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I just want to say thanks for buying size 3. Will be picking some stuff up from you guys shortly :)
  yeh it's the ss moth. I agree the layering is meh and could be better. I threw the jacket on on the way out and didn't really realise how bad it looked 'til I was blurring my face out. A longer coat (and no lolrick) would've been a big improvement
"Oh, thanks. They're by a guy called Rick Owens, he has a webshop you can Google, probably." Hopefully next time I run into her she's decked out like this. Stranger things have happened, right?
Was walking to the supermarket today and a woman in her mid-seventies stopped me to ask who made my geobaskets and where she could buy them.
Last time United lost my suitcase I was wondering about this. Stuff adds up pretty quickly, and I have a relatively inexpensive wardrobe compared to most SFers
Thanks @nahneun, will pass for now and pick up some aw14 when I start working
I was drawn to SZ by the pretentiousness and stayed because I'm colourblind and matching is hard.
brad, melo, lmao, noctone all looking fantastic. Winter WAYWT is the best.
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