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Good grief! There's enough Romans on that dial to fill the whole Colosseum :-)
^^^Stacks on stacks^^^ cchen that looks like a fun group. Really digging that old Speedy MK II ... looks like a little fade to brownish on that dial.
Looking good as usual NonServiam. And your link took me on quite an interesting historical tangent. I have so many holes in my education it's not even funny.
Wow. Don't see a lot of Breguet around here. Congratulations, and definitely post some pics when it arrives.
So who's enabling The Enabler?
+1Red for the lady!
Groovy baby, yeah! Nice option vs. your dressy vintage Omega, and your Monster, and your Stowa, and....
And speaking of PMWs, I pretty much wore this one all day Sunday (Mother's Day), just lounging and grilling some burgers with the family...
Excellent Speedy, BH. I saw that Omega had a nice little shindig here in town recently with a bunch of old astronauts present, along with some guy named Clooney. Apparently, my invitation got misplaced.
New Posts  All Forums: