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thank god
This is great from the neck down
Gonna jump on the T down collection jacket once they finally restock the HP shirts in white. Could never get behind the pockets on the +J
sounds like a DNS issue
http://www.uniqlo.com/us/mens-clothing/collections/tdown-by-theory   Yup.
aside from buttoning point it's very rarely noticeable unless someone sees the tag sizing, and there's lots of fun/cool womenswear pieces that never get made for men. Having it works all depends on your build and general aesthetic, like anything. Less of a disconnect between someone in Pugh or Rick than with workwear or w/e.
They would fit you if you weren't #SFfat. Seriously considering that top jacket if I don't end up with one of those Uniqlo x Theory down jackets
COS is just more expensive H&M right up there with AllSaints; they just happen to be riffing off Raf and Jil instead of Rick and Julius. Just because it's minimal stuff doesn't make it any less derivative.   fwiw I don't get why anyone cares if reedo is asking about sales. 'Tis the season and might as well save a buck if you can.
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