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And BTW, if what actually makes it into your collection is what truly matters (rather than what one aspires to own), then my personal top 3 watch brands would have to be these, in no particular order: Omega Cartier Rolex Pretty easy to determine in my case, since those are the makers from which have acquired, if not continued to hold, multiple pieces. Having said that I love many, many watch brands and many different watches ....MANY....do you understand? So that's...
+1 Always in favor of more pr0n! I'd settle for at least some partial views, group shots, etc.
If not for the cut-off 12 and 6 on the older Port chrono, I may have kopped several years ago. But that always bugged me just enough to give me pause. Others have no issue with it of course, and this type of nit-picking is always subjective. #ymmv Also agree with Dino regarding the day-counter windows in newer models that show 3 dates. Not a fan. I believe Cartier's diver, amongst others, is also guilty of this particular....uh...feature.
+1 I don't think I've ever seen that particular Tiffany co-branded version.Looks great.frilly finds cool stuff everywhere.Maybe I missed it, but has anybody here posted a pic of the limited-release Cartier Crash?I would punch a baby in the throat for this watch...platinum, 28 X 45mm.....strangely fascinating.Love that movement shape!Courtesy of hodinkee:
BTW, I switched my 214270 over to NATO back around Thanksgiving (just to freshen things up-- I love the oyster). And I do believe the look has grown on me. I've been trying to allocate some more wrist time to this watch for a while now.
I'm not one to excommunicate over matters of taste.....but I don't think I've ever seen a Graham that didn't make me want to barf.So bad that they made me go triple-negative in the above sentence
Awesome Lange....and excellent example of black dial / dark brown strap combo. Datograph is just killer.
Bond fans (I know there are plenty of you here): did you happen to catch Daniel Craig's watch from the press announcement last week for Spectre? Vintage Seamaster 300 on leather (image courtesy of ajb poster "Higgins"). He's got the bezel's triangle marker turned to half past the hour and it appears to be "like new" condition....I wonder if Craig got his from Watchco lol.
And is that blue stitching on the strap?
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