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Hey guys,   I have Wolverine's 1000 mile 721ltds.  I chose these over Allen Edmonds because of style.  I'm curious to know what other brands carry cordovan at this time?
All -   I've been a lurker on here for a couple years now and never posted anything, but mostly researched products.  I ended up buying a pair of 721 LTDs in 8.5, knowing that they run a bit big, but sold on the idea that they'd stretch to meet the needs of my wide feet.   I'm a size 9 and have ordered another pair to replace my 8.5s.  For this reason, I'm selling my 8.5s. I have 7 days of use on them over 2 months and you can see they're practically brand...
Guys,   I bought mine a few months ago.  As you know, they run a little big, in the length.  For this reason, I bought an 8.5 instead of my normal 9, but it's just a tad narrow for me.   I just ordered another pair of 9s and looking to sell my 8.5s on here.  I'm not sure how many posts I need before I can post in the Classifieds, though.  Anyone know?
After how many posts may I post in the classifieds?
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