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the tag says its the blue label/signature line or top of the polo line. i don't think rl discontinued the line in the 90s. wasn't it early 2000s? they were so well made. some styles had unsewn cuff buttons for customization. great stuff! i still see them NWT every once in a while.
happy thxgiving riders. is that the new multistrada? awesome bike. congratz! ride safely~! cbr600f is back. looks cool, but too bad its not for the NA market!
oh wow. that started life as a yamaha. nice!!!!!
dont flame me for saying this, cause im totally not up to date with wall street and economy. isnt economy better this year than the previous 2. like, a lot better. auto industry seems to be okay/recovered, but the motorcycle market seems really bad. its in the tank. suzuki did a carry over with no 2010 models this year. i would expect more people to get on bikes due to rising gas prices. MSF are offering more courses to encourage people to ride and ride safely. no one...
anyone in the socal region interested in a 250 kawi? 2009...1200miles...
there's a yzf 250r? where? its not on sale in japan...looks nice!
fellow bikers, i just heard that honda is bringing a new 250cc entry sport bike for 2011. its pretty is the link...!!! me like!
try the 3/4 lengths shirts from rag bone? there are many prints if plaid is not ur taste...
does anyone have access to fashionspot? would it be possible to grant me an invite ? henry
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