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Plenty of us "low-rollers" still like the non-ceramic version But yeah, I'd like to get the new one. And I'm on a list. Or two. I think one of the fun parts of this hobby sickness is "never being content" LOL. Certainly a RO chronograph would be a fine consolation prize for most!
Yeah, not to mention there's only, what? 36 of them being offered.Tasty, though. Especially on the brown strap for me.Re: wait lists, I've only been on two, both for SS Daytonas.One of them, I got the call in about 3-4 months time and jumped with my credit card info as soon as I answered the phone.The second one...I'm still waiting LOL. And I have to say for that one that I want to see it on the wrist before purchasing.
@BostonHedonist those gloves look sharp with the footwear and the rest of your ensemble
Outstanding pics, too @AndyGarton! Congrats. You guys must click the spoiler button for some nice close-ups of this brand-new Speedy.Cool! As they say on the watch boards: "Mine says "hi".
Holy Cow. Excellent deal on that watch.I don't mind telling you that I paid a decent % above that for mine (albeit from an AD, with all the bells and whistles).Here's a recent crappy phone pic™, just for funsies:Added: I've never bought from jomashop but after surfing there a bit, they've got some good deals going on Cartier and VC as well. (If you're okay with purchasing via gray market, obviously).
Yes! congrats KtF ... looks like a keeper.
@dcg you don't find the Monster on strap to be dressy enough? Kidding, of course. You've got a great collection already ... and the thing that they all have in common is that YOU love them, each and every one--which is all that matters. So my advice would be to go with your heart, and get that Pepsi GMT that you seem to be longing for. I very much doubt that you would regret that purchase. To play devil's advocate however, if you think you might like some more...
Awesome. We'll be expecting pics of course.
My wedding ring is yellow gold, fairly thin, and on the stylistic scale, it ranges from somewhere between "inconspicuous" and "sleep-inducingly boring". And I wouldn't change it for the world.
Wow. A birth year Daytona "Lucky bastard" is right!
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