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I think there's a moleskine and a cotton?
And I'm only a few years younger than him. I feel unaccomplished
They definitely go past 40%
thanks for the info skitlets, stevent, biggskipp. I asked FB friends as well and they had pretty similar feedback, so I decided to try out Classic Specs instead. They seemed to have much better reviews and frames more to my liking. Will post up when the try-on frames arrive
Broke my glasses this morning. Any one have experince with Warby et al for beater frames? just need something for a few months before new insurance kicks in
Any one with Plokhov pants that could advise on sizing? Would 46s be tailorable down to fit 44? Typically would wear something with ~14.5-15" waist in denim
I paid 1k for mine, would do it again in a heartbeat
Still looking for a black in 44. Next season...
spoken like someone who's a common size.
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