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Selling this pair of beautiful boots. They are made in Los Angeles by Julian for Rising Sun . Made from French Calf leather in cognac.   The size is US10.  Outsole length (as measured with a tape) is 30.5cm (12 inches). They were to small for me unfortunately. I'd say if you wear a 9 in RedWing Iron Rangers, 9 or 9.5 in Alden Barrie/Trubalance last, 9 in Wolverine 1K and similarly they should fit you. I wear one size larger in these boots and the 11 in these fit...
I'm selling this new chore coat by the Stronghold Made in the USA in M in dark brown. This fits a bit large, more like an L, measurements: shoulder to shoulder: ca. 18.3 inches pit to pit: ca. 22.5 inches   This was originally $450.   Price: US$175 + shipping from EU + paypal fees. SOLD    
Another price drop.
Price drop to $299.
You mean it's selvedge twill and not selvedge chambray?
I'd say 8.5 with a bit of room, 8 for a snug fit.But it's difficult to say, feet can be quite different, even if same size. But this was my experience (with 10). 
For Sale is a pair of 1915 501 Levis Vintage jeans Made in USA in W32/L36 new with tags.   I wear 32, 33 in most brands and these after a hot soak fit very well.   Waist is 43 cm, hem 22.5 cm. These are shrink to fit. I have another pair that i had hot soaked. After wear the waist is the same 43 cm, the hem 21.5 cm.   Price: US$150 130 + shipping. 
They also have some items that you cannot find on the company site like the very beautiful Hayward indigo herringbone pants and the New Haven indigo chambray shirt.
I bought these a few years ago. The original price was around EUR 500 (US$600), I think. I've worn them only like five, six times. They are hand made in Italy (fatte a mano) with leather not rubber soles. The leather is very beautiful, different shades of mahogany. Since I'm never wearing them, I'm selling them in the hope that someone else will appreciate and enjoy them.   European size is around 43.5 (US10). Length of sole, from heel to tip measured with tape:...
And any codes floating around?
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