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you foooooooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    
do these cameras have 'lint" on them?    
    lol well that was quick,admit it though totally something you would do you creeper... 
330CK how do you know its your battery and not your alternator simply not charging the battery? here is what you do,start your car and then disconnect the battery while its running,if you car still runs then your alternator is fine,if it stalls its your alternator and not your battery. a car doesnt need a battery to run,just to start it
hey guys off topic,well kinda. have you heard about this trend of buying old answering machines in thrift stores and listening to old old messages? apparently theres a few blogs with people posting stuff too.i dont know how i feel about it but it must be a trip.    
    yeaaaaah but he was asking about the value and authenticity in his initial post way back....mmmmmmmmmmmmmkaaaaayyyyyyyy?
i got some lip at the local thrift store today...a french made LIP watch that is.sadly its a ladies but for $3 bucks i couldnt resist.its a vintage piece because on the new models they left out the Made In France on the great.  
tben,those are clearly reproductions.i can tell that from here...come on tben put you A game on
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