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I'm selling this beautiful Filson Tin Cloth Packer Hat in M.   It's totally new and not used. I just tried it on once only to find out that it is a bit too small for me.   Price: EUR 50 EUR 40 plus shipping (in Germany EUR 5, to EU countries EUR 15).   
Shameless plug: It's getting colder. The blanket lined jeans are perfect for the weather. Weird size 33 (fits more like 32). Like new. Beautiful deep indigo twill. http://www.styleforum.net/t/363333/naked-famous-blanket-lined-jeans-weird-guy-sz-33-fit-more-like-32
And if anyone's interested in braces.   I'm selling these tooled Jaspe ones on db.  
Any interest in my STRIPED BROWN OFFICER STYLE CHINO TROUSERS from the IRISH COUNTRY COLLECTION?     They are sized 32x34. While the Rigid Chinos fit me well in 32 these are too tight for me in the thighs.  
 Close. The A-2 is by The Real McCoys.
 Thanks.No, I was actually lucky with mine. Got them in 32 and was worried that they might be too tight, but just fine both in the waist and thighs.
For Sale is a pair of  Acne jeans (on the label in the jeans it says Moc Darklands) in size 31/32. These are vanity sized and fit for waist 33/34, made in Italy. I've only worn them three, four times. This is a washed version (a bit lighter on the front thighs, a bit of roping at the hem). Still they're darker than the pics which I took with a flash.  The denim is selvedge. Nice leather tag.   Price: Looking for US$80. Shipping: in Germany US$ 6 to EU country: US$...
For Sale is a pair of   Naked&Famous Blanket Lined Jeans in the Weird Guy fit in size 33. Unfortunately they fit very small, so I cannot really wear them. They're too tight on my thighs. I've only worn them once. Both the indigo twill fabric (which bleeds quite a bit; should fade nicely) and the traditional blanket lining (not wool, thought, but cotton) make these special. I think the normal dimensions were used when manufacturing them but with the lining they fit...
Rigid Officer Chinos.    
  I see. Thanks for your reply.   I think the upturned toe can look good for a tougher boot, black horse hide or brown grain leather. But for this sleeker/refined one your suggested lasts (especially the 2030) sound better.
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