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  Nope   New brand is meant to be similar pricepoint to COS, but probably closer to H&M's aesthetic, if you can call their frenetic chasing of trends anything.
Tailoring actually looks OK-ish. Any news if this might be the vanguard for H&M's impeding "luxury" line launch?
3rd Looks should stop writing. I thought Man Repeller had tortured prose but his is on another level entirely.
This was one of the best jackets theyv'e put out .
Petit Standards without the sufu sizedown and 6-9 months of wear?
Well then, if anyone ends up selling a small, please PM :)
Any hidden placket recommendations for a 34? Didn't see any XSes on Yoox and have some presentations soon where I'll need to dress it up a bit
^ We have a 3D printer at my local hackerspace. Not worth it unless you're a huge nerd or need replacement LEGO pieces really frequently (2)
"TULIP" I think
New Posts  All Forums: