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+100 mimo, congrats. I believe we called it, right? Maybe not down to the dial choice (which I really like) but something was telling me Stowa Pilot. Great choice. You'll have to give us a full review sometime down the road. @pmeis: welcome to the thread.
In some corners, they are more associated or recognized as a jeweler, rather than a watchmaker. And while they certainly make a lot of great jewelry, I'm not in that corner. They have too much great history in the horological world to be cast in that light, IMHO. Cartier offers some great watches, both in the present, and most certainly in their past.
Congrats foo...very happy that it worked out for you in the end. Nice black & white pic of your new Panerai. I'm glad to see all of these sweet new additions to the thread. And here's my gratuitous blue-checked shirt photo:
Yeah, I was willing to go 22 and a half, but not a penny more. I mean, I'm not stupid.
Awesome foo....glad to hear they are setting things all proper for you. And the Tank looks lovely as ever.
A co-worker of mine has a similar DJII, but with the rose gold dial. He wears it all the time and really rocks it more with office attire, but also goes casual with it as well.I do believe I like yours better, TC.Congratulations, bromie.And yeah, I bet that must be one heavy sonofabitch
Always wanted to visit.I understand their "store" is a bit underwhelming (dodgy even? is it upstairs?) ...but they really know their stuff.
Santoni FTW.Awesome depth, and some great photography there.I could sop up that strap with a biscuit.
When it's done properly, the results can be amazing.
LOL what a great question! At the tender age of 24, I probably didn't know what any of those acronyms stood for, so perhaps you're already ahead of the game.For me, I got a Seiko Kinetic at 26 (gift from my wife), then a Seamaster in my early 30s (the one in my current avatar, which I still love)...and it's been uh, downhill ever since with the watch madness.GET OUT NOW, WHILE THERE'S STILL TIME. Ha ha.Plus, considering some of those uber-luxury brands that you named--...
New Posts  All Forums: