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For Sale is this new Levis Vintage LVC Jacket in Goblin Blue Size L. I've only worn it once inside to check the size.   pit to pit-64cm (25.2inches) shoulder to shoulder-48cm (18.9 inches) sleeves (from shoulder to cuff)- 67cm (26.4 inches) back length- 68 cm (26,8inches)   Price: EUR 100  85  + shipping (shipping from EU)       The jacket has been made with some little 'repair' distressed  details.   The buttons are wood and have been like this.  
Which RRL store in NYC do you find the most special and which has the biggest choice?   And are they open on Sundays? And if so, what time do they open (couldn't find the info on the web). tia  
What about the #8 horse hide that were sold by Leffot (the first one/2030)? I thought they were described as shell but found them a little different from say the Alden #8 shell. While the Alden shell has the typical shine to it the one used for the Vibergs is rather matte/dull (like in the pic above).  
  Thanks for looking. SOLD
I think it's from summer 2012. I'm mostly L. For this I had to switch to M. The body is not slim, rather boxy. Great jacket.
Ha, a simple search for RRL is doing the trick :-) Some pretty cool shirts (the indigo with reddish polka dots stands out; new bulldog shirts (striped and indigo plaid (this unfortunately heavily washed) , shawl collar cardigan, sports coat, striped sweater   . Great is the beach cloth vest. And is the denim jacket any different from the recent LE one? Heavier fabric perhaps.  
Where do you see that? Also, it seems like they changed the Eurpean sites in that you cannot have a non-flash view of RRL items anymore. If you put something in your cart and then click on it, it won't appear under RRL in non-flash but just under the category like 'jeans'. For some time weirdly RRL items were also shown within a Denim&Supply frame. But that seems to have been corrected.
  The Real McCoys ones look good, too: http://gentrynyc.com/collections/the-real-mccoy-s-1/products/rmc-double-diamond-trouser-451
  Price drop: US$260 plus shipping (With DHL Express you can still have them by XMas)
You could check Rakuten.But they mostly sell the one-wash version. But in my experience their is only a little difference. (except for denim) And sometimes it works better measuerment-wise.Here: http://item.rakuten.co.jp/topjimmy/mf_sc41167a/This shop sends abroad. These look good, too, if you're ok with the camo lining: http://www.hickorees.com/brand/js-homestead/product/the-hill-side-chinos-beige 
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