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You should be fine in 9.5. For 2030 take a 10. IMHO
Regarding sizing- on the Japanese site they actually have the proper measurements for a number of items. Not just some standard guidelines.
As far as I know RRL denim is always sanforized, so there shouldn't be much shrinkage.Here are the measurements for the jacket in XS and S: SIZE ■サイズについて   表記 XS S 肩幅 43.0cm 46.0cm 着丈 58.0cm 58.5cm 身幅 47.0cm 52.0cm 袖丈 60.0cm 62.5cm
I'm selling a pair of new Stevenson Overall Co. under their Bench Built brand Roughout Service Boots in 9.5. They are new in the box. Bought from Japan. Beautiful boots with Light Tread heels and Biltrite soles. Nice shape with soft, flat toe. Great dark brown colour. Unfortunately they're too small for me.   Outsole length: 29.6cm (measured with a tape) 11.6 inches Widest part of the sole: ca. 11cm; 4.3 inches   While for instance Lone Wolf Carpenters fit me very...
  Nice purchase. Yeah, the Clyde pants are great. Love that rigid fabric. What is the jacket of similar fabric? 
        Thanks.So the majority thinks that it's the Aberdeen.I'll try to get in touch with them to find out.
  At tresbien they have these Cap Toe Suede boots: Can anyone identify the last? They remind me a bit of the Viberg 2030 last.
It's in the third hole. And the end goes just under the first belt loop.
I've got the Grommet Utility belt in 32 and am wearing mostly 32 and sometimes 34. The belt could have been a bit longer but is alright. When I close it there is perhaps 2 inches left, going to the first belt loop. Hope this helps.
Very interesting.Thanks Cool stuff (from the linked site)"The Black Cats advertised their skills for the film industry with the slogan "Anything for a price."here's a sample of the "menu" of the13 Black Cats stunt fees:Loop-the-loop with men standing on wing tips - $450Delayed parachute jump with 1,000 feet free fall - $150Double parachute jump with both men using same chute - $180Plane to plane or plane to car transfer - $150Flight tableau on upper wing with 1 man knocked...
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