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They're up for sale on his webshop. $730.
rick ss03
Lady at the post office thought I had declared the value on the customs form wrong, because she didn't believe "pants can be that expensive"
He should save that for the CP interview.
  horrible texture shot:
Wasn't Rick's store meant to launch today?
The forum prefers sinnedk to isachenko ffs.   I don't think I've ever seen brad post shit about a new member who was sincere in their posting
No, that's Dropbox - AirBnB also has cool looking spaces. Yahoo! still looks like shit. The purple is heinous and covers the campus; it's one of the reasons I turned down an offer (0). They do seem to be emphasising it less and less in the newly renovated parts though.
If the same Herman-Miller furniture set against differently hued accent walls counts as interior design, sure!
IMO Yahoo has the best 'free' food in the Valley, and Google definitely wins on variety. Wasn't too impressed with any meals I had at DB, Palantir, or FB. Really don't understand all the tuckshop hype
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