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Supposedly, though haven't seen a confirmed source. Anyone know if previous collabs have had XS/34" sizes?
Richard replied to all of my queries ridiculously quickly and was a pleasure to speak with throughout. I would not hesitate to use him again!
It was really well styled, and it's all repro pieces. If this had been an MMM "proper" re-release we'd probably be beasting over it.
H&MMM Pricing is out (+ hi-res lookbook pics)
Probably not going to get the answer you're looking for here bud. Try over in MC?
  Nope   New brand is meant to be similar pricepoint to COS, but probably closer to H&M's aesthetic, if you can call their frenetic chasing of trends anything.
Tailoring actually looks OK-ish. Any news if this might be the vanguard for H&M's impeding "luxury" line launch?
3rd Looks should stop writing. I thought Man Repeller had tortured prose but his is on another level entirely.
This was one of the best jackets theyv'e put out .
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