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Some killer dress pieces, guys. Very nice. Today, I went with the Roadster (old pic)....
WHY NOT?Seems like a steal, Steel! (sorry)And besides, a used Sub is the easiest flip in all of watchdom, if it turns out you don't like it, or if you maybe grow tired of it later for some reason.Very little risk, IMO.
While I don't have either of those Genta masterpieces, I do have a couple of watches that don't have seconds hands, and really don't feel like I'm missing out on anything with those particular pieces. Of course, it would always depend on whether you really needed that function for your particular lifestyle and needs. Big thumbs up to the "buy both" proposition, tho! That's always the answer ... ha ha!
Congrats! We all know that feeling, but you just have to find a way to embrace that sense of anticipation.And a trip to the ATL wouldn't be the worst thing, either.Maybe you could enjoy a nice meal, and take in a few sights, maybe a museum or something .... and just make it an enjoyable memory that you shared with your new Patek!Post pics regardless once you've got it on the wrist.
+1 ... Some really nice pics!
On the topic of divers, and going back a few pages on TWAT .... I really, reeeeeaaaaally like that "One Watch" Tudor with the gilt dial and hands. I even like the RED. (Hell, I especially like the red). And the gap on the bracelet doesn't bother me since it's a throw-back style, with modern size case, etc. If they actually commercialized this style-- I would need to see it on the wrist of course-- but that one might have me breaking out the AmEx card.
Glad to see an old-school Santos pop up here, too! It's about at the right time where I could see some feelings of nostalgia emerging for that type of timepiece. Talking about that 80's two-tone aesthetic, a bit smaller overall, etc....maybe the kind of watch that some of us admired as a teenager, but grew away from as we matured? Can't speak for anybody else, but I personally wanted a Datejust like Pat Riley used to rock during the Showtime Lakers era. Of course,...
^^^Probably has one squirreled away somewhere at stately Wayne Manor^^^
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