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Should to shoulder: 19.5" Shoulder to sleeve cuff: 23" Bottom of neck to bottom of jacket: 23" It fits like a proper jacket should. A little short in the waister, but sleeves that go to the bottom of your thumb base (or whatever it's called). Thanks.
Sorry it would not. It's labeled a 38R, but I'd say it fits more like a 36R. If you're a 34-36 you should be just fine. 38 will probably be okay. Anything over that just won't work.
My one and only bump for interest. Anyone? This is a great bomber jacket.
SOLD. Thank you!
Lowered price to $45 shipped. This is a great jacket!
Quote: Originally Posted by Confucius Can you please provide some measurements? Thanks Sure! This is my first time measuring, but I believe I measured everything correctly. Shoulder to shoulder: 18-19" (depends on where you measure to) Pit to Pit: 22" Length (measured from top of collar down): 24" Length (measured from bottom of collar down): 22" I'm 5'11 and 140 pounds, it fit me just fine. I'd say it was on the slim side (fitted), but...
Sold pending funds. Thank you!
Uhn. That makes complete sense though. I love this forum!
Quote: Originally Posted by Dress to the Nines Tie bars should be worn at a slight angle not to bisect the body. Remember it should attach to the shirt as well. Really? I always thought they acted like a weight at the bottom of the tie...though I guess that makes sense as well. Will anyone back this up?
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