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even the women's line is better than that.
stitches is my inspiration should I ever become a properly staid, practicing Jew.
I'm 90% sure they don't stock 39 in any men's footwear. Even for brands that run large like F+B, smallest I've seen is 40/US7   og helmut padded bomber to fit 44
It's called a hellban and trivially circumvented. Those effected quickly learn and create a new account.
I think there's a moleskine and a cotton?
And I'm only a few years younger than him. I feel unaccomplished
They definitely go past 40%
thanks for the info skitlets, stevent, biggskipp. I asked FB friends as well and they had pretty similar feedback, so I decided to try out Classic Specs instead. They seemed to have much better reviews and frames more to my liking. Will post up when the try-on frames arrive
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