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how can you call yourself a cyclist without an espresso machine that costs *at least* as much as your wheels?
paging @gettoasty
Too late for the cozyness challenge, but should be a nice upgrade from my tech company logo-emblazoned AA hoodie.
90% sure they're women's. SS12, I think?   Someone bigger than me should buy Istasi's Rick pilot leather: http://supertalk.superfuture.com/index.php/topic/154302-fs-rick-owens-jil-sander-stephan-schneider-44-48/. He's practically giving it away
Willing to bet there's a big difference between the sz.24 samples they wear on the runway and the ~27-36 people without an addiction to coke and nostalgia wear.
The average person cares much less about how you dress than you do. Provided you're not wearing a DvN paisley suit to meet your stodgy accounting firm's CEO it's unlikely how you're dressed will draw more than a second glance
Do SS tailored pieces run smaller than knits? Debating a blazer purchase but not sure if I need a III or IV
it's too damn cold. After living in CA and WA I don't know how I ever survived New England winters. 48 degrees and drizzle for life
It runs huge. I have an XS and could practically fit another me inside of it
@lesamourai: Have you tried any old n(n) stuff? Cut is probably halfway between Uniqlo and Acne. Probably most comparable to PS w. a better/higher rise top block    
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