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Old pic of mine ... very much looking forward to seeing the new "2016" Explorer iteration: No day counter, and therefore no cyclops
And yet only one watch is pictured? FAIL. very nice Lange.
Derek's correct. That oyster perpetual *should* have a 3130 in it. I believe that our man mimo was jokingly referring to the 36mm case size as being a "ladies" model. Not all of us have to compensate for ...other shortcomings, right mimo? LOL.
Also late with the congratulations here, but this certainly looks quite nice on your wrist, mimo!Can we expect a change in avatar?
You don't want to play the tease game about what you've got on the way? No hints?
Re: the Cartier Drive series, I personally just don't "get" that particular case shape. To the point that I actively dislike it. Don't axe me to explain, because I can't. Something about the ... symmetry (?) ... which isn't even the right word, I know. But hey, I've missed the boat before on such things. It may be a huge hit for them. And I haven't seen it in person yet, either. So maybe I should just keep my mouth shut
Congrats, bbb ... definitely post up some pix for us whenever you can
Nice combo. Rock on.
Enjoyed reading your thoughts on all those great brands, BLAUGRANA, There's nothing like going on a great "tyre-kicking" excurion to fire up the horological imagination. Been awhile since I've made the rounds like that and checked out a bunch of pieces in person.I personally get something like a "window shopping high" when I'm doing it right Sounds like it was a worthwhile trip. And certainly you've got some interesting stuff to think about before making that next...
New Posts  All Forums: