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Anything notable happen in the last six months of SF other than WAYWT's rebirth?
Google just inked a deal with Luxotica to produce Glass frames. Torn on whether faking an analog watchface or bolting a Gargoyle projector onto Wayfarers is worse.
Actual RFT: SS Miami sweater has incredible fabric, cut for the pants from Her. Barely hits the waistband of my jawnz :(
So my parents are fashionable now? Everything really *is* cyclical!
When did RFT turn into DT?
there was a similar one in sz 0 on Rakuten for ~$100 this morning. we both missed out :(
114 posts since 9AM. Clicked through wondering if Schneider or Geller or some other SF favourite had died.   Nope. Just Tipping.
bought more schneider
If those don't work out, let me know!
I'm wicked excited for spacepants and those ramones
New Posts  All Forums: