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Hi guys, back in the office and wearing my El Primero today. I'm contemplating some strap changes for the summertime, possibly including this one: @BostonHedonist: GMT looks like the perfect watch for flying.
@ nikola, in your position, I think I would probably go Sub. It sounds to me like the movement thing is really going to nag at you. But if you can "get over" what's under the hood (nothing wrong with a solid, modified ETA), then I do like the size and legit history of the Ingenieur. And that Rousseau stuff looks quite delicious BTW, I've been traveling with this one...really purchased as a dress piece, but it's turned out to be more versatile than I thought.
Go for it, tricky....they say a man should always buy low, and sell high! And I know I've always enjoyed wearing my Rad 210, "big watch craze" aside. Now, who's thirsty?
Meanwhile, deep in the heart of the Bluegrass, Keith T locates a "Rolex" that just won't quite fit on his left wrist: apologies for crappy phone pic
I've never been to a watch auction, or even really had much of an opportunity-- but always figured that was for the best.
G*d dammit you guys! I gotta quit looking at all these awesome Rolex sports models or I'm going to do something stupid. @ BH that's another awesome-looking dessert. And I don't want to scroll back on my phone, but whoever posted that Stowa pic: that was one of the better shots I've seen of that watch. Great strap too.
I do!So many things to like about that one, especially the all-brushed look and the "slimmer lug" proportions.I believe it's a true 42mm as well.A lot of guys prefer the white/polar look... but for me, I prefer the matte black dial.Another good modern interpretation by Rolex, IMHO.
Yes. Quite the change of pace! Enjoy.
Whoa! Never seen one. How big is it?
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