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Price drop to US$130.
The RoBucks have a little leather tag on the right back pocket.These are the standard slim straights. I think they were introduced last year. Made from Cone denim, I guess. I don't think they were ever made in Japanese denim.They might be issued in the new East-West Denim, though. Not sure.I like the fit very much, also the Cone denim.
Selling this Corter Leather Belt Black for W34 new. I'm a true size 34 and this fits well.   Price: US$30 20 + shipping 
For sale is a new with tags OUR LEGACY suede shirt/jacket in wine red in XL/52. Very beautiful leather, but it doesn't fit me unfortunately.   Price: EUR450 425 400+ shipping (from Europe)   
While I can wear many RRL pants 2 size down, the slim fit ranch I could only wear 1 size down due to the thighs. The waist is a bit big but it's ok with a belt. They seem to fit like the normal slim fits which are far too tight for me in the thighs in 2sd.
Thanks for the info on the Robert chinos. So, they are more rigid than superprewashed then.
Are they rigid/raw or pre washed?
Yes,the order is shoulder, back length, chest and sleeves as can be seen in the pic above that zippy posted.
Yes, just call any of the stores. Prices should be the same or better. They're very helpful and will ship to you.
Another drop to $200
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