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Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 I think you are the dick-faced douchebag for the reply you gave. He gave you exactly his impression of the shirts, which was what your title wanted. Take a deep breath next time before you go ape-shit over nothing. Looks like we have another member with reading comprehension skills, Mr. Penis Breath. Quote: Originally Posted by Mildly Consumptive Sorry, was there a question...
I live in Canada mister. These are the prices of higher end shirts here. My question is in the title - you don't need to be a dick face douche bag, thank you.
Hello, In Canada these shirts are $180 . They never go on sale because this is part of their Monogram collection. Their designs/colors are very very nice. Some of the nicest designs I've seen ever. No joke.
Did you work at the yorkdale store?
Quote: Originally Posted by Dr Huh? I've posted a few times on H&M on SF, but I recently tried on a cotton suit jacket, and I gotta tell ya, the fit was better than anything I've tried on of greater cost in a good while. With a wedding to go to in August I'm seriously thinking of buying a suit there. Since I don't wear suits on a regular basis, I think it would be good value. That is something I wouldn't do. Their suits are 300 dollars...
What sale is there for 100 dollar gift certificate?
California roll. It's best thing bro. I eat like 3 times a year, it is the best sushi i have have had.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dr Huh? While I find their clothes a bit hit and miss, I tried a suit jacket on and it was one of the few that fit perfectly on me. I may end up getting the suit something this summer. There clothes are good if you're on a budget. T Dot. It's tough finding anything here at a good price. BTW, did you know Brooks Brothers was opening up here? Right beside Union. Opening this fall, I wonder what kinds or prices we'll... Will go into H&M soon.
Hello, Brooks Brothers was a perfect choice, but they don't ship international with gift boxes (that's very stupid, anyways...) Thanks
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