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Still available.
Drop to 30.
Drop to $150.
I've bought a few RRL items from Silvio in the past years.Very friendly. Highly recommended. As has been mentioned in this thread a few times before.
Nice.I still have that denim wallet still unused.Motivation to use it.
Thanks. Good to know.
Hi, I have a size question regarding the new Narrow Slim jeans. I normally wear 32 in RRL pants (Clyde, Chino, etc.). The Slims I can only wear in 33.  Do you think Narrow Slims would work in 33 or do I need to size up to 34?
Did anyone buy these ticking stripe pants or try them? I saw them a few months ago at the RRL shop in NY, but didn't have time to try them on.  They seemed cut like the Clyde pants. Are they still available in the sale? They weren't sold online as far as I know.
SOLD. Thanks
Price drop to EUR 375.
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