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Could not find those AP trousers in a 44 anywhere :( Nice pickups!
I hear there's someone on the forum who offers a Scandinavian proxy service
sweet woodruff.
Would probably fit a slim 46 or a larger 44; seems a bit bigger than my geo in all dimensions.
Void the Brand: Please enjoy our ONE DAY ONLY "Black Friday" event. 30% off on all orders including free shipping to all domestic and international locations. Simply use code: BFS13 upon checkout and select thanksgiving free shipping.
Patron of the New is having a Black Friday sale; seems as though it may be instore only?
I have a little Greasemonkey script that auto-unchecks that box; can package it up into a Chrome/FF extension sometime over the weekend if people would find it useful.
ah, I thought I saw a piece of lace peeking out the back and got confused! thanks
Is the VAT not already deducted if you're redirected to the NA site? I was billed in USD, afaict
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