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I keep telling myself (and you guys): one of these days they're going to bring the 50 Fathoms down to a more reasonable size, right? If that thing was more like 40-42mm I would be all over it.And I know the Bathyscaphe gets a lot of love, but it's never done anything for me, either. (Though I think generic-looking might be harsh, dino )To me, it's mainly just that the hour markers seem too small for the dial space, and I find the bezel a bit thin as well. But...
+1 that's gorgeous watch.With such a sexy movement....and a 72-hr. power reserve!Somebody should buy me one.
I wish I could tell you why Lange has never really clicked with me, but I'm not sure how to explain it. My tastes just run more toward other watches, I guess. The Zeitwerk is pretty cool ... probably my current "favorite" of theirs. And hey, it's not like I have never changed my mind about a brand. But sitting here in 2016, I don't see myself ever spending a pile of hard-earned $$$ on one.
Serious question: what size is that .... uh, thing?
Nice combo, Dachsund. Not a lot of vibrant blue straps out there, especially on vintage Rolex.It's off-beat, but not off-putting, IMHO.And I busted out this moldy-oldie for some office duty today.It wears pretty small, and loses 15-20 seconds of time over the course of a day, but I still like to wear it on occasion:
So true.... there was even a (very) short-lived green sapphire Milgauss frenzy, IIRC. Still can't wait to see one of those new Daytonas in the flesh, though. Hotness.
Well, I'll be honest: I've never really paid a *whole* lot of attention to anything outside of Rolex's sport models anyway. And to me, the Cellini family is kind of like its own ball of wax.
Nice....seems like you almost always see this type of fluted Rolex as a DJ or Day-Date, but it looks quite fetching to me sans cyclops.
@ cchen: that Journe is bonkers, especially for a modern aesthetic, time-only watch. Nice combo with your threads.
Never had a stringray strap before, myself. (Much as I enjoy trying different looks and swapping out straps). How's it feel, compared to calfskin, or croc?
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