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Last time United lost my suitcase I was wondering about this. Stuff adds up pretty quickly, and I have a relatively inexpensive wardrobe compared to most SFers
Thanks @nahneun, will pass for now and pick up some aw14 when I start working
I was drawn to SZ by the pretentiousness and stayed because I'm colourblind and matching is hard.
brad, melo, lmao, noctone all looking fantastic. Winter WAYWT is the best.
how can you call yourself a cyclist without an espresso machine that costs *at least* as much as your wheels?
paging @gettoasty
Too late for the cozyness challenge, but should be a nice upgrade from my tech company logo-emblazoned AA hoodie.
90% sure they're women's. SS12, I think?   Someone bigger than me should buy Istasi's Rick pilot leather: http://supertalk.superfuture.com/index.php/topic/154302-fs-rick-owens-jil-sander-stephan-schneider-44-48/. He's practically giving it away
Willing to bet there's a big difference between the sz.24 samples they wear on the runway and the ~27-36 people without an addiction to coke and nostalgia wear.
The average person cares much less about how you dress than you do. Provided you're not wearing a DvN paisley suit to meet your stodgy accounting firm's CEO it's unlikely how you're dressed will draw more than a second glance
New Posts  All Forums: