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Here's a little something for the "Pepsi" GMT fans ...I know that we have several here.... courtesy of Airows: http://airows.com/22-photos-that-will-make-you-want-a-rolex-gmt-pepsi/
LOL @ Kaplan's swift, initial photograph-only response.
Cool...you've got some nice ones there.I also like your leather "watch coasters".
Congrats, foo! That's awesome. I guess you must have pulled off the frequently-discussed (but rarely-executed) two-fer. We joke a lot around here about "just buying both", but it's not every day that somebody really does it. Re: straps, I have had good experiences with Panatime, (rubber and calf) but earlier this year I overpaid for an OEM Jules Verne (tan sueded gator) and have not regretted it one bit. As for the Tank, I would think Camille Fournet would be pricey,...
You forgot "sneak in a flask of bourbon".
Get the Tank. Switch the strap. Poast more pics.
seattlesf: congrats! Curious if you will keep that awesome Geophysic on its original black strap? I haven't seen one in the flesh yet. Also, do you find it wears any bigger/smaller than its specified 38.5mm size?
Again, FWIW...some "research" wrist shots that I had taken, if they may be helpful here. In top-to-bottom order, the Louis Cartier Extra Flat, the Solo XL, and the Solo Large (damn you, quartz movement!) And I do agree with Kaplan's point re: white space on the Extra Flat. Still quite lovely overall, and not necessarily a deal-killer, but I do find it a good observation, and more apparent when compared to the bolder numerals on the other two.
Kaplan, I've looked at several vintage tanks of this sort, and they really are awesome watches.So I do like how you're thinking. That's a good find.But I ultimately had to rule out anything in that size range (23 X 30) as being far too small for most "modern-built" gentlemen.And I've got a vintage Curvex that's only slightly bigger TBH ....just a couple of mm each way...... but man, once they get down into that territory, they can really start to look feminine IMHO.(My...
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