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I believe the Tiffany Submariners do command a premium. (Personally, I don't really know "the story" other than it was a straight up co-branding agreement made with Rolex). But once you've added that 5th line of text on a Sub....I mean, you gotta stop somewhere. It gets a little crowded. And Comex I suppose would have as much (or more) TWAT-cred, as mimo puts it. At least in terms of the "tool watch" contingent around here.
Charcoal would look good with that watch (in my mind's eye), but it's all about the execution... the right shade and depth of color, etc. I've never worked with them, but CF should be able to make up something quite nice.
The man, the myth, the legend.....
Yup, I do remember that .....but I also know that our man frilly does a lot of ... "speaking for"
frilly: you MUST kop yourself a Snoopy. I want to see more pics!
^^^Great looking AT^^^ Re: pilot's watches, whenever I peek into an open cockpit door it seems I notice quite a bit of plastic ... G-Shocks, Timex Ironman watches, stuff like that. Every now and then I will see something nice and Swiss, but even most of the steel watches that I see on pilots are of the Seiko / Citizen variety. (Not a hater, just saying). But of course I'm probably just not taking the right flights LOL.
I wore this one to work today:
Obviously the lugs are quite different on the Orion vs. the Tangente, and I would recommend (as always) if you can, then definitely try on the wrist before you buy. I think if you're a larger guy overall, or just have bigger wrists/forearms, then 38mm *could* be a better choice. Agreed that the 35 is the more classic size and more....proportional, if you will. I'm expecting to see more Nomos watches posted here in the coming months.
Subs and Daytonas?! What about the white-dialed Milgauss Maybe it's just me, but nearly every AD I've ever come across has tried to push one in my direction LOL. grammar edit
New Posts  All Forums: