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and sold out. Order at Odin canceled. I'd try calling if you want to order and not get your hopes up.
You're my favourite person right now. Finally found a 44
All of those measurements are wrong, it's not just a "Where did they measure" thing. Shoulders are 36cm on the xs; even the 95lb, 5' tall coxswains of the world are larger than that.
Someone messed up, even his women's leathers don't run that small
they look like hooves. You essentially have a less extreme version of these:
Could not find those AP trousers in a 44 anywhere :( Nice pickups!
I hear there's someone on the forum who offers a Scandinavian proxy service
sweet woodruff.
Would probably fit a slim 46 or a larger 44; seems a bit bigger than my geo in all dimensions.
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