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Eh. I don't know, Belli. Hate's too strong a word, but I'm not really feeling it either If you're wanting to switch things up and go leather, maybe try something that's more like a perforated, racing-style look? Or, in a completely different direction.... I've always kinda liked this combo with the Rubber B (obviously this is a black dial Daytona, and not my pic):
Yes, I like the Millenary Guilty as charged ... though I would certainly never spend that kind of $$$ on one. That's crazy. And way to bring the heat, FlashmanH. Welcome.
Well, I just googled it, and I must say that it's a fairly butch-looking piece. At least they didn't try to fit that entire name on the dial
Of the current Calatrava lineup, I would probably pick the sector dial version in white gold for myself. But it's got a day-counter, central seconds, and isn't really a dressy style at all compared to these others....I suppose I just really like the hands (?) and the subtle two-tone dial. Having said that, I do think the 5196J is pretty nice, too. Despite the movement/case size discrepancy. Supposedly Brunello Cucinelli wears that one, FWIW.
I *know* it's easy to bash pricing these days, but I do feel like Patek has just gotten crazy high. Even in its peer group. Like several others have mentioned, I'd love to "someday" be a PP owner. And I have always liked/lusted for the World Time personally-- thinking that it may be my first. But damn, even if I sold everything in my watch box, I don't think it would quite add up to full retail for a "new" 5230. And frankly, that's another example where a previous...
You can really "see" the RO and the Nautilus in that vintage Ingy. Nice.
If you're referring to the place north of ATL? Although I haven't actually purchased from them, I can say that I have been inside their place before, just "tyre-kicking". I was quite helpfully shown every watch that I wanted to see... and in fact, I damn near bought a vintage Tank that afternoon, ultimately deciding it was too small. (And I don't regret that decision). To me, they were pretty helpful and knowledgeable. Most of their inventory was in good shape, probably...
Correct. And I would think some of the trusted gray sellers might *possibly* still have a GT in stock as well, if the OP really wants to have the sub seconds function.With enough patience, they are frequently available gently used .... and if you're okay going that route, you could really save tons of dough on a nice piece. (I would keep hunting around if my heart were really set on it).The Reverso 976 that foo mentioned is quite large, btw. And I would at this point...
Ha ha! Well, we just aren't normal, are we?
Congrats, chanoch. Wear it in good health, sir. Best4Best...nice Monaco, and I like the cufflinks, too. @belligero: what's a good example of the 16520 going for these days, in USD? I'm too lazy to shop around, and already own a 116520 so mainly just curious. For me personally, I still really, *really* want to see the ceramic bezel version in the flesh. But who knows when that will happen? I had just waited so long for Rolex to drop that combo in SS (black bezel...
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