Hmmm. Undoubtedly a lot of this has gone way over my head, and to be clear I would never assert that high-end watches are in any way practical. But for the way that most people would interpret and apply the term "upgraded", I'd say that watches... can be. But hey, all that I really know for certain is that if I had some more shekels myself, I'd certainly enjoy spending 'em on more watches.
I will say that I've always enjoyed the Daytona's longer power reserve, but given the way that I wear my watches (constant rotation, basically) ... a shorter power reserve is no deal-breaker. Generally speaking, I'm all for upgrades (whether from Rolex or any other manufacturer) when they are justifiable, and the price increases are in accordance with whatever improvements that have been made. (What an inelegant sentence. Somebody fix that for me ).
BTW, I have seen that crazy Rolex wrist tattoo countless times on the different watch forums, but it never fails to startle me.
Yeah, dopey ... and there you go butting in.
Understood, cchen...in the sense that you may not be purchasing anything new for some time.But please stick around TWAT! At the very least, we can expect some more pics of your FPJ, right?!Enjoy the honeymoon.
I think if you try both on, it will be fairly obvious to you personally which is the best choice. Sometimes that's the trick of course... finding the two sizes at the same place and time, in order to make the comparison.
Not sure if it's yours, or hers ... but Happy Birthday to somebody!!!
"A cheap but wrong solution is most expensive." QFT.
^^^Very nice pair.^^^A guy could go just about anywhere with those two.
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