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Finally caved and bought lounge pants. Thanks for the tip Occulta.
I thought they killed the NemID applet?If it's not a women's specific style I'm pretty sure they'll be identical - I couldn't tell a difference between Achilles in Women's 38 and men's.
Anything notable happen in the last six months of SF other than WAYWT's rebirth?
Google just inked a deal with Luxotica to produce Glass frames. Torn on whether faking an analog watchface or bolting a Gargoyle projector onto Wayfarers is worse.
Actual RFT: SS Miami sweater has incredible fabric, cut for the pants from Her. Barely hits the waistband of my jawnz :(
So my parents are fashionable now? Everything really *is* cyclical!
When did RFT turn into DT?
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