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They will stretch out. Mine were uncomfortable the first ten or so wears and now they feel like slippers.
That looks fantastic nn! Where'd you find a US stockist? Seems like their website only lists places in JP
Are you with BoA toasty? I've had some issues in the past few days with PP and ordering online in general with them
The problem is more scuffing than water damage. They get these black spots that contrast heavily with the bluish-green of everything else; I'm probably just too anal about it
Cherevichkiotvichki derbies nearly as hard to keep clean as they are to pronounce. Light coloured suede NEVER AGAIN
even the women's line is better than that.
stitches is my inspiration should I ever become a properly staid, practicing Jew.
I'm 90% sure they don't stock 39 in any men's footwear. Even for brands that run large like F+B, smallest I've seen is 40/US7
http://supertalk.superfuture.com/index.php/topic/153768-fsft-og-helmut-rick-cdg-yohji-ann-d-suede-geobaskets-mens-womenswear/   og helmut padded bomber to fit 44
It's called a hellban and trivially circumvented. Those effected quickly learn and create a new account.
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