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I always thought the goal here was to impress each other
Ha! So true. Nice group you have there. Congrats!You know, I think I could be fairly satisfied myself with a sweet collection of black-dialed sports watches.Now I'm sure that I would want more some more brand variety, and multiple chronographs would be a must.But yes, with enough diversity-- some vintage pieces and some new, several different sizes, different straps, etc...YES.I could do some real damage in that sector
Yeah for sure TZ is a great resource, and I also visit WUS regularly, along with a few others. Lots of good instagrammers out there too. Just for pics mainly, as dialogue is quite difficult in that format @mimo congrats on your bronze beauty. @TheWraith obviously it's a ceramic Daytona, right? LOL. serious guess: Bulova moonwatch.
Well, they have "evolved" quite a bit over the last year or two (to put it nicely), but as a watch lover I'd personally find it difficult to entirely ignore Hodinkee.
OMG not to set us off on a big sneaker tangent, but pretty sure my son has those exact same Jordans Retro 3's right? He's also got a pair of "white cement 4's." The kid's a budding sneakerhead. And one of these days he'll really be into watches. But he doesn't know it yet. P.S. Nice Nomos....as in all things watches, it always pays off satisfaction-wise to just "do you".
BLNR is a great choice, methinks. It's one of those watches that I don't necessarily want for myself, but I like seeing it on others' wrists. Which doesn't really make sense, but there you go
Aww....she's really adorable, Belli! A true keeper! And the baby's cute, too Seriously, congrats buddy. Daughters are the best.
Rolex watch nerds are the best watch nerds Even the Panerai watch nerds have to give them credit....
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