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Which Levis?I own the 47 LVC 501 ones in 34 after a warm soak.For RRL I mostly wear 32 except for the slim fits which I have to wear in 33 due to tight thighs, waist would be ok in 32.
Selling this RRL Bomber Jacket D-2 L NWT. Quite rare. Fabric: 60% cotton 40% ramie Wool cuffs   On the right inside pocket there is a little hole near the rivet. (see pic 5)   Price: US$200 + shipping                   
For sale is a new Nigel Cabourn Fair Isle Vest in 52. Price: US$100 + shipping + paypal fees
Price drop to 130.
Price drop to 50.
And one more drop to 180.
Price drop to 20.
Price drop to 85.
Price drop to $475.
Price drop to $40.
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