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Tens or hundreds of thousands in debt is a good reason not to take a crack at it. Your friends in the profession likely made it in before the recent glut of law grads. To put it in perspective, I'm an English Literature undergraduate, and our advisors tell us that vying for a tenure track Humanities PhD position is less of a risk than law school; if you can't get into a T14 with huge subsidy/scholarships or into the HYS triumvirate and secure a BigLaw position it's...
zamb cuts for stocky Thor legs
these actually look pretty great, but sizing seems a bit weird. Attachment is also about the same price and no chance of a Kickstarter will-I-or-wont-I get it
@cyc: Downtown, which was largely (exclusively?) womenswear shut down their retail store, but I think they're also responsible for Vitamori, which seems to be doing quite well. I'd be willing to bet Archive picking up a lot of lower priced brands has something to do with them continuing to operate; look at their stock now compared to two or three years ago and there's now a much wider range of pricepoints.
stiches is definitely not a redhead.
and sold out. Order at Odin canceled. I'd try calling if you want to order and not get your hopes up.
You're my favourite person right now. Finally found a 44
All of those measurements are wrong, it's not just a "Where did they measure" thing. Shoulders are 36cm on the xs; even the 95lb, 5' tall coxswains of the world are larger than that.
Someone messed up, even his women's leathers don't run that small
they look like hooves. You essentially have a less extreme version of these:
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