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I can certainly understand a size (or stylistic) preference, but the 39mm version has the updated cal. 3132 with Parachrom hairspring, and the better bracelet with Easylink clasp, just to name a couple of upgrades.
+1 Kaplan, I think it looks better and that one is probably less expensive than the VC to boot. RFX: congrats! Nice pics. Did you actually purchase a *quartz* Tank solo?
@ Mr. Moo....you could do a whole lot worse than the 214270. Have you tried it on? I would definitely wear this watch far more frequently, if not for the Daytona, the Seamasters, etc.... EDIT: poor grammar.
I also think the blue/blue combo can work very well....just depends on the individual strap.
Here's a little something for the "Pepsi" GMT fans ...I know that we have several here.... courtesy of Airows: http://airows.com/22-photos-that-will-make-you-want-a-rolex-gmt-pepsi/
LOL @ Kaplan's swift, initial photograph-only response.
Cool...you've got some nice ones there.I also like your leather "watch coasters".
Congrats, foo! That's awesome. I guess you must have pulled off the frequently-discussed (but rarely-executed) two-fer. We joke a lot around here about "just buying both", but it's not every day that somebody really does it. Re: straps, I have had good experiences with Panatime, (rubber and calf) but earlier this year I overpaid for an OEM Jules Verne (tan sueded gator) and have not regretted it one bit. As for the Tank, I would think Camille Fournet would be pricey,...
You forgot "sneak in a flask of bourbon".
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