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Yes, quite thick fabric.But beautiful item.
I think with new additions to the site the sizes come to appear a bit later.It was the same with the LE CPO jacket. It seemed sold out at first and a few days later sizes were avaiable.
I don't know about the current Clyde's but the previous ones (brown duck, dark grey) all fit very similar to the Officer Chinos IMO.
I recently had a look at the new East West denim. It's very nice: rugged and irregular. Also loved the new brown Clyde pants and there was a pair of striped pants (ticking stripe) that I hadn't seen online (can't find it now either). The LE denim pullover looks great, too. '
SOLD Thanks for looking
The A-2 wallet is great. There is also a similar toiletry bag.Are the pants the Hayward? Beautiful indigo herringbone fabric.
SOLD Thanks for looking.
Yes, I agree with that.The fabric contains only 3% percent of cashmere but it amazingly soft.I'm normally between M and L in shirts with M tending to be a snug fit and got this one in L. It fits great by itself or with a shirt underneath.
Which Levis?I own the 47 LVC 501 ones in 34 after a warm soak.For RRL I mostly wear 32 except for the slim fits which I have to wear in 33 due to tight thighs, waist would be ok in 32.
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